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It’s Time to Take the Nazi-Trump Comparisons Seriously


It’s Time to Take the Nazi-Trump Comparisons Seriously

Adil E. Shamoo, Bonnie Bricker

The slide towards bleak historical periods can be difficult to recognize in the moment — often it only seems obvious in retrospect. But it’s hard to miss in the U.S. in this early part of the 21st century.


Trump is guilty of the High Crime of waging peace with Russia and of not being an establishment oligarch. He is being neutralized.

Otherwise he’s no worse than all the other Rethugricans and not much worse than many DINOs


Sorry, this POS is non compis mentis in word and deed! Beside coddling neo-nazis and supremacist extremists as well as our own American Taliban, he has threatened, destroyed, compromised or de-regulated so goddamn much and empowered so many 1% scum, he is a clear and present danger to all else!

Your assessment is myopic at the very least…Not really sure what it is supposed to impart or mean…hope there is no such confusion in my rant…


You know, I’m really done with intellectual elites telling “us” that it is now time to recognize what’s really happening here.

Georges Gurdjieff called speakers like you “enlightened idiots.” I think it’s an appropriate diagnosis here.

For anyone who has maintained a sensitive feeling heart while developing their intellect, it has long been vividly clear that this regime augured an exteriorization of cruel and predatory dynamics that have been characteristic of this empire forever.

You all are more than a day late and a dollar short, o.k.?

You’re part of the problem, for you continue to feel, speak and act as if your dissociated and dissociative mentality, your antiquated patriarchal insistence that the heart and the soul have nothing substantive to contribute to “real life,” the very watchdog that has utterly failed to anticipate this obvious disaster, is worth listening to now!

You continue to insist that only these tools can save us from an apocalypse they’ve created even as you yourselves can now see that these tools did not save us from the obvious menace of descent into the hell of outright fascism.

Oh, the hubris! I understand why it provokes violent reactions in some.

Of course, “we the people”–including those of us who have been shunned, ridiculed, and tortured for insisting all through the deadly rise and rule of modernity that yours was not the only or best kind of intelligence on humanity’s block–should continue to ensure you live in material comfort, well-fed and well-paid (feel Yemen before you tell me you aren’t) to enlighten us about where we are and what we should do next.

Please! I think we need some really DIFFERENT voices foregrounded in “progressive” media, right now! This hardly feels progressive to me.


The comparison between Trump and Hitler has been obvious for months. I think the groups who are resisting Trump have been operating under the notion that they are trying to prevent what happened in Germany from happening here. That is why so many people have become active and turned out for rallies and marches. It is way past time to take the comparison between Trump and Hitler seriously, This article should have been written in January. This is stating the obvious long after the obvious became evident.


“What were the conditions that brought us to a Donald Trump presidency?”

Neoliberal Democrats.


The roots of fascism in this country go much deeper than Donald Trump and a few right wing extremist groups. Republican and Democrats, alike, have had a hand in converting this country into the fascist state it is and it’s been decades in the making.

The merger of state and corporate power that is the foundation of fascism has a long history in this country and greatly predates Donald Trump. The fact that Trump can staff any Federal agency he wants with predatory corporatists and get barely a whimper of protest from the opposition party shows how thoroughly this country has become a corporate state.

Another element of fascism is the use of war to achieve political ends and, in that regard, this country has always been a fascist country. Endless war that is now the de facto foreign policy of this country is a fascist’s dream come true.

What Trump adds to complete the formula for fascism is belligerent nationalism and violence against selected groups of peoples based largely on racism and bigotry, which, of course, also have long histories in this country.

Take away Trump and the foundation for fascism in this country is still very much there and just waiting for the next Trump to come along and fan the flames. Impeaching Trump is just the first of many steps needed. This is still a fascist state, Trump or no Trump. It’s going to take a complete overhaul of this country’s political system to escape fascism. Donald Trump is just the tip of a very large and toxic fascist iceberg.


Sorry A.E.Shampoo and B. Bicker your focus is too tight. Pan out to the last president Obama who with Hillary R. Clinton as Secretary of State and Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan’s wife, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and Soros another rich guy set up the over throw of the elected government of Ukraine. The political party that they supported and used to over throw the elected government was the Nazi party, a violent political party in Ukraine.

I do not remember reading anything you wrote about the last president using real honest to gosh Nazis to overthrow a democracy one of the end results of this policy was the burning to death of 40 people by the Nazis.

Can you be more specific about any actual connection of Trump and Nazis or are you the educated branch of the fake news program?


