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It’s Time for Democrats to Get Their Facts Right on Medicare-for-all

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/02/its-time-democrats-get-their-facts-right-medicare-all


I remember clearly when my wife was dying of cancer and she was offered a bit of physical rehab exercises as some kind placebo goal to ease the grief of dying and no longer knowing her family; A handsome young insurance executive came to tell her this expense was not covered because she was dying and could not be rehabilitated physically. This was a brutish shocker during agony of a rising artist and mother dying from cancer.

Medicare for All

Three words.

Open medicare law;

  1. Edit age of eligibility to birth.
  2. Edit 80% limit to 100%.
  3. Edit funding to all incomes.

Close medicare for all law.

A better way is possible

Health care is a human right. Healthy people produce more and live better lives. A strong nation cares for all the people just like good farmers care for all of the farm. Medicare for all now at 100% coverage from birth is good. Tax all income the same to fund medicare. Improve medicare after everyone is covered. First things frst.


Rep. Jayapal, I admit, not being a resident of Washington or knowledgeable about you’re political leanings in general, I was very skeptical when you took down Conyers long running H.R. 676 bill. I assumed it was for nefarious reasons, and voiced my concerns here at CD, as H.R.676 seemed to be the gold standard in healthcare reform up to that point. I have admitted here at CD when you rolled out you’re bill, that I couldn’t have been more wrong, and want to apologize to you also. After reading you’re new healthcare reform bill, all I can say is WOW, what a great piece of legislation. The citizens of WA. are lucky to have such a tremendous asset, we all are really. Please accept my apology, continue the fine work, and good luck in the future.


Just as Moscow Mitch labeled Jayapal’s predecessor Jim McDermott BAGDAD JIM when McDermott voted against the 2003 Iraq invasion, expect Moscow Mitch, other GOP operatives, and the blue dog Dimocrits to target Jayapal as Medicare for All gets more traction between now and the 2020 election.


Rep. Jayapal, you should know that if/when your expanded and improved MFA bill reaches the floor for a vote, it’ll be the Blue Dogs in your own party who sink it.

They almost killed ObamaRoneyCare – 34 Blue Dogs voted against it. That’s why being a Democrat is actually just being a hostage to the conservatives: They control the agenda.


The blue dogs also continue to bark in the Senate as we watch Senator Manchin (D-WV), and Senator Sinema (D-AZ) help Moscow Mitch expedite the confirmation of fascist judges…judges who will strike down Medicare for All when it reaches the courts.


Unfortunately, capturing all income by including capital gains would not be enough to pay for improved Medicare for All. Some sort of taxation on businesses and individuals is necessary (e.g. at a rate equivalent to about 8% less than what they are paying now for medical care).


And then, to complete the spin on the merry-go-round, we’ll see the d-party deadenders here crow about:

Reforming the party from within
Accepting incrementalism as the only option

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They already have said that MFA is " SOCIALISM " and " WE CANNOT AFFORD IT".

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Seems as though we still have a fact deficit on this issue. No offense intended, empirical knowledge is important but why these things fail and how to fix them is what M4A is suppose to provide. If you don’t know that, how can you decide. HR 676 has problems.

I’m a very healthy man in my latter 40’s, paying for health insurance through Covered California (Obamacare in CA), and I had the misfortune of falling on ice in the dark when looking for an address of a friend of a friend I was going to stay with briefly on a trip (within the U.S.). I hit the back of my head hard on an icy driveway. I couldn’t move right away, shouted for help, people came, ambulance was called, and I got stitched up in ER and told I’d probably have a concussion, but they discovered no sign of brain injury or fractures. My concussion turned out to be pretty mild–I only was out of work for about a week, and all the noticeable effects of the concussion were gone within several weeks. I was lucky!!

But my bill for that ER visit and a later one I had related to a nervous system phenomenon that emerged a few months later and turns out was likely also related to this fall, all totaled over $6,000 out of my pocket (nearly all of that from two ER visits), or 20% of my take-home income for the year. Some health insurance!

The one form of care that is now really helping me through the nerves issue is chiropractic, which my health insurance does not cover at all, so I pay $100 every visit.

My story is of course only one, and really a very mild one, relatively speaking, out of many millions of true stories showing how broken this capitalist system of so-called “health insurance” is. All it ensures is profits for robber-barons, and destitution for millions.

Medicare for All or bust.


Have you considered that the cost of healthcare is directly related to healthcare, and insurance is how much they are willing to contribute in your interest. Had you evaluated this before you were in a medical crisis?

Uh, like, yeah, fern. You know, if only I had decided to be an investment banker instead of a teacher, then my healthcare situation would have been entirely solved, you know. Dang, I didn’t think of that before! How dumb of me.


Well, it seems like a logical question when M4A has a lot to do with access, that didn’t seem to be a factor in your case. My mom was a teacher and we had crappy healthcare too. Most people don’t really understand the changing conditions especially in ER care and how it is billed. Thanks for your response.

One additional thought, it is hard to determine which is worst, Tenet Health Care or Blue shield (just an example) but there are still non-profit hospitals in CA. Not always a choice in an emergency.

Eternal war against mostly innocent civilians added to undermining democracies world-wide costs more than enough to provide health insurance for everyone. There’s a lot of cruel heartless cash spent on military empire and it will be redirected when oligarchs and their military are contained…

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Con. Jayapal, out of Congressional courtesy(?), refuses to name the rotten culprits reaking havoc on M4A in this primary. Being diplomatic and fair(?) is not going to cut it here, however.
Hickenlooper should go back to selling booze. He’s a hiram milquetoast if I ever say one. Just call him " Barkeep " from now on.
John Delaney; just don’t call him, please.
Con. Tim Ryan; just call him "Con. Whodat ".
Ms. Williamson; just have her call Trump, and record it for the Rachel Maddow crowd at MSNBC. The tapes could be called The Salted Nut Cluster Chronicles.
There’s more culprits, certainly.
TBC, hopefully…So it goes.


H.R. 676 is dead, and replaced by Jayapal’s H.R. 1384, I’m confused by you’re post, are you talking about the old or new bill? Please expand on you’re post as to what problems you’re referring to.

Oh good, I still see people refer to HR 676 as practical. I would have to re-evaluate 1384 before commenting. I can get back to you on that.

Agreed - the bottom line on Medicare for All is that it costs much less than what we are spending now and gets so much more actual health care.

However, I’m not fond of your solution of just making those simple changes in the current Medicare law because it leaves so much uncovered (e.g. dental, mental health, optical) and doesn’t provide a proper balance in funding between businesses and individuals and between the wealthy and the poor.

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The use of excise taxes are already used to fund health care. I would like to know what that means in terms of apportionment under M4A?

BTW…always a great post on your part… thanks so much