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It’s Time to Talk About the Class Divide Among Women


It’s Time to Talk About the Class Divide Among Women

Cara Matteson

If you’re like me, you’re still processing what it means to live in a Trump-led America. We are still grieving. We’re desperate to find someone or something to blame, and there’s plenty of blame to go around.


Trump and his crony appointees will accelerate the race to the bottom, thereby narrowing pay gaps within demographics and between men and women as many workers of both genders will be making less than women currently make by the time election 2020 rolls around.

Expect Paul Ryan's and Scott Walker's successful destruction of Wisconsin's economy during the past five years to be the model for what the Trump Regime does to much of the US during the next four years.


How the author could talk about the class divide among women and not name Hillary Clinton, specifically, is amazing. Who better exemplifies this divide than Hillary Clinton? She had to be baited and pushed by Sanders to even consider raising the minimum wage to 15$ an hour. She haughtily expected all of us women to vote for her to break the glass ceiling and crown her the Queen. She only agreed to speak to BLM protesters in private. Heaven forbid allowing them up on the stage with her at the same time. And, oh yeah, let us not forget those "deplorables" and "irredeemable" blue collar Trump supporters. Those women weren't just voting for Trump, they were voting against Clinton and her country club women supporters, as well.


You see the irony there, right?


If that is true about Wisconsin, I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around that they keep getting re-elected even with gerrymandering and.......


Of course, very much the same kettle of fish, but in a different wrapping. At least Trump knew enough to use the right bait.


"Building a pipeline that will bring women into middle skill jobs..." a trenchant turn of phrase under the circumstances.

Yes, all the dynamics Matteson describes are real. Yes, they demand change.

Again, though, I sense the "glass ceiling" present in so much reporting on Common Dreams.

The glass ceiling is designed to keep us ALL from moving up together.

Like a prism, it divides light so only one color is emphasized at a time.

In this case, the glass ceiling suggests that there is a wide gulf between working class women and others. The former just want good--defined as good paying--jobs.

They don't care if those jobs involve building pipelines under rivers!

Right. Because working class and poor women are too stupid to grok that if there's no clean water, it's damn tough to enjoy the present, let alone work for the future.

The "others"--sketched very breezily--only care about "soft" issues.

Like clean water. Like time to care for relationships. Like plants, animals and "other" sentient life to relate with.

Right. Like more economically/culturally privileged women are too stupid to grok that the dynamics that create polluted physical and emotional water simultaneously deny ALL of us our right not just to the basic means of our survival, but also to the full development and offering of our gifts.

Women are not nearly as divided as this author makes us seem. People are not nearly as divided as most news--whatever its alleged political orientation--makes us seem.

All we need to do is smash the glass ceiling that keeps us from knowing what we already know.

We're all One in the water. The conditions that enrage a working class white grandma in Cleveland are the same as those that terrify moms all over the U.S. and all over the world now.

They are the same conditions that drive so many veterans to suicide. And so many law enforcement workers to act with routine and brutal violence.

It's almost as if a vast "intelligence" behind most news prefers that we not grok this.

When we smash the glass ceiling--which is currently riddled with cracks--we see that the intelligence that constrains us is only a collective developmental challenge. One that the intelligence that evolved us to this point is quickly growing beyond.

Once we move through, we see that we require an entirely different form of "news" now. And naturally learn how to be news creators, not just consuming parasites.


If feminists are serious about supporting all women, one of the steps we need to take is to open up opportunities for the women we have left behind—opportunities that are historically dominated by men.

I would prefer feminists to support human beings who lack opportunities. That is, both women and also men.Then they would have credibility.


Cara, your analysis of women who voted for Hillary Clinton is spot on, especially in the Dem Primary.

Feminists who have a clear, foundational understanding of the impact of the invisibility of women in society eagerly embraced the "Bernie Bros" description that immediately and decisively erased half of Bernie Sanders' supporters. Creating that deceptive name was a brilliant strategy by the Clinton team, as was the phony fear reported by Barbara Boxer after the Nevada convention where she literally trolled Bernie supporters into booing her.

In the same manner that Trump duped his followers, Hillary relied on identity politics to hide her right wing beliefs and policies. Promoting the concept that a rich neoliberal politician breaking the presidential glass ceiling would translate to increased wealth and security for American women is about as despicable as billionaire TV evangelicals tricking poor people into giving them more money in the silly belief it would help them get rich and have great lives themselves.

I've wanted a woman president since I was about 5 or 6 years old, but anyone who turned of the .001%-owned TV news and took the time to research what HIllary has already done would conclude she will never help the majority of American women. Hillary has already shown her cards, both as the NY Senator and as Secretary of State. But you have to look beyond her amazing SoS speeches about women and girls in poor nations and research the effects of Hillary's associates fracking contracts polluting the drinking water of those very same foreign nations.

Without identity politics and neoliberal news distraction services, she would never have even gotten this far. Next time we support a woman for President, let's make sure she doesn't have a history of dishonesty and corruption. Aside from the nonsense excuses coming from our side about why Trump won, I'm guessing 95% of his voters don't care one whit about the gender of the two candidates this year.


Many Independent women liked Bernie also, but were prevented from voting in our primaries. A lot of them are Independents now because our Party, specifically Bill Clinton, cheated them and their families out of a reasonable life based on hard work with fair pay.

They would have voted for Bernie in the general because they're not as easily duped as uneducated men by socialism=communism=scary Russians! Uneducated women have an uncanny ability to figure out what's best for them, and one debate between Bernie and Trump would make most of them conclude they're better off with the intelligent honest man instead of the guy who got rich cheating hard working Americans. Instead, they were offered a corrupt, rich, dishonest candidate who elitist Left wing women fawned over. Their bulls!it meters are much better tuned than middle class women who are more interested in the idea of a woman president than the effects on low income American workers. Besides, established white collar women (WCW) have gained wealth from neoliberal Democrats. WCW's retirement earnings keep going up, their children aren't forced to join the military and fight Obama and Hillary's wars that help keep stock market earnings up, and they aren't in careers with companies that routinely cheat their employees out of their retirements. They and their parents had mostly paid off their houses and therefore weren't swindled out of their life savings when neoliberal Democrats like Bill Clinton (NAFTA & repeal of Glass Steagall) colluded with Republicans to allow banksters and corporations to crash the economy and then steal from them. Bush (and Obama even more so than Bush) bailed out the rich instead of helping main street Americans deal with the bankster-created economic crisis.

White middle class women likely won't change their attitudes until their own pocketbooks take a permanent hit. From the the Left wing rhetoric explaining this disastrous loss to Trumplethinskin, it's clear that many still think of half the country is a bunch of stupid sexist racists not worthy of their respect and consideration.

Here's a reality check: 60 million people voted for the clever orange actor. There's no way that many people look like the idiots we've seen at his rallies. Think about that, and start imagining what it's like to be a working class woman in New Jersey or Ohio or South Carolina or even California knowing politicians on both sides are continually lying to you while elitist Democratic voters ignore your reality.

The future of our Party depends on white middle class women thinking beyond identity politics. Because "those people" who elitists in our Party consider not worthy of connecting with and caring about will continue to vote against us as long as the Left continues to disparage them as just stupid racists.

Truth be told, they voted against us as much as they voted against our candidate.


"Our Party"? This reads as the kind of delusion of influence, exactly the same as with sports teams, that really is the problem in US politics.

The topic is women. The Parties are over.