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“It’s Your Congress, People!” Make it Work or You!


“It’s Your Congress, People!” Make it Work or You!

Ralph Nader

Congress is the Constitutionally delegated repository of the sovereign authority of the people (the Constitution which starts with “We the People,” not “We the Congress!”). Most of the changes, reforms, and improvements desired by a majority of people have to go through Congress. Incentives for change often start with Congressional elections or grass-roots organizing. But sooner or later, change has to go through the gates of our national legislature on Capitol Hill.


I appreciate with deep gratitude all that Ralph does for a just world.

I would change Redirection #11 to #1


“Just 535 humans (Senators and Representatives) need you’re votes far more than they need fat cat campaign contributions”.
It’s rare that Ralph overlooks something when he discusses a subject, but I believe he has here. He overlooked the fact that those 535 people can now manufacture their votes, to some degree, with electronic voting machines. This is why the dem party never touches the subject, even when the GOP kicks their butts using it. Ralph still makes great sense with his points and the action the voters must take to confront their officials, they just don’t need us quite as much as they used to, before vote theft and flipping, and it shows.


Wow thank you ralph. Yes we the people need to hold our congress to the fire. It’s time (we the people) take to the streets and inform and teach others how to take back our government . I mean I hear it everyday all day long. People crying and complaining yet they won’t do a dam thing to help them selfs. Stop watching that DAM TV and holding that DAM phone in your hand all day(it’s making you stupid and lazy). People like ralph are woke to the situation we are in. Now it’s up to us(we the people). Will you take the challenge or will you watch another episode?!. Oh how they got us so stuck like chuck. KNOCK IT OFF AMERICA!.


Exactly. But even Ralph almost relegates the rest of humanity to an afterthought. That said, this is an excellent agenda and does not need any “Select Committees” to move. It’s written in language that makes sense to the vast majority of U.S. citizens, residents and immigrants.

Nader is the “Energizer Bunny” of progressive reform in the U.S. and it is a shame that he is not taken seriously by many “progressive” and “leftist” wannabes in the U.S. body politic.


He also seems to have forgotten gerrymandering.


Ralph, It is the zionist press that lies us into war and invents enemies. The same presstitutes that repeats the fairytale of 911 and “attacks” on Israel. America is in the control of Israel via the MSM. That is where the real problem is,Ralphie.