It is very chilling that we might face this breakdown of our society into armed, civil war. Remember that there are an estimated 350 million guns in the U.S. with open carry laws popping up in several states. I am reminded of the film “V for Vengeance” which was the story of an increasingly fascist state in England with the backdrop of an actual civil war in the United States. I think that the timeline for this was in the early 2030s. Now, when the movie came out (it was produced by the same people who created “The Matrix” films) the thought must have been that Orwell’s nightmare dystopia might happen in England but it seemed highly unlikely that a real civil war would erupt in the United States.
With the Mango Mussolini in power and his Rethug stooges in the Congress and the courts I am not nearly so sure. Trump is a despicable piece of shit but he has had a lot of media experience and, as evidenced in his campaign and this recent Phoenix “speech”, he certainly knows how to manipulate the regressives and authoritarians among us. They make up a alarmingly high number and we should take seriously when nearly 2/3 of the fools who voted for this petulant, immature egomaniac are still supporting him and would likely vote for him again in 2020. I my opinion, 8 years of a Trump presidency will ruin our country, civil war or not and we would be lucky not to be involved in a nuclear war.
Chris Hedges has pointed out the inequality, corruption and oligarchy of this country is now so deeply entrenched that our two-party “democratic system” is incapable of changing anything. He has called for a non-violent revolution. It seems more likely to me that we will have a violent social upheaval instigated by the people who have been brainwashed by right-wing media for the last 30 years and driven on by someone like Trump or even worse.
Sinclair Lewis’s “It Can’t Happen Here” is already happening here pushed forward by the political power of people who yearn for a return to the 1950s and some who would rather return to the 1850s.
We shame ourselves before the world with this crap and we are also intimidating other nations as a nuclear war could have devastating consequences to billions of people. As I stated in a post on November 9 of last year - “America - What the fuck have you done!!”


“The slide towards bleak historical periods can be difficult to recognize in the moment. But in this moment, it’s glaringly obvious.”

Are you kidding? It’s been glaringly obvious for 20 years at least, and pretty damned obvious for 20 before that.


Trump is whatever gets him what he wants. He doesn’t have to call himself a nazi to opportunistically rally nazis to his “camp”.


No it is not. Hitler was the greatest threat to life on Earth in the last century. Trump is a con artist, a carnival barker. Corporate Democrats like to Demonize him. Because they have no answer to the oligarchs. In fact they support them. There is now a consensus war policy, which is permanent war in the Middle East to make the MIC rich and to fulfill the false doctrines of radical Israelites who believe this maintains the security of Israel. Obama started the drone wars, Yemen and Libyan disasters. Trump is just doing as he did while giving the Oligarchs all they can eat in the form of tax cuts, deregulations and out right theft of the Nations property. Meanwhile the Diversity circus makes everyone happy and gives them that swell self righteousness that is so soothing to the soul.


Trump is a Nazi agent AND a Russian agent?

We should never again be trapped by a despicable, treasonous, and mad president with no tools to get rid of him or her. If the Congress (House and Senate) won’t do it, we the people should have some legal way of doing it.


“I want to Retain the Right to Vote,
the Right to Speak Freely
and the Right to Write.
If we Maintain these Basic Principles,
Our DEMOCRACY is Safe.
No Dictatorship can Exist with Suffrage, Freedom of Speech and Press.”

General Smedley Darlington Butler, (Most Decorated Soldier of His Era)

Spoken in a Filmed Address (easily accessed on YouTube) after Testifying before Congress, divulging Plan he was Recruited for, and Refused, to Overthrow the President of the United States (FDR) and the Entire US Government, financed by Bankers and Industrialists involved with, and financially supporting Adolph Hitler.

Among these included the Founders of the Nazi Money Laundering Union Bank, among whom were Prescott Bush, The Dulles Brothers and George Herbert Walker, and their collaborators, who included Brown Brothers Harriman.

Years later, Prescott Bush plucked Richard Nixon from obscurity to run against California Congressman Jerry Voorhees, who was to Chair a Congressional Inquiry into Prescott’s Financial Involvement with the Nazis leading up to, and during WWII.


“They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,” said President Obama, looking down his nose on millions of American voters who had legitimate complaints about the way they were being treated by BOTH political parties. Hillary was no better, so these same people voted for Trump, Stein, Gary Johnson, Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders. ALL of these voters were and are looking for someone who would listen, and try…TRY to take their side and not the side of the Wall Street Wolves and Thieves.

Now Lrx will trot in here with his platitudes about “people in rural America.” He is a shill for the east coast Hillary/Obama wing of the Rapacious Party. You know…the ones who not only turned their backs on FDR and JFK, but actively work AGAINST their legacy. Yet they have the gall to call themselves the Democratic Party.


Accurate answer. You should have written this article and argued on each point. The actual article we are commenting on is pretty much useless.


Quite possibly.  The Russia of today is far different from the Soviet Union of forty or fifty years ago – it is a fascist dictatorship owned and controlled by an even smaller and more ruthless band of oligarchs than those who own and control our own phony “democracy”.

Those who do not remember History are compelled to re-live it.


Cogent post. Trump is not the problem; Trump is just a more transparent symptom of American, fascism.

Take away Trump and the foundation for fascism in America will not change because it is the Fourth Reich that is the problem.


" Trump’s recent move to try to compel the Department of Justice to seize 1.3 million IP addresses on a Trump protest site’s visitor logs is just the most recent nibble at the rights of his opposition."

Very inefficient way to do this. The proper way is to have some front group take pictures at the march, post them on different social media sites and ask people to recognize faces. I think it’s called crowd sourcing. Plus, it does not involve taxpayer money.


Trump is a con artist, a carnival barker.

You think so? He is certainly not inconsequential, and the German Nazis started small, too. Hitler was apparently charismatic to some people, just as Trump is. Hitler hated an entire people and believed in a “pure race” if he could just get rid of the other “undesirables”. Trump has a list of races and other “undesirables” he hates, too. Our task is not to allow Trump to continue on his destructive path, driving all of America toward the ovens as keepers or inhabitants.

Maybe when Trump is ousted, he and his family and administration can flee to Russia and his buddy, Putin, to avoid prison. Maybe a farm in Siberia would be their final destination after all his property is confiscated.