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It’s Midnight in America


It’s Midnight in America

Bob Burnett

Thirty-three years ago, Ronald Reagan was elected President in large part because of his TV ad, "It's morning in America:" "It's morning again in America, and under the leadership of President Reagan, our country is prouder and stronger and better." For many Americans, the inauguration of Donald Trump foretells a period of darkness, "It's midnight in America."


Mr. Burnett, I think you have it wrong on the jobs front. Jobs will be created and infrastructure will be improved. It will mostly be done the way conservatives approve. The "public-private" partnerships will involve things like massive tax-increment financing, tax deductions, outright tax transfers of money to corporate interests, private ownership of former public property, and other cases of privatizing the profit and socializing the costs. Bottom line is that it will create quite a few jobs (some of which would have been created without the public financing).


Actually Saint Ron was elected thrity six years ago, not "thirty three years ago".

Although the ad cited by the author helped Ron get elected it was his 1) celebrity, 2) rigging the release of the hostages in Iran, and 3) the fact that the gubmit was not yet cooking the books in calculating inflation and unemployment (thereby making Carter look bad) that cinched the election for him.