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It’s Time to Scrap NAFTA, Not ‘Tweak’ It


It’s Time to Scrap NAFTA, Not ‘Tweak’ It

Victor Suarez, Alejandro Villamar

In a recent appearance with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump promised that “we’re going to tweak” the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, because of its “severe” impacts on U.S.-Mexico trade relations. But the real impacts of the agreement run much deeper than a trade deficit.


One reason Mexicans are usually healthier and stronger than northern clearskins is they have a corn and bean basic diet augmented with much more varied foods than fatty beef.

Nafta has made growing corn in Mexico uneconomical relative to communist style US government supported corporate corn production. This has forced many people to seek employment in the US, a well planned but news censored program to cause surplus labor and hold down US wages.

NAFTA is an abbreviation for North American Free Trade Agreement. The noted linguist, Noam Chomsky, has pointed out that the only true and accurate words in this scam to depress US wages are "North" and "American."



For Most Americans.


I agree concerning the Mexican diet. Most can and do eat healthy while not spending much money. I would guess that Mexican farmers have had to switch to growing other crops, and that is a good idea imo. I believe that migrants have been moving back to Mexico for some years now. I also think that in SOME areas of Mexico, living in moderate poverty is not so terrible. I've also read that extreme poverty has been declining in Mexico. One very nice statistic is that life expectancy has been on a steady upward track for decades. Whether we continue with the current NAFTA, renegotiate it, or scrap it, powerful interests are very likely to strongly influence any agreements or tariffs.


Trump and the GOP Congress' "tweaking" Dodd/Frank is actually cherry picking consumer friendly sections and tossing them into the dust bin while keeping all the Wall Street friendly sections, Trump "tweaking" NAFTA will further enhance the fortunes of the 1% at the expense of the 99% in all three nations.


NAFTA allowed US agribusiness to dump cheap corn into Mexico which destroyed many of the very poorest subsistence level farm communities in Mexico. With the collapse of those communities, people were easily victimized by the cartels and the factories of maquiladora zone, and also driven to cross over into the US. The author is right, that NAFTA was a windfall for US corporations.