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It’s Not Just Drug Dealers That Need to Worry if Trump Was Inspired by Duterte


It’s Not Just Drug Dealers That Need to Worry if Trump Was Inspired by Duterte

Nick Meynen

Killing drug dealers through the courts, as US President Donald Trump has just proposed, is one step closer to the drugs policy in the Philippine—where President Rodrigo Duterte supports a killing spree even outside the court system. But if Duterte inspired Trump more broadly during his recent visit to the island archipelago, then it’s not just drug dealers that need to worry.


An internationalism based on love for the living Earth is the most hopeful idea I’ve heard in a long, long time.


Legal schmegal. Once they gain enough power they will either change the laws or usurp the judicial system. We must act now at the voting booth to prevent the deplorables from increasing their power before they become too powerful to stop.


Not much will happen at the voting booth until our hackable voting machines are destroyed.


I do believe the senate committee investigating Russian interference came out today saying we should return to paper ballots. I will bet that the machines have been compromised but it is all being kept secret.


The idea that anyone would embrace Duterte is beyond belief----yet the people of the US seem to yawn about the US support for this guy. Duterte brags about killing people execution style. Trump and his followers seem to have no problem following in Duterte’s footsteps.


Hope you’re right, but here’s the rub, they were designed to be hacked by the code writers, not the Russians.


Death to the big pharma merchants that Trump is in bed with. Trump comes after users instead of the dealers who make the opiods. What a fat turd of a joke Trump reveals himself to be.