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It’s on Us to Stop the War in Yemen

It’s on Us to Stop the War in Yemen

Olivia Alperstein

We’re helping fight someone else’s war in Yemen — and the blood is on our hands.

Since March 2015, the United States has supported a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that’s intervening in a civil war in Yemen. The war has resulted in massive civilian casualties and the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

The US role is much more than just providing arms and munitions. They are providing targeting data to the Saudi’s detailing which targets to be struck. If a school or hospital bombed there a good chance the US advisors suggested those targets be bombed.

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In regard to the article, “It On Us to Stop the War in Yemen,” do you know that President Salmom of Saudi Arabia is in the US and I heard he owns 22% of Exxon-Mobile. He is also bombing and killing the population in Yemen, while the children in Yemen are dying via starvation by the tens of thousands; the numbers could reach as high as a million people and via disease and cholera contamination of the food chain. The US, Obama Administration, formerly, and Trump Administration, are also blocking food shipment and have orchestrated the contamination of the FOOD CHAIN in YEMEN and the genocide of its children and population!!!

          But on a "political pendulation," ALICE COOPER playing Herod was on TV, admonishing the Saudis; calling to bomb Saudi Arabia and kill 90,000 of the royal family and steal their oil for killing the children of Yemen!!! Screaming we'll give the whole thing (Saudi Oil infrastructure) to BP-AMACO!!! Or we'll start a new OIL company, the AMERICAN OIL COMPANY, and make the American people 95 percent shareholders!!! 

          He put on trial the Saudi King Salmon, like he did Jesus in Jesus Chris Superstar (which was on Easter Sunday at 8pm-10:30)!!! He extorted Salmon for not being a good Jew--in the Sunny Muslim "contingent," he professed that the children of Yemen are God's people as Pharisee Jews in the "Shia tradition"'dating back to Ali--the Prophet Mohammad son-in-law and second cousin!!! He told Salman he will be hog tied and burnt on a stake for killing the children of the Pharisees Jews!!! 

          ALICE COOPER than got on the phone and spoke via two-way TV hook-up w/ the Iranians, and after a long discussion of the ancestry of the children of Yemen being descendant of both the Pharissee Jews and Khadijah (Prophet Mohammad wife who was a Pharisee Jew!!!), he demanded and the Iranian concurred to send 120 FRENCH AIRCRAFT (he said it must "politically" be French aircraft like a "prayer" from heaven) to sink 2 US aircraft carriers near the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea!!! 

       That  indeed political pendulation and schizophrenia!!! .
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