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It’s Not Trump’s Country — Even in ‘Trump Country’

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/15/its-not-trumps-country-even-trump-country


Thanks for rounding up all of this Jim. You’re a genuine Texan!


But according to the DNC, it was these Progressive Policies (which happened to win handily) that cost them the Senate, seats in the House, and almost a presidential election.

We must move to the RIGHT.
We must become Fascists if we want to win.
Democrats should be more like Donald Trump if we want to win.
It was just a fluke that these Progressive measures won while the DNC’s Corporate Party candidates lost.

(Note: not my thinking - this is the thinking and policies of the DNC. They are in as much in denial as Donald Trump.)


The explicit claims from lawmakers in swing and more conservative districts, not the DNC, are that “defund the police” and “socialism” messaging hurt them, to a lesser extent “pack the court” and GND. In fact, what they are saying are that these topics distracted them from stuff they wanted to talk about in their campaigns, like raising the minimum wage, etc. I think there’s merit to some of it too. In my red district, “supports local law enforcement” and similar monikers seemed to be a requirement in candidate advertising. On a larger level, how much time did Biden spend reminding people he didn’t want to defund the police? Leftist outlets roundly criticized him for it (see below), but I think it’s clear Biden knew what he was doing.


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The GOP’s success in “Trump Country” is a combination of nearly four decades of hate media repeating the same lies every half hour and the Democrats failing to counter those lies while pandering to their corporate paymasters.


Defending extreme centrists, who are responsible for Trump getting into power in the first place, is being on the wrong side of history now. Don’t be on the wrong side of history. The terrible performance of Democrats in this election was not universal. Centrists were soundly rejected by the people and lost massively. Progressives, co sponsors of the Green New Deal and Medicare For All, won across the board, including in swing districts. The tiny fringe who are the so called centrists are not friends, nor allies, they are the enemy as much as any other right wingers and should be treated as such.


This is not true. Progressives won mostly in blue to deeply blue districts and Biden often outperformed them (he really did outperform AOC, for example). That is reality and it’s time we face it. The fact is Trump drove Republican turnout down ballot. And, as I’ve noted elsewhere, people like Katie Porter largely focused on pocketbook issues, not M4All or the GND, in their advertising. You can’t just measure success by virtue of districts that it’s nearly impossible for a Democrat to lose in, especially if governing is the goal. Oh, and need I mention, a whole bunch of M4All advocates lost their elections too (~https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=jOtQeVbtdAM).

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