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It’s Not 'Chaos': Trump Revealed a Clear Blueprint for Crushing American Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/02/its-not-chaos-trump-revealed-clear-blueprint-crushing-american-democracy


Thanks to Will Bunch for this article - it’s exactly what I am seeing, and have been seeing.

It is also the culmination of the sordid take out of JFK and RFK. There are obviously many ways for a coup to take place - but only in the States has such a massive cover-up succeeded in deluding so many for so long.


The trump/GOP public-nutter terrorist mob must be confronted by Americans of good conscience, sanity, and honor, who still have belief in the promise of America; regardless the reality of that broken promise at this point in time!.
By “confronted” I mean by resolving to vote the madness OUT!
By not tolerating the kind of neo-nazi repressions and/or extremist or terrorist attempts to subvert this (s)election and our Republic!

The trump/GOP and extremist mobs are no less existential threats to America and what passes for Democracy, and the wider world; now seen in numerous nations and re-establishing of right-wing fascist regimes around the world - the fascism the world fought against in WWII now rearing that ugly head again.
It’s as if a pandemic of political and social mental illness and abject fantasy has gripped society with beliefs that are de facto mental illness. The “conspiracy theory” responses to trumps Corona case, and QAnon only two examples, Rational minds cannot even make that stuff up!

The only way to derail this train to disastrous consequences must be confronted - by voting in an admitted utterly corrupted and subverted politics that We the People have allowed to grow and flourish before our eyes - a reality that has reached critical mass, and as odious as it may be for many to even participate, must be accomplished to bring us back from the brink - regardless the physical problems actually voting and/or taste of ashes in our mouths!.


Why was September 29, 2020 any more shocking than candidate Trump four years ago accusing the Democrats of rigging the 2016 when the GOP had nearly a half century track record of rigging elections while there was no evidence of rigging by the Democrats during that same era ?

The construction industry calls partially developed “blueprints” conceptual drawings. Trump’s 2016 campaign had plenty of conceptual “blueprints”. Anybody not locked in a closet or afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome could have easily filled in the details and connected the dots.


Yes - I agree Emphyrio.

I was just thinking as I digested the news about Trump and Melania having Covid - empire is something the human race has always lived with in one form or another since we gave up being nomadic hunters on the land.

It doesn’t make this empire right - or wrong - it just is the way it has always been. And always certain elements have fought back - each in their own way.

I opted out for example - an element of exactly one - when I said “This society sucks” - and went climbing for seven years. Bill Tilman did much the same after experiencing WW One as a young man - all six years of it - and he a millionaire sugar merchants son. He went to Africa ‘for to see an for to admire’ - and discovered climbing quite by accident when he met Eric Shipton.

Here there are ‘Progressives’ - a larger element fighting back - also in their own unique way.

It is hard to see an end to this fight - maybe the fight is what it is all about.


The author makes a terrible blunder in assuming that the U.S. is currently a democracy (“Trump Revealed a Clear Blueprint for Crushing Democracy”) but doesn’t lay out the strategy that Trump is using to keep corporate America’s ‘other choice’ from assuming the office.
I have no doubt that Trump will remain in office regardless of what the ‘vote count’ is. The part that bothers me is that if and when Trump is removed and replaced with the incompetent and inherently evil Biden, that the public will be told that this is “proof” that American democracy is alive and kicking. Trump will only leave office if corporate America decides to pull the plug but will probably delay it for awhile as the wealthy watch some of our poorest communities clash over which oligarch is better. The amusement this will provide WallStreet cannot be underrated. But once the rich feel that the situation is spinning out of control and may actually breach the walls of their gated communities, Trump will be quickly removed from office and replaced with the next corporate sycophant that the elite have chosen as our imperial emperor.
The key for Americans to seize control fo the government for the people, is to concentrate on Congress. Naturally mainstream media ignores this crucial branch of government and instead focuses on the almost irrelevant battle between two, old, privileged white males battling for heavyweight championship of politics. It was Congress after all that led to the Civil War when the South was worried that ‘Free State’ members of the House and Senate would outlaw the beloved practice of slavery denying the 1% the ability to brutalize other human beings for wealth and pleasure. The ‘Slave States’ knew that if they seceded from the Union, slavery could continue for perpetuity expanding into all of Latin America and the Carribbean.
American democracy is a myth. When human rights are superseded by corporate personhood, we end up with the s**t show we have now. Blaming it all on Trump, just ignores the bigger picture of how we’re all subservient to the whims of the Establishment.


