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It’s Time to End the Myth That Black Voters Don’t Like Bernie Sanders


It’s Time to End the Myth That Black Voters Don’t Like Bernie Sanders

Symone D. Sanders

Last month, just days after the tragedy in Charlottesville, the Rev. Wendell Anthony of Fellowship Chapel in Detroit gave a fiery introduction at a town hall led by Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). It may have been a Tuesday, but watching it felt like Sunday service.


We are long past due to stop worrying about the shade of humans. Do NOT believe one syllable the DNC tells you. Hillary is imploding. America is imploding. Our climate is imploding. So let’s find someone intelligent who can stop the sensationalizing, stop protecting the poppies of the Golden Crescent to sell heroin to pay Islamic extremists from the CIA through the Pakistan Intelligence Services. Let me be clear. I am a print journalist. The CIA has been training and arming, funding, Al Qaeda and the Taliban with our tax dollars for decades to fight the Russians in Afghanistan and destroy the Soviet Union which they did. We pay to arm the Chechens. We pay to arm Ukrainians. We pay for betrayal.
The secret CIA and 16 other secret American spy agencies create the enemies who murder our soldiers. Don’t believe me? Read Global Research News. The Bush Administration was complicit in 9-11. Every great liberal leader since WW II has been assassinated by our FBI, CIA, mafia, Army Intelligence, NSA, LAPD, Memphis Police Dept. and NYPD or a combination thereof. Murder Inc. That’s us. Corruption does not encompass the retchedly evil vile of American imperialism.


I never once considered the absurd notion, Senator Sanders ‘isn’t popular with people of color.’ Bernie’s message was a clarion call for a just society. What writer with a shred of integrity would think for an instant: our Black community would denounce the Sanders revolution? I mean, it’s patently absurd on it’s face.
Conversely, I did feel this was somewhat true about Hillary Clinton. She only moved left of center, as it became impossible to obstruct Sander’s overwhelming popularity, evidenced by the enormous crowds ‘his platform of economic fairness, healthcare for all, free college tuition, etc produced.’

Clinton should leave us to rebuild this country, justified or not: HRC is a polarizing figure, unsuited to consensus building. Sure, she was known to work with the GOP on occasion - not so difficult when you have natural proclivity for ‘conservative values and methods.’ To be sure: she’s the last person the Democrats should run against the radical right. Finally, I have to question Clinton’s motivation to become president. She wouldn’t suddenly become a left leaning populist if she had gotten to office. We’d just have more of the same ‘right of center’ governing - with radical Republicans viciously assaulting her with the “liberal” epithet. With HRC in the oval, we’d be subjected to an endless GOP orgy of Hillary hatred. So, how does she convince herself this would be good for the citizens of the United States? There is no justification for pursuing the presidency when fulfilling a personal goal Trumps what is best for society. But, Hillary Clinton isn’t likely to concede this point.
Go away Hillary - please just go.


Blacks don’t like Bernie? This is news to me. I supported him during his run for president until he lost in the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton. It is really hard to believe anything the American press claims. I believe it is more likely white liberals had a problem with a Jew (from New York even) as president of the United States.


Very interesting points in this article, ones that will never be taken up by, for example, Charles Blow at the NYT, despite his preference for citing polls. It’s also worth noting that much of what MLK had to say about providing better working conditions for Americans of all colors has been lost in the official narrative about his life and accomplishments. King gets beatified as working for a colorblind America, but we have scrubbed his views about justice for workers (and his opposition to the war in Vietnam) from popular memory.


I will never forget or forgive civil rights icon John Lewis for the lies he told about Bernie’s civil rights record. “Where was Bernie during the March on Washington?” Standing by the reflecting pool it turns out, MoFo, thanks to a little research by an intrepid reporter and a very powerful photo enlargement. More importantly, where was Hillary? Back in suburban Chicago being a teenage Goldwater Girl in a very Republican family.

People like Lewis suppressed the fact that Bernie spent his college years in Chicago protesting for equal housing rights and being arrested in protests for it. That and many other tactics by the Congressional Black Caucus on behalf of crooked Hillary helped cost the American People the one nominee who could have stopped this living nightmare of Donnie Tiny Hands from happening. So, no I won’t forgive or forget.


Yes, John Lewis actions during the election was one of the lowest emotional points for me. Lewis’ attacks on Sanders and support of status quo HRC left me speechless.


An excellent analysis by Symone Sanders, blowing away a bit of the smoke put upon us by the DNC and the MSM.

Had Bernie got the nomination, likely Trump would never have made it.


From my own limited experience of speaking with Black friends and also asking their family members about him it was never an issue of whether or not they liked or disliked him, the issue was they never heard of him. Especially the older people.


That covers it. Spot on observations, and thank you for speaking to all of those levels of the issue.




I had the same reaction. For a member of our government to behave with such disregard for the lifetime of positive action on behalf of ALL Americans, took me to a new low in my view of Democratic Leaders. John Lewis needs to apologize for his statements and admit how wrong he was and is about Bernie Sanders. Is it any wonder that at least 2 million voters sided with T-rump over Hillary, when voices like John Lewis were not even willing to stand in the lane of ETHICS over their choice of candidate? I understood completely why so many young people stayed home and did not even bother voting after the primaries. When you have a candidate who is truly the WRONG candidate, forced upon you, the young people are going to be the FIRST to NOTICE. They like TRUTH and they refuse to be bought off. Thank goodness. Next time, I hope we manage a more honest election “system” with much less purging of our voters and no blocks to registering. We have a lot to overcome.


Symone, I loved your article, and I especially appreciated the hard work you did for ALL of us during the campaign and after. You rock!


Don’t forget that John Lewis got voted out of the leadership of SNCC in the mid-1960s by Stokely Carmichael. His pouty and troubling behavior after that personally embarrassing episode, showed its ugly face again during the Clinton/Sanders primary.
John Lewis represents the conservative side of things; in all manner of political, religious and economic issues regarding liberty, equality and fraternity. He probably has his own reasons.