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It’s Time to Talk About Our Broken Democracy. Will Tonight's Democratic Debate Moderators Step Up?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/12/its-time-talk-about-our-broken-democracy-will-tonights-democratic-debate-moderators

From the article:

“… tonight’s Democratic debate moderators will, once again, fail to ask a single question about our broken democracy and what candidates plan to do about it.”

As far as the corporate media are concerned, our “democracy” is working just fine, and nobody who wants to stay on the payroll is going to suggest otherwise. “Millionaires working for billionaires,” as someone was rude enough to point out recently–a foreign national, it’s worth noting, who won’t be invited back to spoil our illusions.


Who will publish the Manual?
Who will identify the key elements for a healthy democracy that are currently broken or missing in the U.S.?
Here in comments at CD, we see the pieces almost daily.
Who will pull them together?
Who will plow back through time and reverse the history that has moved us to plutocracy?
It needs to be written out in plain words.
Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters, and those of us who have chosen to stay away from the polls, refusing to participate in a thoroughly corrupted system --we all need to see sensible, straight forward steps to be taken to resurrect our democracy.

This is step one.

All diversions and denials are but excuses. These come from people not willing, or not able to positively contribute. Such negative energy needs not to become a distraction. This crucial work needs doing. Desperately, this nation needs a reseeding for a democracy that will indeed serve the needs of we, the people, as its first and only charge.

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It looks like one of those garish 1930’s spinning amusement park rides, where the floor falls away as the music plays, and everybody falls down, one by one? As long as the DNC only exists to ensure a smug kleptocratic status quo. As long as anyone worth voting for, any candidate seriously interested in real solutions to critial concerns of their constituents (or the planet’s ability to sustain human life), how can adults watch this silly reality infomercal for pontificating prevarication, with a straight face? They’re all there to stomp down one old guy from Brooklyn. To shut him UP, so they can just sell us their bosses’ hackneyed geoengineering, GE monoculture, bridge-fuel, KamalaCare scams; forking us lemmings to the sharks?

Since it’s Disney’s turn: will Mickey or Goofy moderate? Will Jimmy Kimmel do “unnecessary censorship & Drunk Trump,” or make fools outa tourists, with Uncle Yehya and Guillermo?

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Up here in Canada the election campaign for the 2019 elections kicked off yesterday. This process will run 40 days and then it over.

The US campaigns seem to run forever.


Yunz don’t happen to have an empty sofa, up there? I’m a damn good cook. Stupid, but strong as an ox! Here, we used to select our Overlords on Wheel of Fortune. But, Carter got in and wanted to sell all the other countries: Fusion Reactors, PV, Wind Turbines, Fuel cell & EVs… so we now spend more than actual democracies’ GDPs on YOOJ cage matches, on WWE, with The Lord Humongous moderating; to stomp down Bernie’s GND, M4A, BLM & any other jihadist sounding initals

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Since US ended as a country bankruptcy awarded it cadre central bankers since 1872 US their personal corporation. So much for the facade kabuki theater absurd and they sold most you this and worse plAnes what planes as I watched live 9/11 and heard claimed speed. I called Boeing wake up no planes existed no planes crashed and you watched two TV special effects 767 200 enter no crash stop dead centered inside and they gotten away trillions looted you do no media all involved a massive conspiracy plain sight.

Might it not work better for the moderators to step down?

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Their JOB is to read the script and ignore the obvious! ABC “Debate” or 3-week old fracked gas well blowout, you decide: