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It’s Time for the Left to Retire the Word 'Taxpayer.'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/08/its-time-left-retire-word-taxpayer

We might not mind taxes if we each could decide where our money goes.


The author’s point is well-taken—all the more surprising, then, that he should fall into the same trap by using the term “middle-class.” Isn’t that also a wedge word, intended to divide the working class against itself?

There is no “middle” on a paycheck. You either sign the front, as a member of the bourgeoisie, or the back, as a member of the proletariat.

Which side are you on?


Marvelous. Not only are those who pay taxes supposed to grin and bear it (for the “collective good”, of course) but they’re to be prohibited from calling out the fact that they’re paying the cost for everyone.

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Disagree. “Taxpayer” includes sales tax payers. That means it includes all consumers. If the left abandons the word taxpayer, be assured that the right won’t. “Taxpayer” is one of the few words that encompass all groups across class, ethnicity, interest group and identity-politics affiliations. We don’t need to abandon ‘taxpayer’. We need to own it, and help folks understand that the government works for us in a democracy. We are the employers of the government, and elections and referendums are how we give instructions to our employees and conduct their performance reviews.


Everyone ‘pays’ into the pot in some way. However, the only groups to truly benefit from the ‘pot’ are the corporations, government contractors, and of course, the career politicians. So, to say that a ‘taxpayer’ is paying the cost, do not disparage the average citizen, we don’t get shit.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for Ralph Nader, but I think he did us all an unintended disservice when he saddled us with the term “consumers.” Some of us are only that by nececissity.

How about “Citizens?”

I’m okay with ‘citizens’ except that it excludes both documented and undocumented permanent residents. (Btw, lafollette led Wisconsin into progressivism under the twin banners of consumers and taxpayers)…how about ‘the people’?