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'It Should Belong to Humanity': Funded by Public, Promising Moderna Results Bolster Global Call for #PeoplesVaccine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/16/it-should-belong-humanity-funded-public-promising-moderna-results-bolster-global

What may not be generally known concerning the release of vaccines.

Older people are excluded from trials:
Companies may push to study only the healthiest people, since it may make getting FDA approval more expedient.


A certain political player who thinks that elections work like cheating at golf could maybe volunteer now to try a dose of the recently announced vaccines?


“Oh, the Humanity.”
We should all have M4ALL, which should cover any medicines.
I wonder if the trump’s left us any money for that.


More info here about moderna:



Currently even generic drugs that are half a century old like Librax or Insulin are sold for outrageous mark ups. Librax pre-Obama was 100 pills for 29, now over 4000 dollars. Insulin is so high priced people are dead because they can’t get it. We need a nation generic drug company. And we need to use the VA as a purchasing agent for Medicare because the VA is not prohibited by law from negotiating like the rest of are. Thanks Obama.


No more f-ing profit before people especially if taxpayers money was instrumental in that profit.

I would like to overcome capitalism, but it’s not in the relevant time scale. Global warming basically has to be taken care of within the framework of existing institutions , modifying them as necessary. That’s the problem we face. "- Noam Chomsky (_https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/21446383/noam-chomsky-robert-pollin-climate-change-book-green-new-deal)

Are we going to start hearing leading progressive voices arguing that big Pharma’s capitalist modus operandi will not be overcome in a relevant time scale so the vaccine for COVID-19 needs to be made available through existing institutions that promote high profit ensured by patent protection?

Jonas Salk, a man of instinctual ethics, did not patent his life-saving polio vaccine. It went right into the public trust.

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Anybody who believes this vaccine is 94.5% effective on all people, I’ve got some waterfront property in AZ. I want to sell you. And don’t forget, any small virus mutation (not uncommon) could render this vaccine obsolete.

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Trump would have preferred we buy the early, unproven vaccine from Russia, imho.

With respect to you and me, I’m sure Trump would want us to be given large doses of bleach.

I can just see Azar and Fauci swinging through the trees making Tarzan like noises and beating their chests for more PPP.

And what is the status of the russian vaccine? germany has placed a large order. I haven’t heard anythjing controversial.

The good thing about Moderna is that the vaccine can be stored in a regular refrigerator for a month—as opposed to Pfizer which needs special low, low temp cooling.
Also since the Pfizer CEO made his announcement and then sold $5 million in stock, I am wondering what that means? If it was so great wouldn’t he want to keep the stock until more of it was sold and the price rose higher, or is he not sure that it’s all that good?


The rub was that the Russian vaccine wasn’t afforded the phase three trial.

No worries though. Trump said, months ago, that we only have 15 cases and those will be gone in a week or two. WOW One of his whoppers.

Hadn’t heard that. precious!!

The details of his stock option are unknown to me. At one of the worlds largest companies, headquartered in Illinois, for now, managers exercise their option before retirement and have to sell it within so many years. They cannot pass it along to their widow or children.

Well, no. Not at all.
A new batch of real heroes broke out inside Chicago this afternoon.
Moderna has 30,000 volunteers and 11,000 are blacks. AND Chicago peoples stepped up, even though in great fear - to make up the majority of the 11,000 and provide the maker (recipe from CIA at Fort Detrick?) the statistical balance you want.

In March and April 2020, 41% of Chicago cordova deaths were black and 37% Mexican heritage.

It is more dangerous today than back then, and peoples still wandering around without masks.
A simple device that works inhaling and exhaling.

AGAIN, new heroes today.
Chcago black volunteers for moderna vaccine.

lovin ya!!

Would expect the major drug companies to keep trotting out “promising vaccines” routinely for the forseeable future.
If an actual cure was ever discovered they would undoubtedly attempt to bury it and only make it available only to a select few.

Hi oldie:
hmm, so if they can’t pass it on to their wife or children; does this mean that CEOs, like we the serfs, are screwed over equally by employers too! : o corporate equality is weird—or maybe it’s just nonexistent in specific cases.