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It’s Time for a National $15 Minimum Wage


It’s Time for a National $15 Minimum Wage

Bernie Sanders, Patty Murray

In the wealthiest country in the history of the world, a basic principle of American economic life should be that if you work 40 hours or more a week, you do not live in poverty. Sadly, that is not the case today.


Sen Sanders, it's great that you want to raise up everyone to a living wage. $15/hr is still not a living wage. Here in Seattle the $15 passed but it won't be for everyone until 2022. Companies that pay tips have stopped the tipping for the employees. To live in a one bedroom apartment in Seattle, one has to make $24/hr. So it's already very very hard to live here, and with a paltry $15/hr, available in 7 years, it's virtually impossible. The minimum wage needs to be reattached to inflation, only then will there be progress. I've lived here for 22 years, I don't want to leave but it seems that I won't have a choice.


Bernie wanted $15/hour by 2020. It was our corporatist, sell-out Senator Patty Murray who insisted on waiting until 2024, when $15/hour won't be even nearly a living wage.

"Sanders’ previous legislation phased in the $15 minimum wage increase by 2020. The new legislation’s slightly longer phase-in period was the result of a negotiation with Murray and Scott aimed at getting their support."http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/democrats-15-minimum-wage-bernie-sanders_us_59009717e4b081a5c0f9539c?ncid=engmodushpmg00000003


The Alliance for a Just Society calculated that the national average for a living wage is $16.87 and that was two years ago.


$15/hour wage won't be anywhere near a living wage by the time it's phased in 2024. Patty Murray is a happy, useless idiot. If my memory serves she was the who negotiated away the store on budget cuts with the sequester. Maybe Senator Murray would like to try and live on $15 per hour and see how it changes her politics?


My first job, stock boy at Montgomery Ward, in the fall of 1965, paid Minimum Wage, $1.25/hr.

Lunch at the Chinese restaurant around the corner ( Soup, Chow Mein, Rice and a Pot of Tea) was $0.95.

New pair of good Leather Shoes $9.95.

Gallon of Gas $0.28,.

Slice of Pizza $0.20.

Good Haircut $1.10.

Ticket to a Movie $1.50.

Nice House on Long Island $16,000.

New Corvette $5000.


Exactly. Bernie wanted $15/hour by 2020. It was our corporatist, sell-out Senator Patty Murray who insisted on waiting until 2024, when $15/hour will be a complete joke.

"Sanders’ previous legislation phased in the $15 minimum wage increase by 2020. The new legislation’s slightly longer phase-in period was the result of a negotiation with Murray and Scott aimed at getting their support." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/democrats-15-minimum-wage-bernie-sanders_us_59009717e4b081a5c0f9539c?ncid=engmodushpmg00000003


Hey, Bernie, ....$15.00 an hour is NOT ENOUGH...
I make $20.64 an hour...I live paycheck to paycheck...
Maybe you start with 15.00 and move to $20.00 per hour in 2018...
$15.00 an hour, as offered in NYC at END OF 2018 (or is it 2019) ...IS RIDICULOUS!!
by that time/ if we are still around
it will be the same as $10.00 an hour....which people have now (or less)
don't try to pull the wool over people's; eyes..and say $15.00 is some great accomplishment.


Welcome, also, to the NYC metro- area, ....let's leave out Manhattan,
or Hoboken, New Jersey, Princeton, New Jersey, etc, entirely.......
and bringing up the rear, it seems, will be leaving out Brooklyn, New York City, NY, as well...totally
impossible to abode within unless one has $$$$$


The real problem is not the amount one is paid for the salary, but the value of the currency received.
You are post is truly the picture of what is wrong with the the monetary system.

And it starts with the wealth at the top, or more directly, the banks and the Federal Reserve.
Japan is Public Enemy Number one in money printing, and still can't show a profit for its corporations, which are faring much better than their American counterparts.

Externalities have not yet been addressed.

Use local currencies.
Play with the dollar when interacting with large corporations or internationally.

Then we might have a shot.


Oh, oh....


Hey Patty, and Bernie maybe you two can add a rider along with the National $15 Minimum Wage, "National Rent Control."


Thinker25, Here’s one thing all we progressive Americans can do to fire a loud, public, sustained, 'in the streets', but peaceful "Shout heard round the world" to ignite the essential Second American "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" in a chant to bolster Bernie’s courage and complete his message:

Chant to push Bernie:

“What do we want?”

“Political Revolution”

“What’s it against?”


“When do we want it?”


We have no choice and no survival unless we confront and overthrow this EMPIRE which is the proximate underLYING cancerous meta-cause of all our "issues" (like slave wages, vast inequality, Wall Street looting, racism, unending wars, domestic spying and detention, et al.)

