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It’s Not Only a Constitutional Crisis, It’s a Civic Implosion


It’s Not Only a Constitutional Crisis, It’s a Civic Implosion

Jim Sleeper

Donald Trump won the presidency of the American republic for the same reason that he’ll lose it before the end of his first term, assuming that the rest of us can keep the republic itself. That reason has been poorly understood by political consultants, “psychological operations” masterminds, data-point jockeys, seigneurial donors and us media savants, most of whom Trump’s rise left breathless and useless in deciphering what has befallen us.


Shame has disappeared from our culture. It's not surprising that our President is a man who knows no shame.


America's civic implosion happened with the normalization of War of Aggression and Torture. This is merely the expected result of that implosion.


Sounds a bit like a white, male narrative of past "discourse" in the United States. Only white males in the larger cultural experience perform "rites of passage" to adulthood--tests of prowess and communal dedication that are scary and decisive enough to mold youths' rising, unfocused strengths with guidance from watchful elders who cultivate those rites and ratify youths' emergence as committed member of an intergenerational community." Man, what have you been smoking? One of the most important books published in the latter part of the 20th Century was "Civic Ideals" by Rogers Smith. In this extraordinary book Smith focuses on the innumerable judicial and common laws brought from England to be replanted in this country. It's truly astounding to read the many, many laws aimed at keeping particular groups of people in a certain place. In actuality, there has been very little discourse between all of the peoples of this country. I think that this lack of true civility, justice, and human dignity is at the crux of the problems we're presently experiencing. What Trump succeeded in doing was playing the demi-god to an audience who imagined that they were losing something they had never actually lost--supremacy.


For sure. I am tired of this Russia-gate while avoiding all of the other problems we citizens face with this non-stop, daily degradation of our rights by the elites. No doubt Trump has ties to Russia. How does that prove any election "meddling"? Tell me. I am more concerned about the influence of the Zionist AIPAC lobby influencing all of the legislators. Money, money, money! Who owns our government? Who is responsible and paying for the strife in the ME?

Colluding with Zionist Israel is not a crime?

Sadly, progressive talk radio has bought into this crap and I turn them off after 10 min.


Interesting perspective. Clearly we are missing those shared rites, shared sense of culture. I'm not at all sure, however, what we do about it. Maybe I need to get more into sports culture? Nah.