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It’s Time We Called It What It Is: Fascism

Millions of them! Except to call them Christians is a misnomer, THAT IS BLASPHEMEY! They should be called what they really are…JUDAS ISCARIOTIANS OR CHRISTIAN FASCISTS.

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Self-proclaimed “Christians” who have hate in their hearts will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Their delusion that they are leading a holy life, is theirs alone.

Those of us who know them, know better.

An article author responding to comments is rare. Thanks Robert. My main issue is transportation. I designate the most corrupt corporate business interests as automobile-related - (manufacture, sales, finance, insurance, fossil fuel drilling, distilling and distribution, road and car-dependent construction). Mainstream media also derives significant income from new car ads.

By the late 1920’s, Germany had not yet begun mass production technique for automobile manufacture. US carmakers (GM, Chrysler, Ford) aided conversion of German industrial production which ultimately included weapons of war manufacture.

To address catastrophic climate change, if we can no longer drive so much, nor fly, nor truck and ship goods around the world so much, the global economy would shrink and local, regional and state economies would necessarily grow to provide the same goods and services with the least distances for travel and transport.

We should not pretend that converting entire car and truck fleets to electric makes it possible for this senseless wasteful costly practice to continue. Reducing the need for long-distance travel and transport is only possible with plug-in hybrid PHEV tech, rather than all-battery BEVs like the Tesla ‘S’ sedan (road lizards) nor BEV freight trucks with Huge battery packs that burn out in less than two years. Yet, GM & Ford are cancelling their PHEV models knowing that dependence upon long-distant travel and transport cannot continue. What is their end game? Carmagedon?

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The Most Important Article I’ve Read.

Though little is entirely new to me, most of Freeman’s key elements pulled together here are essential, if one is to understand what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen to our nation.

Two bits jumped out to me:

  1. The Middle Class of our nation has really only existed from about 1940, and began its disintegration in the 1980s. The economic ideal of a thriving Middle Class is both historically new, and very short-lived.
    Virtually all of our nation’s quality-of-life issues are a piece of this clearly laid out, 80-year socio-economic dynamic.

  2. "…between 1975 and 2018, $50 TRILLION of combined income was transferred from the lowest 90% of income earners to the top 1%." I’ve been following socio-economic income/wealth trends since the 80s and was generally aware of this massive movement of wealth out of the middle class, but this single sentence condensation is in and of itself sufficient for full-on revolution.

Bought on, he gets all the bills he can ring up.

Amazing that Marxism and Communism has had ZERO responsibility in your claim. I don’t know where you were in 2020 while Affirmed Marxist burned stores, killed police, took over police stations. Etc, all with the approval of their social democrat leaders. You have obviously want us to believe the propaganda of media ( now 80% owned or fronted for the CCP), the censorship by the Left supportive Technocrats, and the communist subversion of Government and corporations alike.

The “Great Reset” and a “one-government world order” is being pushed by Capitalists…NOT capitalism. These so called Capitalists are really the powerful elite and Cabal like Rockerfeller, Gates, Soros etc…all attempting to destroy the middle class etc…as your article states…but you are intesionally ignoring the role Totalitarian Communism has played- and all the Marxist credos that have pushed the dream of a Centralized power.
Only ONE side attempts to protect the rights, freedoms and free will…and who are repulsed by censorship, thought control etc,…your attempt to claim the Trump Policy Supporters are The ones Against this is laughable…
The New World Order - under the management of totalitarian Communism, actually takes the very worst things about Monopolistic Capitalism ( run by those few Elites) AND the worst of Communism…including its police survallence state, religious persecution, destruction of the individual and family…yet you fail to hold Marists and their total Communist election meddling, media control, social conformity scores etc…” put all the Trump Policy Supporters in Jail” is the current chant…and THAT sounds more like your Nazi methods of the Left…not the “true” Constitutionalists who support success by merit and true Capitalism…NOT the perverted type that is being used with Communism to create only the few Elite and the equally dystopian poor.

So Happy that You have the insight to ignore the Billions made by your idols like; The Clinton Foundation, the Biden Chinese/Russian (and anyone else he can sell himself to), and the Pelosi Families…all with a lifetime in “ civil service” , yet somehow they, and their family members became multi-millionaires.
Only President Trump is the one who’s financial worth has DECREASED since taking office.
But blind hypocrisy is the only way the Left (and the limousine liberals) can justify their lifetime of milking off the deep state and selling out to Communist China.
Have a nice day.