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It’s on Republicans to Stop a Shutdown


It’s on Republicans to Stop a Shutdown

Bernie Sanders

This is not just my viewpoint. It’s what the American people want.


Let’s quit this shutdown crap once and for all.

Shut the government down permanently, put it out of business, and offer the remains to China as a colony.


Let’s put this in perspective:

Before, during and after the 2013 shutdown, polling showed that Americans blamed Republicans.

A year later, the Rs won their second midterm wave election in a row across every level of government.

Moral of the story:

The D-Party brand is toast in large swaths of the country. It’s long past time to replace them.


Bernie, you’re so right—and so wrong—at the same time. I can barely stand to listen to you anymore, despite being from Vermont and having long been proud to call you my Representative, and then my Senator.

Yeah, you’re “better” than most of the rest, but in this critical crisis, that’s just not good enough.

To blame the Republicans only for today’s grotesque developments is deceptively facile. It keeps things turning in the same old us-vs.-them grooves. It does nothing to aid anyone in Truly understanding how we got here, much less what we can do to genuinely change these dynamics at their root, in the timeframe we’re actually working with now.

More social programs, less defense spending, fewer tax breaks for the wealthy. Sounds great, easy to vote for. Until you recognize that these measures don’t even attempt to answer fundamental questions, such as, “Isn’t it kinda crazy to base our daily lives on a positive interest currency system, when we live on a finite planet?” Such measures will never turn humanity from acting just like malignant carcinoma on the rest of our relations here.

Continuing to structure daily life around the lie that we, and “our” creations, can simply “grow” ourselves out of the hard choices that sharing resources entails is madness, Bernie. Just because such “progressive” madness is superficially and immediately “kinder and gentler” than the Repugs’ version does not render it more genuinely serviceable to all our relations.

We CAN grow ourselves out of this insanity. But not by continuing our end runs around essential questions about who we are and who we are capable of being. We can only grow out of our insanity by growing in and down, rather than reaching out and up all the time…

I want to vote—if I’m going to vote at all—for people who consistently ask the really tough questions. For example, “What causes humans to be so susceptible to the illusion that we are somehow above the Law that governs all the rest of Life?”

Only by understanding this can we understand why so many Americans (as well as people around the world) continue to believe that material life here is a meritocracy, in which those who are actually “better” are rewarded with wealth.

Simply saying those who believe that are misinformed won’t do it. Providing more, better, intellectual “facts” won’t do it. We’ve tried that! We must recognize that such perceptions are rooted in soils much older, richer, and more powerful than the cognitive mind. Changing such profound habits requires completely different tools.

As long as Americans (and most other humans on the planet) are convinced that those who are poor deserve to suffer, while those who are wealthy deserve to live as they do, there will never be a real end to the dynamics that have created this latest almost-shutdown and the chaos we experience now in every area of life.

I want to vote—if I’m ever to vote again—for people who dare to ask questions such as, “How can we humans profoundly change our habits so that we do not continue to consume everything and everyone here? How can we shift both fundamentally and immediately?”

I want to vote—if I’m going to vote at all—for people who don’t just ask such questions, but who are also in possession of robust, deeply rooted answers.

Such answers do exist! The fact that no one in our existing political/economic leadership has done the kind of work necessary to answer them doesn’t mean the answers don’t exist.

I won’t vote for you again, Bernie, much as I’m enduringly grateful for your service. For what is needed now is a completely different paradigm, one embodied more fully by many of your twenty-something supporters than by you yourself.

In fact, it is hard to see who benefits from your tired repetition of formulas that are obviously not shifting the critical dynamics here. Except you, of course, Bernie.

Are you really planning to run for President again? At your advanced age? Are you seeking to secure yourself a plummy “retirement” working for some “progressive” think tank? Or just to assure yourself that you are not part of the problem, so you can die with a clear conscience?

Not good enough, old friend. It’s just not good enough anymore.


Sorry, Bernie, but you had to go and stink up your article with “It would endanger members of the U.S. military who are putting their lives on the line defending our nation.” How can you possibly talk about social justice at home and then peddle this weary justification for killing thousands of innocent people in other countries? Please explain how murdering innocents in so many other countries, far from our shores, makes this country safer. Shame on you.

