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It’s Time for Turkey to Break Free from Coal


It’s Time for Turkey to Break Free from Coal

Bahadır Doğutürk

Turkey is emerging as one of the biggest coal battlegrounds in the world, currently there are 71 coal projects at various stages of planning and permission. The Turkish government is pursuing an energy strategy that involves a rapid expansion of coal-fired generation, to meet the needs of a growing economy and reduce the country's dependence on imported gas. But this rush to exploit coal will cost our country dearly in terms of our population’s health, our environment and also our financial well-being.


So on top of being a fascist and ethnic cleanser of the Kurds, I guess Erdogan is a global warming denialist too?


In light of all the evidence (about medical issues and climate change costs), the ONLY reason why Turkey's high officials are opting for coal is the same reason why John Perkins' Economic Hit Men were able to sell dam projects all across Central and South America.

It's about bribing key officials.

And since pictures are worth a thousand words each, and so many of these events are not covered by the MSM, brave C.D. readers might want to check this documentary out. A similar composite is created EVERY month and when one views the immensity of disasters already taking place on a weekly basis, they cannot help but realize that any former semblance of normalcy is officially gone.

Here are links for events in April and March:


Here's April 2016:


Mumbo-jumbo kookery.

I recommend that you read "The Demon Haunted World" by Carl Sagan


I recommend that you check out the BANNED Ted Talk where Rupert Sheldrake explains the orthodoxy that limits science to pure dogma.

Or, as the mystic Rudolph Steiner aptly put it: "Science is mostly a consensus among mediocre minds."

The PHOTOS in those video montages are quite real.

But you just push a pro-"government is always right," science is always right, nothing to fear in nuclear power plants and other GARBAGE while sitting here DAILY and LYING that you're an employed engineer.