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It’s Not Too Late for Hillary’s Campaign to Renew Itself


It’s Not Too Late for Hillary’s Campaign to Renew Itself

Salim Lone

Sunday's Washington Post/ABC News poll showed that Hillary Clinton’s numbers have fallen drastically in the last month, and the race is now a dead heat with Donald Trump, with 41% of registered voters supporting each candidate.


Sorry, but it's far too late for her to change anything. The DNC knew she would be a hard sell from the beginning, that's why they had to fix the primary for her to win and undermine the election of Bernie Sanders.
Her baggage is huge. Her history of being a republican democrat and making war everywhere she could doomed her from the start. That's why it's so hard to make everyone believe she is miles better than Trump.
The fact that she is neck and neck with Trump says it all. She could promise a world of change and no one would believe her. She lied about the emails and most everything else, who could believe her? Most of us think she should be in jail.
Stein/Baraka 2016


Hillary can save her breath trying to get me to vote for her, it will never happen.


Despite most polls during the January to May 2016 timeframe showing Sanders doing better against Trump and other GOP hopefuls than Clinton would fare in the general election, our local Hillbots kept reminding us Sanders supporters that they were the adults who know better and we were the idealistic children.

Looks like the current score is:

Adults 0

Children 1


Lots of good analysis here, but Lone inexplicably still believes there is some reason for us to hope that Clinton successfully re-boots her campaign with a pivot to honesty and progressive policies.

He totally admits in this article that she is no progressive and is working for the billionaire class and the warmongers.

But he still ties himself in mental knots to somehow cling to a shred of belief...

Yes, Trump is horrific. So is Clinton, truly horrific. They are not clones of each other, obviously. But please get real about Clinton, and what a Clinton presidency will mean, no matter what late-season campaign re-boot she attempts.


The numerous attempts to shame and lecture third-party voters aren't effective either. They often give the impression that the Dems have given up already and are just trying to find someone to blame. There is one "grand gesture" that might just turn things around (though it won't happen) and that would be if Clinton announced plans to decriminalize (or even legalize) marijuana. I'm a non-user, so the whole issue seems rather unimportant to me personally, but it was a pretty major factor in getting the Canadian Liberal Party their latest majority government -- even though Trudeau has yet to do anything concrete to fulfil that particular election promise.


"Run, run, my cheeldren, run vrom ze horrible monster, Frankenstein's Creature, vhich is on ze loose rampaging and peellaging your veelages. Run, run eento my castle here een Transylvannia and I vill protect you from ze horrid creature. You vill be safe een my domain. Eef you do not believe me, gaze eento my eyes and you vill."


What Clinton says is immaterial. The people who can not support her base that decision on what she has done and what she will do. It is not as easy as just to tell another lie so as to "renew" a campaign.


Might as well just stop pretending right now, Clinton is in for a nice vacation.


You made me so excited about Hillary that I peed in my pants!


I'm sick of the tired I told you so chorus in here. So she sucks compared to Bernie, so? Do we want tRumpf or not? Because voting for whacky Jill and douchebag Gary is a ticket to Trumpville folks. We lost in 2000 to a stupid stupid person and look at the damage he did for the next 8 yrs! Well, it will be nothing compared to what this truly EVIL MFer is capable of. Take it from one who knows from deep on the inside. I live in Atlantic City, NJ and know many of the people this creature fucked over and destroyed and I also know some of his ex-mgrs. and the stories abound here of this man's cruelty and his egomania. So, if you live in a battleground State think twice before throwing your vote to Jill . That might be OK in Calif or Oregon, but it's not advisable if you live in Pa, Ohio, Fla. or N.C.


"To be fair, Mrs Clinton was not the strongest candidate, but she is miles better than Trump."

Ask Latinos who know about the murder of Berta Cáceres — What kind of imperial feminist destroys democracies and installs corporatist dictatorships that murder mothers who defend dignity, freedom and the environment?


Forget the drumbeat of fear. I am voting for the future. Green Party. Forget democracy destroying democrats. They made their bed of dictatorship loving stink right next to republicans.

"Twas the Hillary that said, "Hosni Mubarak is like family." When she wanted to talk with the millenials of Egypt they told her to go fly a kite.


This article is BS. Sorry, but she didn't win "unqualified support of Bernie Sanders." She stole the election from him and probably threatened him to force him to step into line. She didn't "pivot brilliantly" unless you mean to the right. She sH**t on the people who Bernie sent to write the platform. She sH**t on the delegates. And told us she didn't need our votes. She was going to the Republicans to get them. So fine. She'll NEVER get our votes. And if I lived in a state that mattered I'd vote Trump. Fortunately I don't have to live with that and can give my vote to Jill because my state isn't dumb enough to vote for Clinton!


You know what I don't give a shit about Hillary saying whatever she said to
Mubarak. Because, it's NOT relevant right now. So, you keep on helping the
fascist Alt. right with your LOL campaign for the future. Really? Has the
Green party bothered to become a real party not a one trick pony every four
years funded by right-wing donors and a few holier than though lefties
that buy its BS? When it starts electing someone anyone I'll start taking
it, you and Jill seriously. Until then I won't and my guess is neither will
many other voters.


America is a fascist nation. Which fascist is worse. Trump says let's steal their oil. Hillary says lets bomb them into democracy and under her breath (and steal their oil and ensure the petro dollar remains the U.S. Dollar).

Trump should alienate the allies quicker and that is a good thing. The allies are quick to bomb and steal but they just can't bring themselves to say it out loud.

Gotta get worse before it gets better - and trump gets it worse faster.

Go trump go.

But it's all academic -as if the elections are actually not fixed.

America doesn't allow observer nations for a reason. And it ain't for the pie in the sky reason the powers that be extol.

Hillary has won it already because the fix is in.

You have to have a democracy for the outcome to be in doubt.


Miles better then Trump. That statement sounds like the illusion (delusion) of choice. For God sakes, the woman wants a no fly zone in Syria, What's that tell you about her leadership skills and decision making process.


Every candidate running for President. Needs to be psychologically tested to see if they have a mental disorder like being a psychopath or sociopath. If this was done to Donald and Hillary.
I believe they would be disqualified from becoming President.


You know what is relevant? The DNC undermined Sanders and rigged the votes. I contributed a nice chunk of change to his campaign. Then people like you come along and, to add insult to injury, disparage me and then expect me to vote for the anointed one? You must be out of your mind.

Oh, and get a grip of yourself. You sound unhinged.


Whose B.S. do you buy? At least the Greens oppose dropping bombs anywhere and everywhere to keep the economy humming. Seems like you are like most American consumers, who don't give a damn about the carnage the U.S. inflicts on the world as long as you get your electronic device or whatever. If you had a conscience you would take another look at the Greens, Stein-Baraka.