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It’s Now Time for Medicare for All


It’s Now Time for Medicare for All

Robert Reich

Senator Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Jeff Merkley, are introducing a Medicare For All bill in the Senate. It’s a model for where this nation needs to be headed.

Some background: American spending on health care per person is more than twice the average in the world’s 35 advanced economies. Yet Americans are sicker, our lives are shorter, and we have more chronic illnesses than in any other advanced nation.


In addition to stories about Clinton’s book telling us how she was “shivved” today’s mainstream media article headline on Sanders’ bill notes that it “lacks details on cost”.

Not surprising when you consider that the mainstream media ignored the Medicare for All cost figures Sanders included during the 2016 primary campaign.


Imagine that. Not a penny for advertising or marketing.

Only Healthcare.

Bob, you got this one right.


Mainstream Media ignored virtually everything Bernie was telling us all.

However, the Media didn’t ignore what their Oligarch Owners told them to report about Bernie which was mostly negative.

Independent Media is a rarity in America.


This should be a litmus test for the public to see how many politicians are beholden to the corporations that fund their campaigns. Both Republicans and Democrats accept billions of dollars from ‘healthcare providers’ in exchange for favorable legislation. Of course every progressive here knows that this bill will not become law do to the special interest groups our elected officials serve. Nevertheless if the bill is used as a litmus text to show everyone just how pathetic their representatives are, perhaps we can clean house in the next elections.
Expect the MSM meanwhile to marginalize or ignore the mass movements created to bring this crucial legislation to the public. Instead of debating the merits of universal healthcare on air or in the op-eds of our media empires, we will get the usual coverage of “disaster porn”, mass shootings, enemies of the State and fluff.
When the topic is discussed, it will be discussed on right wing shows like Rush or Hannity in which the talk show hosts will cry that these are just tricks of the the liberal conspirators to undermine our democracy. Like minded guests will offer us personal anecdotes about how the existing system saved the lives of a loved one or else tell us how the tax burden will fall upon the working class.
When the usual corporate sycophants get elected to office, they will make false claims that their success was due to the public’s rejection of higher taxes to fund Medicare-for-all. And when the usual propaganda doesn’t work enough to prevent a majority of people wanting Medicare-for-all, then the Party’s will resort to rigged elections, stricter voter registration and increased gerrymandering.
It is a tough fight to win despite a vast majority of Americans who yearn for a universal safety net for our sick and in-firmed. We won’t have the support of corporate America, their subservient media or the wealthy who have had their way for quite some time. But if by some miracle we actually see Medicare-for-all introduced, expect the assault by corporate America to continue by starving the program of the necessary funds needed to function well. We must be vigilant and expect to be in it for the long haul


While Medicare for all seems to make sense obviously the Republicans will attack it as socialism and no Republican will vote for it. I can’t see how a party dedicated to dismantling the federal bureaucracy would ever support this. As it is they have been working for month to repeal the ACA. Single payer will run into congressional gridlock. Some very ingenious Democrats will have to figure out how to breakthrough the gridlock. It will be quite a political challenge.


No, the time was 2008-2010. THAT was the time, Bob. And where were you then?


The fight is in the primaries of 2018—support people like Paula Jean Swearengin running for Sen in West Virginia against Manchin-----if progressives can win it will begin the process of taking the democratic party from Clinton corporate democrats.


Garrison Keillor on Medicare for All:

“I’m OK with pouring lots of money into Texas for hurricane relief, but how is getting hit by a hurricane different than getting hit with cancer ?”


Why dont you write an article that lists all the excuses for why Obama could not do this when he had a supermajority and a mandate? While you are at it list the reasons why Buffet and Jamie Dimon are not in jail along with ten thousand other Wall Street executives? Tell me why Obama’s expansion of the wars in the Middle East, the assasinations, the drone wars and the murder of Qaddafi and slaughter of Libyans are not war crimes? I’m waiting.


Robert is an economist, not mother Teresa. But I see your point, since he’s also a public figure. He’s spot on though about single payer