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It’s Time to Talk About Trump’s Mental Health


It’s Time to Talk About Trump’s Mental Health

Eugene Robinson

How unstable and divorced from reality is President Trump? We’ve reached the point where the nation has the right and the need to know.

We’re not accustomed to asking such questions about our presidents. We don’t know how to even begin inquiring into a president’s mental health, so we rationalize aberrant behavior as being part of some subtle strategy. We say that Trump is cleverly playing to his base, or employing the “madman theory” of foreign relations, or simply being unpredictable to gain an advantage by keeping everyone off balance.


95% plus percent of US voters voting for corporate Democrats and corporate Republicans in recent elections calls into question the mental health of a majority of Americans.


“It is of some comfort that Trump is surrounded by levelheaded military
men — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, national security adviser H.R.
McMaster and Chief of Staff John Kelly — who are unlikely to do anything
rash.” This is a sentiment as dangerous as Trump himself. The framers of the Constitution specifically wished to avoid having the military in control of the military and especially civilian governance.


While it initiated as crazy Americans elect crazy candidate, it has grown to something much more.

Trump’s personality type has all the earmarks of being a self centered over the top pathological narcissist. (i.e… this guy is seriously dangerous) Much the reason that so many crazies voted for him.

Now we add to the brew, aging incompetence mixed with Major Overload Stress from his present job, combined with a growing delusion to compensate for failure and we have a HUGE problem.

Add to this his need to act out. Bad Sign


Your comment is well thought out and a little too cogent in relation to the ‘being’ your comment discusses; i.e.: your comment is good while the subject is frightening as phuq!


When was the last time anything happened in DC that WASN’T “frightening as phuq” ?


“95% plus percent of US voters voting for corporate Democrats and corporate Republicans in recent elections calls into question the mental health of a majority of Americans.”

That one sentence says it all, Ray!


Yes, that is a good point especially when we have progressive oriented candidates and even a few in congress- far too few.


Ramping up troops in Afghanistan when Obama was winding down the war- wonder what oil and /or minerals he and his minions are after?


I hear that

It’s like talking rationally about Hannibal Lecter.

People like Trump have a threshold that once passed everything goes very dangerous.

And it involves undeniable facts colliding with personal delusion to create a “must act out” scenario.

And that is what is indeed “frightening as phuq!”


Not a single mention of Narcissistic Personality Disorder which is the affliction Trump suffers from. It is a simple diagnosis easily characterized from the symptoms described in Wikipedia. Despite his mental illness though, it was obvious from his primary campaign that he was a despicable, dishonest creature of low morals. The fact that so many were inclined to vote for such troglodyte in hopes of getting something for themselves says reams about the character of a lot of Americans. Even given a pass on his mean spirited behavior, did not everyone see the pussy grabbing video? How could anyone ever vote for a sexual predator for president?


This is old, but it’s spot on. They are after what they have always been after: oil, gas, and global dominion over Russia.


they made a hero out of him. identification with the transgressor or aggressor. anna freud and ferenczi. oversimplified: “by impersonating the aggressor, assuming his attributes or imitating his
aggression, the child transforms himself from the person threatened into the person who
makes the threat” (p. 113). the child ego state (not a pejorative term but a description) is the ego state people are in when acting out of any emotion. people’s fear (child ego state) led them to “transform” from their supposed helplessness and anger at the establishment to identifying with the bully take-charge persona of drumpf and voila! they now hold power.
explainable but disgusting and not acceptable or excusable.


Uh, maybe b4 Eisenhower gave his famous ‘MIC’ speech …
Kennedy’s presidency wasn’t too frightening until he went to Dallas, but every regime since then has been frightening on many levels.


What I’m having trouble understanding now is why our elected terrorists haven’t really started moving to get the idiot out … I must admit, I don’t want Pence anymore than the prictator so is it possible they are simply waiting to see what Mueller uncovers; or are the dems hoping to be the party in power after next year’s midterms b/c they figure now the reptards will stop them? At any rate, all these questions going unanswered just adds to my fear …


He’s useful to some power group or he wouldn’t be there.


It was time to talk about Don (at the latest) when he announced his “candidacy.”
Credit to Robinson for at least trying to rouse the sleepwalkers.


They like Don because, in part, they are as narcissistic as he is.


Actually the time to start talking about Trump’s mental health was during the GOP primaries … we’re down to putative diagnoses now… even treatment strategies.

Trouble is these questions go inevitably beyond Trump the President to Trump as a manifestation of some very angry and disturbing aspects of the “American personality”. Look at the faces in those revivalist Faith Rallies he’s holding… this is all about “hope they can believe in”… same for those angry torch-lit faces in Charlottesville.

Trump trades in hope - just like any fake evangelist - and he’s reluctant to cast any hopes aside having built them up - especially those whose hopes are so fervently held and impossible to achieve as the deep redneck right… always handy.


95% of those who voted is not the same as 95% of those eligible to vote. Americans are arguably less obtuse than your words reflect.