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It’s Time To Change More Than Trump

It’s Time To Change More Than Trump

Robert Borosage

The Republican Party is cutting away at the very sinews of our economy, the comity of our politics, and the quality of our most basic public services. Trump may sound different, but he's just the barker outside their big top. The grisly deed is being done on the inside.

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Your post reminds me of the quote in this article from the Sec of State.

We’re done. I’ve been seeing more and more articles by different people stating that we already have turned into a authoritarian fascist state. Even if a Democrat is elected Prez in 2020 it’s going to be the same old thing only possibly gentler pillaging.


Eight years of Obama corporatism indeed confirmed that unless the Democratic Party finds a 12 step program to shake their corporate money addiction, the Party offers no hope for the 99%.


That is what has been happening since they iced JFK. If we don’t break away from this duopoly and represent We the People, by whatever party name we want to use, we are toast. The 0.001% have just about achieved their ends, and if we keep playing Red sock puppet "Blue sock puppet" for a few more elections, they will finally decide we don’t need anymore elections and we will formally be the descendants of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.
*That’s not the way I want this country to end up. I grew up in a Constitutional Republic and it worked pretty well for a couple of centuries. We had a Constitution and a Bill of Rights which worked well to protect We the People from the depredations of the 0.001%, but they wanted it all, to be rulers, not leaders, and we were not to be citizens, but serfs, begging for crumbs from their tables to feed our families for a few more days. To them, that is the Natural Order of Things.
*Teddy and FDR managed to trim their sails for a while, and they hated it. They have worked tirelessly and spent huge amounts of money and, are very close to finishing their plan. When they’ve finally got it all, we will get nothing, for we don’t count, only that tiny percentage counts, and their interest is in counting money pouring into their caves.
*They get the fat of the land, and we get the Fourth Reich. The rest of the world just gets strafed and bombed until they can fight no more.
*The above percentage consists of a handful of greedy old men, not enough to fill a Greyhound Bus. There are well over six billion of us. Surely we can find a way to displace this cadre of greed and begin to rebuild our world.


You’ve been voting Democratic, so look around and tell me:

How’s that been working?

Enjoyed your post. Why is it that only the good ones get killed (ass sas in ated) ??? Just spent three months in Europe and was hoping that the people there would help speak out against US but sadly that will happen either.

AMEN!!   If We The People really believed that the DamnocRats are significantly different from the RePoop­licans, Hilliary would have won by a landslide.  They’re not, and she didn’t . . .


The Democratic Party establishment has turned Stalinist in its suppression of those who would remind it of its New Deal roots, thwarting Bernie Sanders’ candidacy and purging Progressives from Party offices. After some 30 years as a registered Democrat, I re-registered as Independent in 2016—I won’t be fooled again.


For a window on just how divided the Democratic Party has always been:



Me too, sort of.  After many years as an independent (small ‘i’), I registered as a DamnocRat in '08 to vote for “anyone-but-Hilliary” in the primary, and voted for O’Bummer in the general.  In both 2012 and 2016 I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth”, and then re-registered as an independent (small ‘i’ = unaffiliated) about a year ago.   They’ll have to try REAL hard to fool me again . . .

It’s been working VERY well. Mark Dayton has been fine. I like Franken and Klobachar. . Tim Walz has been quite good. I wish everyone could have such good representation.

Please correct the spelling of Mueller’s name. He deserves that respect.

We the People have the numbers Mini.

However, I am afraid that We are going to have to get bloody to turn this around.

This group is amoral and in bad need of a whooping.

I sincerely wish there was a better way.

Our children deserve better.

This is our mess to clean up.


And across the country your party is on an epic losing streak at every level.

But sure, stay the course.

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Can someone please explain to me why the two wings of the Corporate Party are not considered a terrorist organization? I’m being serious. No, they do not put explosives around their torsos and walk into crowded malls and detonate them. But aside from that, what separates them from a terrorist organization? Do their policies, put into action, actively harm the welfare of large numbers of Americans? Cause physical harm to large numbers of Americans, even the deaths of large numbers of Americans? And are done for ideological/political reasons? Yes? No?


Yes, but you left out the deaths of millions of people who are not Americans, around the world. The duopoly is like a metastatic cancer to the world at large. It definitely needs an operation, perhaps a duopolyectomy.


Good point, I should not have said “Americans,” I should have just said “people.”

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The left needs to be dissuaded from the notion that most of the institutions and personalities generally regarded as “progressive” are not. MoveOn.org and Daily Kos became total tools of the Clinton establishment wing of the Democratic Party, selling their souls for “a seat at the table”. The fact that Bernie Sanders did events co-sponsored by MoveOn over the weekend proves that he has allowed himself to be totally co-opted by the Clinton establishment and can no longer be trusted as a truly progressive, independent voice.

No, most of what is represented to us as “progressive” are nothing but Trojan Horses for the status quo, to prevent a true uprising and take down of the Democrats, to be replaced by a real progressive party. I suggest that that would be the Green Party. And if you naysayers would quit with the “they’re nothing but a bunch of people playing at politics every four years” and come and help the only third party with any kind of ballot access organize and recruit candidates for the next two cycles ('18 and '20), then maybe we would get somewhere. The Democrats continue to do everything in their power to thwart real progressives in seeking office. (I’m guessing they are also mostly the ones who poo-poo Green Party efforts.) Those few true progressives who managed to win last month recount how they did so IN SPITE of the wishes and lack of help from the establishment party.

Please come join us in the Green Party to help stage the TRUE revolt. #Demexit to the Green Party!


I don’t understand how you condemn people paying taxes as being “part of the problem”.

What? You are refusing paying taxes to the IRS in violation of federal law? Fight on brave one.

The other problem with that, is you essentially are embracing right wing talking points that paying taxes to the “Big Government” is the problem. I mean, might as well parrot Ronald Reagan on that one.

What would be the likely result of mass tax revolt other than mass arrest? The likely result would be even more cuts to what is left of the New Deal, as money would be shifted away from those programs to ensure continued spending on the MIC, corporate welfare, and every other expenditure of US Empire Inc.

Imagining that a tax revolt would be an attack on the Corporate State is a fantasy.

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