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It’s Not Just Scandal: Moore Lost In Alabama Because The GOP Agenda Is Toxically Unpopular

It’s Not Just Scandal: Moore Lost In Alabama Because The GOP Agenda Is Toxically Unpopular

Matthew Yglesias

Republicans are now in trouble everywhere.

Senator-elect Doug Jones (Photo: Justin Sullivan/ Getty)

70 percent of white voters voted for Moore - 63 percent of white women and 77 percent of white men. Jones squeaked by only by an unprecedentedly large turnout of Black Alabamans who make up 27 percent of the state population, and by a certain number of white people who stayed home or wrote-in a vote over the sex scandal. Had the Republican candidate been anyone but Moore, they would have won.

Sure, major demographic shifts in Virginia have made it culturally and politically a California-of-the-east. Literally the whole state, save for a couple coal-counties in the far southwest, have been yuppie-gentrified. There’s even wineries everywhere in the Shen. Valley and Piedmont foothills.

But that more than counterbananced by hard-right shifts in WV, OH, PA, MI and WI.

So I think Mr. Yglesias is being a bit over-optimistic here. We need to avoid spending too much time in our left-leaning bubbles of urban areas.


To Roy Moore. even though you are not a REAL cowboy:

“The last goodbye is the hardest one to say, this is where the cowboy rides away” - George Strait

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Your facts could speak to a trend away from the hyper conservative approaches that pretend we still live in the 50s and can continue to exploit the planet and hog all the resources. Maybe minoritieswill become incentivized to participate at a higher level than before, just because they are sick of the patronizing, the insults, and the demeaning they have endured for so long.


For all the well-documented evidence of pedophilia… without Moore’s nostalgia for slavery and a last minute social media campaign and GOTV effort among Black voters to publicize those comments, he probably would have won.

Has proof reading just disappeared from journalism?

Repeating the same last two paragraphs?

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The Alabama victory rides on 12+% of voting age citizens.

While governor Brown of California did a little better with a victory tally of 18+% of voting age Californians, these kinds of victory headlines and analysis ignore that most people don’t see the major party candidates as interesting enough to vote for.

Please correct me if my percentages are mistaken.

Your are right. Neither the GOP policies, nor the sex scandal, swayed many of the 63% white women, and 77% white men who voted for Moore. The sole, slim silver lining is that as one gets closer to the colleges, Moore’s support drops off (slightly). Exit polls show a majority agrees with Moore’s ‘values’. These cultural values, based as they are on race and religion, are unlikely to change before 2018. Democratic strategists copy.

On the very bright side, as slavery raised its ugly head, 30% of black American voters were charged with energy and dedication to defeat Moore. And defeat they did. Even Obama did not draw such enthusiasm in his ‘transformational’ election. Democratic strategists for 2018 please copy.

Is the following fake news? If not then there is cause for outrage and one’s preference on whether Moore sits in the Senate is not relevant to the topic.


As much as I find Roy Moore distasteful, if he lost by vote flipping then that is even more distasteful to me. What would be even more distasteful would be if the Department of Homeland security is somehow involved in this to further justify and solidify their new control of election security.

Instead of playing google roulette maybe just follow the single official tally or the NYT running count which did not show such inconsistencies.

To understand the direction all of this is going look at Kansas and the mess Gov. Brownback has made. Hurrah for the Koch Bros. Now let the bastards drown in their ideology.

Great post! And congrats to Doug Jones.

It matters only if it’s “toxically unpopular” among politicians, and it doesn’t look that way so far.
Unpopular among the voters is of far less consequence or concern.

I want to believe that you are right, and that if the powers that be were rigging the election then the NYT and the official tally would have been the first to tell us about it. How could I ever get so paranoid?