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'It’s Not a Threat': Trump Says He'll Order Supporters to Disrupt Sanders' Rallies


'It’s Not a Threat': Trump Says He'll Order Supporters to Disrupt Sanders' Rallies

Jon Queally, staff writer

Donald Trump on Sunday morning went after potential general election rival Bernie Sanders by calling him a liar and indicated he might soon instruct his own supporters to attend Sanders' rallies in order to foment disruption and discord among his progressive (aka "super-liberal") base.

In a tweet, Trump declared:

Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!


Trump should be arrested for inciting violence


Incitement to violence should disqualify Trump from the Presidency. We have to make our voices heard via letters to mainstream newspapers and calls to radio talk shows demanding that he be held personally and legally responsible for the acts of violence or disruption he directly incites.

As for our actions, we must remain principled, non-violent and our actions not tied to the Sanders campaign.


In the mean time I have yet hear candidate Drumph articulate a single coherent perspective on democratic governance. Constantly pulling out the same empty rhetorical 'trump cards', the man might want to consider tasting dignity for a change and take himself back to the game show. No doubt the Judiciary is at this moment studying legal precedent to see it it is possible to aid in that establishment of some shed of dignity.


Maybe that is because he is not a believer in democratic governance.


Carnival barker Drumpf may be paying for the protests/attention.


Didn't Trump blather on about libel laws? He is accusing his rival (which is underhanded and cowardly stuff) without proof and while knowing that he himself has egged on his supporters to violence that Sanders never has done any such thing. Trump artfully deflects the incriminations about his having already incited his supporters ("maybe he should have been roughed up" etc) to the idea that he will do so in the future. That now becomes the headlines instead of his prior incitement having born fruit.

He also deflects accusations of violence by blaming Bernie supporters even though the incident was organized by students who were angry at Trump's racism and fascistic mouthing so.

What is on display is Trump's unethical sense of impunity and his opportunism. He knows that he will rightfully be accused of inciting his followers previously and now those incidents will be overshadowed by this and subsequent events.

A taste people - of what would be in store. As you can see despite his chest pounding bombast that when Trump does something wrong like inciting violence that he instantly becomes a whiner like a spoiled brat and starts blaming someone else. But pay heed to his recklessly calling for violence because the man may be able to make money but in fact he is actually a pompous fool who is cunning yes but not a wise person. Do wise politicians incite people to violence? A certain type of politician does but none who were wise or decent. Who needs a psychopathic leader who might recklessly do all sorts of things and make very unwise decisions that would cost men's lives and start wars.

We have all been warned.


I think Bernie should tell his supporters to stay away from the Drumpf brownshirts. That said, I applaud the people who protested in Chicago. Drumpf has forgotten the American right to free speech and the right to protest - it is what has separated us from corrupt regimes. We should not all go quietly in the the dark night of Drumpf.


Next thing we know, Trump will be hiring Hell's Angels for security.


The kind of hate that is being casually talked about by Trump should not be tolerated. Shooting people in the head in Times Square, carrying them out on stretchers, like in the good old days? I guess nobody should show up to where he appears and protest?


And they will. We have to tread carefully where Trump is concerned. His base is already sensitive to any criticism, and quite frankly many have been royally screwed by both parties. Theirs is an emotional response based on very real concerns that will only get worse the more they perceive that he is being challenged. This is real Old Testament "eye for an eye" territory. Not a criticism, but an observation.

The two parties along with the corporate media created this train wreck of a campaign. What if the DNC and the mediahad played fair with Sanders whose positions on trade, finance, social spending, etc, might have excited some of the very people now flocking to Trump? There would always be a contingent mesmerized by his celebrity no matter what he said or did, but he is speaking some truth to these folks. And again, since the media has since JFK focused on style and not content, the electoral process has been reduced to a reality show.

It's really scary to note that Trump's not the worst candidate out there (see Ted Cruz).

I find it interesting that Trump is now targeting Sanders - which means his campaign may now see him as a real threat. Trump believes, and may be right, that he can handily defeat HRC.


“I COULD LIKE SHOOT A GUY IN TIMES SQUARE AND MY POPULARITY WOULD GO UP,” says GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. I exaggerated on the shooting in the head. Forgive me.


"Who's fighting and what for? I said, who's fighting and what for?"


You and others might step back from Trump's unfairly and unjustly blaming Bernie supporters who were there but were not confrontational. This confrontation was incited by Trump's impolitic remarks but it was organized by angry students and mambers of Black Lives Matter. Trump needs to deflect criticism and has no compunctions about pointing the finger at someone else even if unjustly if it serves his purpose.


The kind of hate that is being casually talked about by Trump

Please give us direct quotes. What hate?
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If I were Islamic, I would be protesting Trump.


Exactly. He is aiding and abetting criminal activity---then offering to pay the legal fees for those who commit crimes.

I fear for Bernie's safety more than ever. These people are crazy. This is Mad Max Thunder Road in real life with Trump as Immortan Joe:
“ It is by my hand, you will rise from the ashes of this world! ”
– Immortan Joe

This is what I posted yesterday, definition of aiding and abetting:

"A criminal charge of aiding and abetting or accessory can usually be brought against anyone who helps in the commission of a crime, though legal distinctions vary by state. A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support."
- See more at: http://criminal.findlaw.com/cr...


George Wallace??? Try Mussolini!


U.K. Parliament Will Debate Banning Donald Trump From Country for Muslim Hate Speech

Some Americans are not alone in their disdain for Trump's "hate speech."


You just exaggerated what was said. You do that often btw, so get real. Hey you like Trump so you insult people who don't. Typical stuff from you or do you think people forget. The fact is that Trump made the allusion which is in itself sleazy. You don't put ideas like that out there even if only as conversation because nuts run with them. We all know this... So should you.


The mainstream news is what most people read. Are you denying Trump is hateful when he speaks?