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It’s Time To Change More Than Trump


Good point, I should not have said “Americans,” I should have just said “people.”


The left needs to be dissuaded from the notion that most of the institutions and personalities generally regarded as “progressive” are not. MoveOn.org and Daily Kos became total tools of the Clinton establishment wing of the Democratic Party, selling their souls for “a seat at the table”. The fact that Bernie Sanders did events co-sponsored by MoveOn over the weekend proves that he has allowed himself to be totally co-opted by the Clinton establishment and can no longer be trusted as a truly progressive, independent voice.

No, most of what is represented to us as “progressive” are nothing but Trojan Horses for the status quo, to prevent a true uprising and take down of the Democrats, to be replaced by a real progressive party. I suggest that that would be the Green Party. And if you naysayers would quit with the “they’re nothing but a bunch of people playing at politics every four years” and come and help the only third party with any kind of ballot access organize and recruit candidates for the next two cycles ('18 and '20), then maybe we would get somewhere. The Democrats continue to do everything in their power to thwart real progressives in seeking office. (I’m guessing they are also mostly the ones who poo-poo Green Party efforts.) Those few true progressives who managed to win last month recount how they did so IN SPITE of the wishes and lack of help from the establishment party.

Please come join us in the Green Party to help stage the TRUE revolt. #Demexit to the Green Party!


I don’t understand how you condemn people paying taxes as being “part of the problem”.

What? You are refusing paying taxes to the IRS in violation of federal law? Fight on brave one.

The other problem with that, is you essentially are embracing right wing talking points that paying taxes to the “Big Government” is the problem. I mean, might as well parrot Ronald Reagan on that one.

What would be the likely result of mass tax revolt other than mass arrest? The likely result would be even more cuts to what is left of the New Deal, as money would be shifted away from those programs to ensure continued spending on the MIC, corporate welfare, and every other expenditure of US Empire Inc.

Imagining that a tax revolt would be an attack on the Corporate State is a fantasy.


I often have to grin, wryly, when this question comes up. Most of the people who would like to stop paying taxes are working stiffs, you know, the guys and gals whose taxes are withheld before they even see their paycheck.
Those who could avoid their taxes don’t have to worry about it, as they have loopholes big enough to drive a Borax train of loot through without even mussing the mules. They certainly don’t want us to have control over our money, or have decent wages if they can avoid it. They prefer serfs.


Well said. I couldn’t not pay my federal taxes even if I wanted to. As you said - my company takes them out of my paycheck before I ever see any $. They are obligated by Law to do so, and I wouldn’t be able to stop my employer from removing my federal taxes even if I wanted to. So a “tax boycott” is literally impossible for the majority of working Americans.


So…what’s YOUR better idea, chicken? Keep “hoping” things will change? Keep writing letters/making phone calls? Sitting on our thumbs and waiting for the wealthy and corrupt government to “see the light” and work FOR “We the People” instead of screwing us in the name of PROFIT? Please…enlighten us as to what we SHOULD be doing and, better yet, what YOU, personally are doing to advance changes.


Nanner nanner nanner.

Nothing like a self-aggrandized leftist. I would almost rather hang out with a Trumphead.


Nice comment. No answer to honest questions, eh. I guess you should go pluck yourself, chicken. Seems there’s nothing behind the feather facade.


I have to ask, then.

Do you think Gorsuch would be on the Supreme Court if HRC had won?

Do you think the federal judiciary would get nominees that have never tried a case?

Do you really, truly think national monuments woud be downsized?

Do you think that whatever insane tax bill passed by the GOP wouldn’t be vetoed?

Do you think that the NLRB rules that Obama put in place wouldn’t be rolled back?


That’s just idiocy masquerading as conviction. It’s beyond stupid.

No. Neither is good enough for me, but to say they are the same is to deny reality, just like Trump does.

Oh, and by the way, when you have to wait for ages for CD to load because Net Neutrality has gone the way of the dinosaurs:
Remember who did that, and who tried to protect it.

No difference?

Only someone with no brain could possibly believe that.

vox (is currently hugging a statue of Lenin)


The answer to all of the above is “not quite”. The end result would be exactly the same, it just would have
taken several years longer with a ‘Neo-Liberal’ on the Supreme Court instead of someone we can whole­heartedly oppose, and the same is true of all of your other suggestions.  The DamnocRats – as presently controlled by Wall Street’s & Big Pharma’s, etc., minions would have just chipped away at our liberties in-
stead of instigating a full-on frontal assault.  At least it’s clear now who ‘the enemy’ is, and it’s not some
fifth-columnist DamnocRat masquerading as a progressive.

Besides, didn’t Tweetle-Dumb promise to undermine The Establishment, Drain the Swamp, and not touch Social Security & Medicare?   How were “We the People” to know he was lying, when the MSM gave him
so much adoring publicity . . . ?