It's beyond anything that this 'rigged voting' suppression can correct now. A "Political Revolution against Empire", the Empire that has 'captured', controls, and now nearly fully "Occupies" our former country as its nominal global HQ, and merely 'poses' as America, is the only solution.

But fortunately it can only be a non-violent and totally peaceful "Political Revolution against Empire", and it can work simply and easily with as little as 3% of the population, because in today's 21st century post-nation-state world, and 27 years after the collapse of the supposed 'last Empire on earth' (the Soviet "Evil Empire" --- aren't they all evil?) --- if the citizen/'subjects' of Americans shout-out, 'expose', and rip the mask off this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE, it will collapse in a New York minute, and faster than the Russian people collapsed the previous Evil Empire.

All we need to do is expose it for what it really is ---- AN EMPIRE.

"It's High Time for more than a National $15 Minimum Wage" ---- it's Time for a "Political Revolution against EMPIRE"!


That's not going to solve the problem caused by government thievery, as explained below.

The federal government no longer treats Inflation as a measure of the cost of living needed to maintain a constant standard of living. The Fed's method of calculating inflation has been changed to produce a much lower number than would have been calculated by the method used in 1990 or the method used in 1980.. In this manner, the government was able to reduce the annual costs of living increases in Social Security. To my mind, this is grand theft,perpetrated by the Congress and the Executive against Social Security recipients.

This is all clearly explained at the links below, by John Williams, on his Shadow Government Statistics website.

Alternate Inflation Charts -- 2017 -- John Williams -- ShadowStats
On this page, Williams presents graphs comparing the Fed's current method of calculating inflation with the method used in 1990 and the method used in 1980. These graphs clearly indicate that, using the 1990 method, inflation is currently running at 6 percent; whereas, using the 1980 method, inflation is currently running at over 10 percent.

In other words, if our lovely government was still calculating inflation as it did in 1990 or, better yet, 1980, Social Security recipients would be receiving a much larger cost of living increase every year; and, other items tied to inflation would also be increasing or decreasing (GDP, for example) more than they currently are.

PUBLIC COMMENTARY ON UNEMPLOYMENT MEASUREMENT -- June 8, 2016 -- John Williams -- ShadowStats
This document generally outlines how the federal government is depressing its reported measure of inflation; and, how it would like to further depress the measure via Chained CPI.

It amazes me that retirees have never called the government to task over this obvious theft..


After supporting Bernie, until he capitulated to the Dems, I find myself not wanting to read anything he's writing, nor listen to anything he's saying. My reasoning is that, if Bernie really wanted to go forward with everything he proposed, he would have fought the Dem's cheating tooth and nail, including taking them to court. Alternately, if Bernie (or his family) was threatened, then it's highly unlikely that Bernie will ever truly push forward with anything in the future. Sadly, he sort of lost all credibility with me.


Nope, go to college. Nobody deserves 15 an hour to flip burgers


All of these prices have gone up similar rates, except the nice house on Long Island. Home ownership (and college tuition) have outpaced most other indicators of inflation. As a bald man with a mortgage, and with a wife with massive student loans, I sure wish the haircuts had increased 80-fold and housing and tuition increased at a normal rate.


Yes, I forgot!
College Tuition, at SUNY, in 1966 was $15/credit.
$1920 total tuition, spread over four years, for a BA.
Just about the cost of a Volkswagen.
1,536 hours of work (3/4 of a year of full time employment) at MINIMUM WAGE, paid for your entire four years of College Tuition.


Yeah, what happened?

Todays min wage of $7.25 divided by 1965's $1.25 = 5.8

$.28 gas x 5.8 = $1.62 ... nope

$1.50 Movie x 5.8 = $8.70 ... on Long Island it's $13, $20 for IMAX

$5000 New Corvette x 5.8 = $29,000, today that may get us a Corolla


Please, step into the Time Machine and adjust your dials for year 2017. Good luck; however, stay close to the Time Machine, for you may want to quickly go back in time upon arrival in year 2017.


$15 an hour must be combined with three other critical social safety net protections if we're going to eliminate poverty in the U.S. First of all we need universal basic income of $1700 a month for every adult in America. This would put pressure on the corporations to pay better than $15 an hour to get help. Secondly universal housing. Each American deserves to have at least a bachelor apartment provided for them y by the government until they die. Finally, all Americans must have universal healthcare.
A roof over your head, guaranteed income and free healthcare would go a long way to making the U.S. a truly developed country. Throw in universal post K-12 education, universal internet and free public transportation, and suddenly you have a booming economy. All of this can be had for just slashing the military budget by 50%.
We must arrange our priorities better. Should we continue to help make a handful of defense contractors wealthier in their quest to bomb strangers in far off countries or should we look after the "have nots" in our own country?