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It’s Not Just a Muslim Ban, It’s Much Worse

It’s Not Just a Muslim Ban, It’s Much Worse

James Zogby

With a stroke of the pen on a misdirected and, I believe, malicious Executive Order (EO), President Donald Trump unleashed a dynamic that will, I fear, have consequences as far-reaching and damaging to my country and my community as the Bush Administration's wrong-headed responses to the 9/11 terror attacks.

Zogby is being polite of course.

US politicians and their media toadies have been pushing and promoting Islamophobia since the Iranian revolution but the whole sick business kicked into overdrive on 9/11 hasn’t let up since.

Try making it through a network TV newscast without hearing the phrase ‘Islamic Extremists.’ Good luck! Americans swim in a sea of Islamophobia.

And this is necessary because of the War on Terror, which is a fraud created to mask the runaway imperialism of the USA.

Democrats have promoted this garbage just as much as Republicans, and perhaps more insidiously, since they pretended to love Muslims, even as they dropped 72 bombs per day on them.

Stemming the tide of Islamophobia & all the forthcoming horrors requires confronting the sick fraud of the War on Terror, and the legal mafia of the Pentagon.

A staggering task, but in the end, the alternatives are horrific beyond our imagination.


“What the various provisions of the EO have done is deepen Arab popular anger at the United States, provide ISIS with a public relations gift, fuel Islamophobic fear here at home, while, at the same time, exacerbating sectarian tensions within the Arab community.”

But that’s the point! Trump WANTS more conflict to justify building up the military. He WANTS more attacks to boost his approval rating, and justify more police-state laws.

And if that doesn’t work, he’ll stage another false-flag attack like Cheney did on 9/11.