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It’s Time to Reawaken the Spirit of Occupy for the Starving Millions


It’s Time to Reawaken the Spirit of Occupy for the Starving Millions

Adam Parsons

The world is now facing an unprecedented emergency of hunger and famine, with a record number of people requiring life-saving food and medical assistance in 2017. Since the start of this year, the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of the second world war has continued to unfold, while the international community has failed to take urgent commensurate action. The extent of human suffering is overwhelming: more than 20 million people are on the brink of starvation, including 1.4 million children – a conservative estimate that is rising by the day.


The spirit of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was reawakened when Sanders launched his POTUS primary campaign, resulting in the DNC fighting him vehemently during the 2016 election cycle and continuing to push him aside in a more passive-aggressive fashion post election. OWS provides a simple, easy to understand message (1% vs. 99%) that contradicts the propaganda corporations have fed us directly and through their donkey and elephant subsidiaries for the past four decades.

Starvation is mostly driven by politics. The technology and know how exists to feed everybody. The most expedient way to provide more food is to reduce or eliminate meat production that consumes exponentially more resources to produce each pound of food than plant based diets do.

An added bonus of everybody consuming a plant based diet is that with the elimination of illness caused by meat consumption, current medical infrastructure would have the capacity to provide health care for everybody.


I got the spirit of Occupy here with Citizens Un-tied (unleashed) United Against the Juggernaut, the Tyranny, the Lies! Third World Political Party! Cannabis Voting Block! citizensuntiedblog.com — Citizens Un-tied