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It’s Prime Time to Boycott Amazon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/14/its-prime-time-boycott-amazon


Let’s make a game out of it.

"Everyone who buys from Jeff Bezos, is a supporter of Massive Income Inequality."

Don’t be a "Bezos Bozo."

There’s enough “Clowns” out there already.


Another boycott I can’t join, because I started (avoiding Amazon like the plague it is) fifteen years ago! Boycott stuff, in general, folks. Go get unstuffed.


Only a functional government would have the power to affect the monopolistic power that Amazon continues to amass. That government would ideally be led by the likes of Bernie, followed by Liz. Regulations are on the books and need to be dusted off and applied assiduously. Having watched the evolution of Amazon to the point where their vans parade ad nauseam throughout my neighborhood there is no denying that people have already become addicted to the platform. (On a personal note, I am guilty of using Kindle books on my iPad because I love being able to carry a library around with me wherever I go.) It is time to get the government working for the People again.
Bernie 2020!

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I’ve never had Prime but I have purchased through AZ in the past, but not much. I can easily not go there again.


And that’s how Amazon topples. Wall Street is seriously delusional thinking Amazon will somehow retain a hammerlock on all retail from now on. Amazon is seriously overstretched into the most idiotic technological nonsense, and increasingly hated within and without as their venal practices keep ramping up. But what Wall Street doesn’t seem to realize in its ludicrous valuation of Amazon: this whole vapor tower can blow away overnight. Wasn’t that easy?

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Boycotting Prime will be about as effective as boycotting WallMart. I don’t get it.

It seems we could focus our energies on more effective protests such as reacting to Trump’s racist tweets this morning, blocking ICE and preventing them from today’s immigrant raids, etc. Boycotting Prime may make one feel good in the same way that voting for Jill Stein instead of Hillary Clinton maintained one’s political purity. It will be as effective as recycling is in keeping the climate from heating up. Again, I don’t get it. Sorry.

You don’t understand any boycott of anyone ever? Maybe you should try reading up on it. So long as people prefer their “bliss” to giving any conscientious thought to anything, Amazon (as well as the Anglo-USAmerican Empire) will stay rampant. Maybe there’s a sea of fools on which the Amazon boat can stay afloat awhile longer.

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Awhile back I did a ‘cost of distribution’ study of Costco - another Seattle-based corporation like Amazon that bankrupts local retail. It turns out, the amount of fossil fuel required to distribute packaged products is about 1/5 were Costco to become regional wholesale distributors of the same products to local retail. It mainly reduces excessive consumer travel though Costco minimally increases their fuel costs with distribution vans. The amount of insane traffic generated is also much less. People who complain about traffic, but shop at Costco and order from Amazon definitely have their heads stuffed up their behinds. To address global warming requires boycotting Amazon and big box stores that bankrupt local retail.

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If Amazon operated a small fleet of delivery vans to distribute the same packaged goods from their warehouses to local retailers, this could reduce fuel consumption by as much as 80%. Of course, this distribution is only one oblivious transport activity, but local retail creates occupations that require less travel and transport as well. Big Oil loves Amazon.

I prefer brick & mortar and handling before I buy. But I’m 68.5 : - )
the kids don’t really know any other way. The “Mall Generation” is probably the last of it.

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I buy books online from Alibris, because they support local bookstores. Also: they’re great for used books. (I wander into some older, out-of-print books, from time to time.)


“…you’re not asked to ‘put any skin in the game, unless the game is likely to go you’re way’”
Is it me, or is this just about the weakest boycott ever? So unless you’re going to win, just go about you’re business, making Bozo even richer.
NO!! Stop using Amazon, period. Unless the product you’re looking for isn’t sold where you live, you shouldn’t have been using them anyway. And side note, if you can’t find a particular product, ask the store manager, a lot of times they can order it from their distributer, but just don’t keep it in stock.


OK, done.

I boycott Amazon, Home Depot, and Facebook. I have an apple home computer but the oligarchs don’t need to know where I am so no Smart phone, only a dumb one whose sole function is to make telephone calls. It forces me to look at clouds and birds, talk to people face to face, and get out and enjoy our beautiful planet before it dies. Corporations must think I’m dead, but I am a very happy individual who lives the old school life.


It was never in vogue for the conservatives to boycott Walmart, I don’t see any change in them now. Amazon is too big to clown around with. Americans are too weak with any push back.
Young Josh Turner and friends do a great cover of “Stuck in the middle with You.”
“Other Favorites” is his duet group with Carson Mckee.

“Are you ready to divest from Amazon Prime? How about Whole Foods?”

Went to Whole Foods once. Way overpriced, even with AMZN Prime discount. Costco is way better. Never gonna step in a Whole Foods store again.

Now AMZN retail, is another story. I can get stuff delivered next day without leaving the house. Some appliance breaks, i go online, find the part number and AMZN can have it delivered next day, free shipping. They also sell subparts of assemblies that other stores only sell as assemblies. Saves me travel to several stores, if any would have them at all.

In addition they have something called Kindle unlimited which allows you to read as many books as you can for $10/mth. Can’t beat that.

Have fun boycotting Amazon. I just ordered stuff from them, and my only gripe about prime day is that it falls on a Monday, which is less convenient for me ordering.

Besides, Jeff Bezos is the patron of the Washington Post. So I can forgive everything else… Except the whole not paying taxes part. That still kind of irks me. Just not enough to override my desire for convenience.

I acknowledge my complicity, and shall proceed with it anyway.

" But what’s a consumer to do when their lives are so intertwined with Amazon’s?"
If that’s what your life is I can’t feel sorry for any of you.
I very rarely (Amazon is my last resort) buy anything on Amazon. If Amazon didn’t have so many participants (Amazon Prime for example) IT WOULDN’T DOMINATE!
As for Whole Foods that was a scam from the beginning. My judgment comes from my working life experience…about 50 years in the food business.
How to “combat” Amazon is simple:
Go to organized labor history; boycott, boycott, boycott. But, first you have to convince all the imbeciles that “depend” on Amazon to follow you.
Good luck!

Then the blue vote doesn’t count for much, does it? You sound like Pelosi.