Lastly, what you say about the Republicans is true, but when are you finally going to admit to the Democrats complicity in this mess? Yes, the NDA for 2018 with it’s 700 billion dollar expenditure for the military is obscene and immoral, but you know very well that all but 4 Democratic Senators voted for it. You were there.

I do appreciate the way you advocate for social justice at home, but to keep exclusively painting the Rs as the villains with no mention of the Ds role in our current crisis, leaves the reader to the conclusion that the Democrats are, by default, the heroes and therefor the obvious solution. That’s dishonest.


I will stand with Bernie 100% of the time, every time until the end of time, which may be soon enough. The only thing I disagree with regarding this piece is the use of a polling. We the people don’t have a voice in our government because we cannot afford to buy one, unlike the wealthy who buy our government at now discounted rates.


In a word: B-I-N-G-O!


I used to agree with that until I realized that Bernie is apparently terminally attached to “Dark Side Lite” which is spelled, simply: "D"


Extremely well said Lisa.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that you have been a public servant at some point in your life, and if you have not, that would be a shame.

Again, well said.


“The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.” Alan Greenspan

“In the case of United States, default is absolutely impossible. All U.S. government debt is denominated in U.S. dollar assets.” Peter Zeihan, Vice President of Analysis for STRATFOR

“In the case of governments boasting monetary sovereignty and debt denominated in its own currency, like the United States (but also Japan and the UK), it is technically impossible to fall into debt default.” Erwan Mahe, European asset allocation and options strategies adviser

“There is never a risk of default for a sovereign nation that issues its own free-floating currency and where its debts are denominated in that currency.” Mike Norman, Chief Economist for John Thomas Financial

“There is no inherent limit on federal expenses and therefore on federal spending…When the U.S. government decides to spend fiat money, it adds to its banking reserve system and when it taxes or borrows (issues Treasury securities) it drains reserves from its banking system. These reserve operations are done solely to maintain the target Federal Funds rate.” Monty Agarwal , managing partner and chief investment officer of MA Managed Futures Fund

“As the sole manufacturer of dollars, whose debt is denominated in dollars, the U.S. government can never become insolvent, i.e., unable to pay its bills. In this sense, the government is not dependent on credit markets to remain operational.” Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

“A sovereign government can always make payments as they come due by crediting bank accounts — something recognized by Chairman Ben Bernanke when he said the Fed spends by marking up the size of the reserve accounts of banks.” L. Randall Wray, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Senior Scholar at the Levy Economics Institute

Mind you, that doesn’t mean there might not be other economic or political consequences. Inflation and currency depreciation, for example, are possibilities. Also from Dr. Wray:

“Government needs to be concerned about pressures on inflation and the exchange rate should its spending become excessive. And it should avoid “crowding out” private initiative by moving too many resources to our public sector. However, with high unemployment and idle plant and equipment, no one can reasonably argue that these dangers are imminent.”


Bernie Sanders is still"The Man" Bernie is the best politician in DC. His speech is right on fantastic!!!


Yes, replace all the sellout DINO elite/establishment hacks masquerading as the people’s reps! R’Cons only won those mid-term elections because the DP “leaders” were complicit, idiots and didn’t see the political writing on the wall, or apparently give a shite about the people or losing to the R’Con swine! R’Cons schemed and fought for their depraved beliefs/agenda and the Dem “leadership” did NOTHING, culminating in nominating the red queen hag (the ONLY candidate trump could have beaten) instead of Bernie Sanders, saddling America under the nightmare % trump regime!

The other side of the issue is that third parties in America have fared poorly or disastrously, as most know - in this context the Greens or some new party mechanism to rally around. The Greens polled about 2% -3% max last election as I recall, and the chances a new political party mechanism getting up and running in time to save the nation , people, and world from the R’Cons and trump regime are realistically slim to none.