Trump is a serious threat to democracy. But it is at best tiresome when people, including Will Bunch in this article, repeat discredited evidence-free Russiagate claims.

In the real world Trump is engaged in a dangerous nuclear weapons escalation against Russia that we should be opposing and not indirectly supporting with Russiagate nonsense, and has also escalated sanctions against Russia.

The actual problem America faces is not dopey memes from Russian trolls that are an extremely miniscule portion of social media and have zero influence on the outcome of elections, and are not even intended to have such an influence, but rather the capture of the political system by concentrated wealth and the war racket. And also the further layer of serious problems that Trump adds to that.


Sure, we can concentrate on the Congress We have more-or-less done that in recent years and have some marvelous, liberal, humanitarians even getting some good legislation passed (If Pelosi doesn’t table it.) and it goes right over to the Senate, where McConnell promptly throws it in a drawer, locks it, and nobody ever sees it again.
** Impeachment, riight, dozens of charges that should have gotten him out very quickly. Pelosi and Co. said "No, he can only be charged with communicating with people regarding the Ukraine. However, evidence was blocked, witnesses were barred from questioning, etc., etc. Then it went to the Senate, where key questions were not allowed, people were barred from witnessing, etc., etc., and finally Trump’s butt was politely wiped clean and he was allowed to continue shitting on the USA and its people.
** Banana Republics have ways to get rid of unwanted “leaders.” Unfortunately, those leaders are usually somebody who works for his people, not the wealthy.
** Somehow, we have to find a way to rid ourselves of a government that makes Al Capone seem like a little kid cheating at marbles. We could, for instance, have the military come in and throw the whole works into Guantanamo, lock the door and throw the key away. However we have seen, too many times, how that works out. Look at Egypt for a fairly recent demonstration of that. How would you like to have some soldier shoving a pistol in your face and having to show your papers five or six times a day when all you are trying to do is shop for groceries?
** I think we could do it with a ballot, assuming we could vote, get it counted by trustworthy people, then hope that after the election, there were enough honest people in the new government to throw out all of the illegal crap that had been put in during the term or terms of the crooks that have found their way into the system. If you can get rid of a crook, but have to leave whatever he or she put in while there, is like carefully removing a torpedo from the hull of your ship, but leaving the hole there so you eventually sink. Part of the repair is plugging the damned hole!
** I’m sure there are clever and knowledgeable minds around who could figure out all the in’s and out’s to make this work, but if we don’t find 'em, I fear some jerk will fire or set off a BIG bomb and that will be the beginning of the end.

As Malcolm X said - The liberal establishment create the fear of the wolf so that their fox can catch the chickens…(or words to that effect)

But where is the moves for a real radical change to the American electoral system? Where is the demand for some form of Proportional Representation - silence because first past the post stops the Third Parties from having any political power and that suits the Tweedledum and Tweedledummer voting system.

"The revolutions that are happening in many countries, the struggle for freedom and justice and rule by law—all of these things now will be propelled forward by the impacts of the Great Waves of change.

If a government cannot feed and provide for its people, and if it is too corrupt at its center, the Great Waves will forge an upheaval, an upheaval that will overcome even the most powerful and resistant governments and the most powerful and resistant overlords."… - pulled from the teaching:…“Rebellion, Revolution and War” .

The government of this country no longer serves the basic needs of the people nor protects the natural environment and natural resources of this land that will be needed for the survival of the people. This Government now serves and has served the financial interests of the few (elite) and of the corporate businesses that occupy this land. There really is no other choice to displace these corrupt entities.