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It’s Too Late for The GOP to Stop Trump, But Not For Progressives


It’s Too Late for The GOP to Stop Trump, But Not For Progressives

Terrance Heath

The Republican establishment has run out of time to stop Donald Trump. The Republican Party is now the party of Trump. As Chauncey Devega wrote, the transformation is plain: “The Republican Party is the country’s largest white identity organization; in the post-civil rights era conservatism and racism are now one and the same thing.”


WTF? I've never seen so many liberals wanting to save the republican party. Personally, the number one issue with me is the unending warmongering, murder, and destruction that both parties are unwilling to stop. Even Bernie (whom I'll support if hell freezes over) doesn't call for any change in foreign policy. Despite all the hyperbole around Trump, I'll pull the lever for him because I know what HRC will do. I've pulled the lever for much worse...like Obama.


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Telling us that to stop Trump "the job calls for progressive movements that have always stood against plutocrats and corporatists like Trump and the Republican Party" leads me to believe that Heath has been locked in a closet ever since the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985 to open the floodgates of corporate cash into the Party's war chest.

During the past 31 years the Democratic Party has been more effective than the GOP at destroying "progressive movements that have always stood against plutocrats and corporatists" rendering those movements impotent to stop the advance of corporate money magnet Hillary Clinton or Trump.


Bernie as I said, still gets my vote if he succeeds in the nomination, so whether he meets my standards regarding foreign policy is a moot point. I know it's more progressive than HRC for sure, but he still stops short on major changes like worldwide troop reduction. He also called out the Bush on Iraq and 9-11.

Let's surpass all the BS and let me say this: When democrats try to save the republican party, then that tells you all you need to know. Both parties are murderers and thieves, bent on continuing the same thing they've always done: The republicans using God & fear; the democrats using Color & fear to divide us, meanwhile they carry on their wars (while ripping the citizenry off).

More and more I see my vote sliding towards The Donald. Never thought I'd ever do such a thing. But, the unending wars and destruction of our own nation can only be stopped by something different than what we've been doing. Stopping our war machine that we've unleashed upon the planet is (to me anyway) Priority #1 and right now it surpasses any domestic issue. Any domestic issue.


An emblematic irony of our times is that the military problem is the pinnacle of all of the rest of the domestic problems caused by economic/financial policy distortions.


Exactly right. In the words of Cornel West, Hillary is a milquetoast neoliberal and Trump a neofascist. If Trump is elected we would likely get 4 years of all manner of insults, insipid and unedifying, but probably not much different than what we have now. I feel certain he would be a one-term president and then, perhaps, we would get a chance to elect someone who runs on Bernie Sanders' platform, but with a more receptive audience, thanks to the consciousness raising Bernie's been doing of how we've been getting screwed.

If Hillary is elected, corporate power will get even more firmly entrenched and the people even more comatose and hopeless. I wouldn't call her milquetoast (cowardly, timid) though, I would call her a Machiavellian neoliberal, expert at the art of manipulation.

She seems to me much more dangerous for democracy and much more likely to accelerate the war machine than Trump.


NEVER ready for Hillary. I want to burn her and her people to the ground, and will work against her if she is the nominee! Now is the time, and the angry Republicans are showing the way as to how to take a party over for the true believers - by defeating the establishment candidates.


The importance and effect of what anyone says depends on who hears it. Rational arguments do not get good coverage in the corporate press and especially on the right end of our tribalized media. The bottom line is that the only way Trump can be stopped once nominated is by Sanders. Clinton, even with the fear factor on her side, will probably lose to Trump.

Given the super delegates and the scam political machine that makes up the Democratic Party, we may have to Occupy and shut down the convention if Sanders has the voting numbers and is shut out in favor of Clinton.

Beyond that, we will need to build on the movement to disrupt and shut down the destructive juggernaut of fascism that comes beyond this election should Trump take power.


And just how are progressives supposed to stop Trump when we have been locked out of the Democratic Party? If the author is implying that Trump is the worse candidate out there, he is sorely mistaken. I only wish "liberals" would scrutinize Hillary Clinton's record before throwing stones at Trump. Let's compare them on foreign policy, which is the only thing Americans should be voting for this year: Trump is neutral towards Putin; Hillary will return to Cold War status, or worse, continue to surround Russia using NATO as the front troops and risking a direct confrontation. Trump would not continue the policy of regime change in the ME; Clinton is being endorsed by neocons precisely because she is one of them and will bomb anywhere, anytime. She has also announced that she would make Israel a partner in ME defense--and we all know what that means. Trump said he would let Russia and Syrian troops do the fighting in Syria, not Americans; Hillary wants to go all in and set up a "no-fly" zone, which will undoubtedly lead to a confrontation with Russia. So, who is the greater of two evils in this scenario? Obama has continued Bush's neocon policies, and Clinton will continue to run with them. Trump is the outsider--he owes nothing to Washington or the neocons, and they hate him for not being onboard with regime change. I don't care what his views are on abortion, migration, or any other issue--because if we continue this destructive foreign policy, there won't be a world left to worry about wedge issues.


never ready for Hillary


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Spot on analysis, Donna.

Being joined at the hip with Wall Street war profiteers that control the military industrial complex, the Clintons are indeed more dangerous than Trump.


I hope Cookies here is right. If it's Hillary versus Trump I'd say it's a toss up; Trump could well win that one. It Trump bolts the Republican Party and runs an independent campaign, he'll run against either Hillary or Bernie and against an official Republican candidate, Rubio or Cruz. Who would ultimately win such a three way is impossible to predict. All such predictions are hopes and wishes. Good luck to us all,


Yeah this Trump hysteria is going to get old fast when the alternative is horrific neoliberal War Witch Hillary.


There is no question that a third party Trump run would hand the November election to the Democratic Party candidate. The GOP knows this and will unify behind Trump after they complete their theatrics to make the GOP look less racist.


i don't know whether this egomaniac is "unstoppable," but it sure would help tie a knot in his tail if the media would drop him immediately and quit fanning his flames. it would help to remove his narcissistic supply if no one talked about him anywhere any way and paid no attention to him. a narcissist cannot survive without his narcissistic supply, and trump would throw himself on the floor, have his tantrum, and then go back to exploiting his workers. instead, the media are benefiting by lionizing him.....ha ha... free of charge to him! look at the publicity that creep has got. if he wins the nomination after all and worse, if he gets elected, i will blame the media and their owners more than i will blame the mindless, ignorant, unconscious sheeple who've fallen prey to his hatred and bombast.


Yes, and as I said before, Sanders is more of a threat to rulers of this country than Trump, and would choose Clinton as Trump's opponent even as the polls show Bernie with the best chance of defeating which ever clown the republicans choose to run.


Couldn't agree with you more about Clinton, but how do we know what Trump would do on foreign policy? And what about his endorsement of torture, how can we vote for that? He like most of the field will say anything to get elected, His tolerance for racist behavior should not be ignored. He will be a night mare for minorities in America. Sanders is the unique candidate in the race, speaking honestly about the issues, hell, just speaking on the issues is unique in this election!


Much of the media IS part of the entertainment industry, and even more of the media view this and all elections as an opportunity to provide a distraction from critical issues. Trump provides the media an entertainer who they don't need to shell out big bucks to and he gets free publicity...a win-win for Trump and the media, a lose-lose for us.