So what’s left? The already established DP mechanism, now ruled (taken over) dominated by sellout shills,craven corporate/banker/wall street whores and self-interested politicians of the timid/complicit Clinton/Obama DLC DINO ilk…the path of least resistance and most possible vehicle to “win” representation (even under our corrupt political system) and begin the long climb out of corporate/war-machine domination over civilian 99% priorities and agenda - the Common Good - is to take-over that DP mechanism/vehicle and elect progressive, decent, courageous people that will fight for our needs and human rights!


Thanks for all you do Bernie but " It would endanger members of the U.S. military who are putting their lives on the line defending our nation.

These poor soldiers who signed up for military service did so because they had no other option. Are nation as become less safe from the people running the show in this military industrial complex, we brought chaos to much of the world.

But no I do not want these people hurt, but please Bernie. The wealthier they get from wars the more wars we are going to get.


Lots of simplistic dialogue and pronouncements, many obtuse, that doesn’t really go or get us anywhere. Sanders is one of the only voices out there, with any national audience and you trash and demean him? WTF? Please answer some of your own questions…


You sound like a Republican troll…you realize that, right? Bernie Sanders is the best we have and the Democratic Party Is the only option for change unless you live in some video game reality where the Green Party wins the election. We have to operate in the reality that’s here now. We have to primary Corporate Democrats.


Well said Lisa "How can we humans profoundly change our habits so that we do not continue to consume everything and everyone here? How can we shift both fundamentally and immediately?” For many people this statement is not clear enough, we need to think locally, regionally and nationally. The whole world needs to do that, our planet depends on that.

People believe we need all that crap, it has been a very good marketing tools for the manufacturers who moved their factories to China. It defines them, labels define them, more stuff defines them.

Thanks again Lisa.


Thanks, PonyBoy. I have been a public servant all my life, but not through holding public office. I’ve been a holistic doctor—a trauma transformer—for thirty years.

Always too aware of how fundamentally outdated the paradigms within which our political/economic lives are operating to feel I could make a difference by getting into that game…

As they continue to fall apart under their own self-contradictions, who knows? Right now I’m just praying to be here for a while to help this transition keep unfolding. Just trying to keep Self and Truth alive—like so many of us these days…

Expressions like yours are a help in that daily struggle.

Keep on keeping on, y’all!


Bernie, You pretend to but you just don’t get it.

What the American people want more than anything is Peace on Earth, not 700+ Military bases all over the world to protect the corporations business interests, not military conflicts in 134 countries where we are murdering innocent men, women, and children, not weapons proliferation by the U.S. Government selling hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to our friendly Terrorist Countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

What the American people want is equality, not 85% of all new income going to the top .2%. Why should the top .2% get more than 1% of all new income let alone 85%? That’s robbery!

Why aren’t the Democrats screaming their heads off that this is happening? Every fucking day. Why aren’t the Democrats appealing to Law Enforcement and the Military to apprehend and incarcerate all of these theives?

Oh, that’s right. Over the past 3 or 4 decades, the Democrats allowed the laws to be changed so that the Corporations and the Extremely Wealthy could rob us blind, and do it lawfully.

Bernie, I gave you my time and money to see you in the White House, and when the Democrats stole your opportunity to get there, and then gave you a “shit” sandwich to eat, you ate it.

I still love you old man, but never expect me to trust “your word” ever again.

People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!


I’d be happy to answer those questions—because I’ve worked hard to gain the capacity to do so.

What forum would you suggest?

I have received a tremendous amount of rejection and ridicule for saying what I’ve said here over many years.

I have found it difficult to find people not too terrified, too mired in their sense that their security depends upon not challenging certain foundational perceptual habits, to be willing to hear me out.

I have found no place interested in publishing my writing, although I have tried.

Maybe things are really changing in this regard now. If so, I’m glad to share what I’ve been learning.

I assure you that what I have to say is not vague, nor is it hypothetical. But it can’t be transmitted in a 30 second sound bite.

I’m open to your feedback on this front—if it is also pragmatic and well-grounded in our current integral reality.


The trouble is any replacement to the left of the Democrats is going to do even worse - on the short term anyway.