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It’s Time for Effective Oversight of Police Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/15/its-time-effective-oversight-police-violence

As long as we’re talking about economic sanctions, let’s go big.

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It’s going to take an electorate unwilling to ever support two political parties devoted only to the wealthy, and the Military Industrial Complex, again.

It’s going to take a sea change in thought processes of the electorate to break from the lies of the Duopoly.

Isn’t 240 years of one sided devotion to money interests enough?

At least it seems like some police are condemning Aaron Dean’s shooting-dead of Atatiana Jefferson, while in her own bedroom with her 8 year old nephew. Unfortunately, right wing racists have ratcheted up hatred and a false sense of white victimhood to such an extent that, even in this case, I’m hearing some hard core Trump supporters talking about how, the murder charges against Dean, shows ‘racism towards white folk’ and the existence of a ‘war on police’.

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Thank you, Ms. Warfield and thank you Common Dreams for publishing an article on this written by a Black Woman.

Her name was Atatiana Jefferson and she was late on a hot night playing video games with her nephew.

I struggle with insomnia. So does my adult son who lives with me. We are often up late watching TV or old movies on demand. Back in my old house before it burnt, we often might open the door. (We’re in a rental with no screens on the door now while the house is rebuilt- both paid by our insurance. So no open doors here.)

We’ve never worried about the police coming and shooting us through the window.

We’re white.

I spit on that white privilege. My black and brown brothers and sisters should have that same thing of no fear that they’ll be shot for no reason.

The police are trained to fear for their lives from black and brown people. I am serious. They have shooting exercises where in a split second they have to decide, over and over again, if the image popping up is a deadly threat or not. All the deadly threat images are black or brown people.

It sickens me.

Things are not going to change until we have a Justice Department that enforces civil rights prosecutions against every cop who kills an unarmed person.


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