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'It Should Belong to Humanity': Funded by Public, Promising Moderna Results Bolster Global Call for #PeoplesVaccine

The stock option is excercised at retirement at some past share price.
For example: $20 per share and the employee is authorized to buy X,XXX shares.
The quantity varies by the managers position, CEO’s too.

The person retires and exercises their option. The markey price is now $48.00 per
share and the retiree usually waits a while to their next tax year to sell some.
I think five years was the time limit for the individual to sell all their option shares.

If they had other share purchases, those could be handed over to wives and children.

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Hi oldie:
so is the CEO leaving—because he sod a LOT of stock!

No, he is not leaving. He just made a whole lot of loot and pays very little taxes . Probably 15 to 20% max. for capital gains.
Instead of 38% personal individual rate.

Hi oldie:
sigh------ and the results from Moderna sound better, and since they were much developed with taxpayer money, I am, at this moment supporting them.: )

The cold strorage temperature is the winner compared to the much lower temp required by the Pfizer. Suggest that Pfizer go to cities and be used immediately. The moderna can go every other place. In USA, we have low temp freezers everywhere for minus 4 degrees F.

This is odd that Moderna that the government funding is through DARPA grants.