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It’s Time for US and European Allies to Step Back From Ukrainian Conflict


It’s Time for US and European Allies to Step Back From Ukrainian Conflict

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William Pfaff

On a weekend when the United States augmented its program of financial aid to beleaguered Ukraine, President Barack Obama himself conceded to the American TV audience (those not watching Super Bowl preparations) that the official U.S. narrative concerning the war in Ukraine is not true.


Sorry, dude. The MIC stands to make too much money in weapons sales for this conflict.


ADDED: Good interview on RT about this subject: ‘US & UK try to sabotage any Ukraine peace agreement’.


Whilst the title sounds promising enough, and the penultimate paragraph rings out like a daring enough assertion, they are quite at variance with the rest of the article, which comes across as part of the problem with portrayal of this conflict. The author offends by the frequent use of charged terms and inaccurate coverage, which belie the initial impression that here we might find a welcome alternative to the official US/EU line. This is no more than a slightly subtler redressing of the same anti-Russian rant with words like “seizing Crimea”, sending “special troops to reinforce the uprising”, “both sides heavily dependent on heavy artillery destruction of civilian areas”, or “Russians…[with] no such scruples” (reference to Obama’s hesitance to provide offensive weapons). Pfaff’s description of the besieged residents of Donbass betrays yet more seriously loaded verbiage, labelling them “East Ukrainian secessionist rebel forces” in the one instance, and outright “insurgents” in another. Has he really no idea what is going on on the ground? Or of the actual numbers of Russian-speaking people in the country?
If one were looking to Common Dreams for an independent and objective account of the tragic truth in Ukraine, their choice of William Pfaff disappoints. Yet the truth is precisely what the Western world so desperately needs at this precarious time. And the preceding comment about the MIC is alot closer to
the mark! klr


One would think that there should be a better way for the US to spend a BILLION dollars. Just step back and let them work it out.


Wine in the Wind
The birds are getting dizzy, and it isn’t from the height,
The eyes of dawn are bloodshot, and it isn’t from the light,
There is wine, too much wine, in the wind.

The weeping willow’s laughing and the gladiola’s sad,
The sea’s asleep and peaceful, and the trees are fighting mad,
There is wine, too much wine, in the wind.

A strange intoxication is being carried on the air,
The world is losing balance, but nobody seems to care.

The grass is turning scarlet, and there’s murder in the rain,
The souls of men are dying, but nobody feels the pain,
There is wine, too much wine, in the wind.

The lyric can be heard as a song sung by the Anita Kerr singers on you tube.


There is no mention in the article that ALL of the U.S. aid is of a military kind. When it comes to food, cash, agricultural equipment, shelter, infrastructure, etc, the U.S. only offers “tax breaks” and “loans”. Big Agriculture (80 million acres of fertile land), Big Oil (preventing Russia from selling its oil and gas abroad) and the MIC (providing weapons of mass destruction to cause) are the only direct beneficiaries of this conflict. Until NATO is dissolved, the corporate stooges are jettisoned form power and military aid is replaced with humanitarian aid, the situation will only get worse over time. Unfortunately a brainwashed American public will reinforce this criminal behaviour with the re-election of the same corporate lackeys that are in D.C. now.


“One would think that there should be a better way for the US to spend a BILLION dollars.”

Not if you’re a U.S. politician or a corporate CEO. The “billion dollars” (which is entirely military supplies) is actually the cause of this conflict as our government bends over backwards to provoke the slaughter. Corporate America and their lackeys in Washington are quite pleased at how terrible the situation has gotten in the Ukraine and view the delivery of a billion dollars worth of weapons to this besieged corner of the world as money well spent. As long as no one allows them to “step back and let them work it out”, the whole fiasco is going according to plan.


The truth is:

Ukraine by simple definition
(How this problem could be solved?)
It is seen by now that Ukraine never been a real nationhood state. It is an artificially created cheap outfit by communist after 1917. The Polish people call Uniates (western inhabitants) of this outfit who are not Eastern Orthodox neither Roman Catholics, who are speaking neater Russian or Polish but some mixture of it, the bastards between Russians and Poles. When for the first time in Chicago I heard this expression from one of my newly created Polish friend I laughed with tears in my eyes. By the way the Uniats are the only one in communist created Ukraine who considers themselves Ukrainians. Then I added version that Ukraine must be a state which was actually crated in sexual orgies between Lenin, and Trotsky none of these two where Slavs, and Stalin 100% Gruzian (Georgian). Who was then the father and who was the mother? It is difficult without thorough DNA investigation to find out. One think is for sure Lenin by most serious scholars is considered to be a father of the state so called Ukraine. They the Uniates destroyed his monument last winter and there you go. When children murdered their father, then children one day will ceases to exist. That is going to be destiny of this artificially created entity so called Ukraine. Besides, who is saying that borders can’t be changed? That is nonsense. The state, if it is for real can only exists if there is a will among statehood people to create enough power with enough security forces for controlling the area with peace and harmony. In other words there must be a will from majority to fight for the existence of it. The question there, is it lack of Kiev leadership, or disunity among the people of Ukraine, responsible for present situation? I personally believe it is both. In the international law there is a provision which is also coined in the OSCE agreement that the border of any member state couldn’t be change forcefully but if there is an agreement between parties to that then it is perfectly acceptable by the law. This situation in Ukraine is not anymore for politician to resolve it. It is for the science to work on it and find long-lasting solution. Let demographist, historians and law scholars to take this issue from the hands of politician, they, only they can design proper framework and solve this problem once for ever. No one can challenge notion that the present day Ukraine was curved up from imperial Russia, as it was already mentioned, by communist. They use the force to create it, if no one is going to take the issue seriously, then soon or later junta in Kiev will face realty. The borders of artificial state will be changed the same way as they were created.

Therfore Ukraine doesn’t have history!