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It’s Time: Why the Department of Justice Must Investigate Exxon


It’s Time: Why the Department of Justice Must Investigate Exxon

Cassady Sharp

This has been a tough few months for Exxon, the global oil giant currently worth a dizzying $314.7 billion, and which may have been involved in an elaborate cover-up of the risks of climate change.


Thank you, Ms. Sharp for the update. I was wondering what was going on with Exxon.

Strange isn't it, the timing of all those Paris terrorist events. They created a pretext for barring protest.

That hasn't stopped many courageous, committed people from being there.

And as an apropos adjunct to your article, I recommend Amy Goodman's program today. She interviews a lot of Indigenous leaders from South America (and elsewhere). A small congregation brought a sacred canoe to Paris from Peru.

And these people move the heart in speaking about the changes already taking place in their regions, along with the threats to life and habitat. They explain what it means that THEIR voices are missing from the decision-making tables... still dominated by white males who have very limited (if any) understanding for and about the webs of life.

Bill McKibben, also present explained that it's largely the oil moguls who are inhibiting the necessary legislation with so many political "leaders" beholden to these entities.


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