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It Takes a Ruling-Class Village to Staff the White House

I should have been more clear in connecting my thoughts about the media and the two party system in my first two paragraphs to the third paragraph. I’m not blaming the voters for being conned by powerful forces, just the opposite. But at some point in time, a majority will have to come to understand… or we all might as well just kill ourselves now!

Fools like you (or those paid to push these deceptive arguments) pretend that none of the following form the outcomes to elections:

  1. Who gets the Big $ through which to promote themselves
  2. Who gets the media face time
  3. Who counts the votes
  4. Who is allowed to vote.

I know you’re not a new poster. And I think it’s cowardly that some pretend to be. It’s like a dog that pisses all over the rug and then goes outside and lets another dog take the blame for it.

In any case, since YOU have been here for some time you could not have missed the FACT that:

  1. The media called IT for Clinton before the process began
  2. The media–primarily A.P called it for Clinton just before California’s preliminary votes were tallied
  3. Independents, a majority of whom would have voted for Sanders, were precluded from voting in a number of key states
  4. In Brooklyn, New York and other places, chaos ensued and those who should have been allowed to vote were not.

In 2000, the Supreme Court interfered with a viable vote recount and PUT Bush into power. He did NOT have a majority of votes.

In 2004, there were important vote count anomalies based on the touch-screen voting machines and this “gave the election” to Bush.

David Daley’s new book is a detailed chronicle of how voting districts were deliberately drawn up to give Republican congressmen and senators disproportionate odds of winning. In other words, these are NOT fair elections.

Add in the disenfranchisement of felons in a Prison-Industrial complex that has used the drug war to turn decent people INTO felons.

Add in the role of the Electoral College.

What I’ve just posted is a FRACTION of the graft, con-job, and corruption that U.S. elections are plagued by.

So when posters show up–as they do here DAILY–to push the LIE that the problem is voters, I send them a virtual cyber kick in the head … which is MUCH deserved.

Your ignorance is no reflection of truth.

And your “people shop at Walmart” comment could not be more nakedly a Koch Brothers’ think tank sponsored Talking Point.

I have news for you, moron, they shop at Walmart because THAT is all they can afford thanks to NAFTA and policies of the 1% creating a Job Desert in this “land of the free.”

This response is better… and more clarifying. But let me ask you something: Do you really think the understanding is sufficient to modify the problem?

The problem is the condensation of power that is no longer answerable to The People.

Many people know that the election run-up was a charade. The People were forced into two odious choices.

Many people sought to oppose the planned war against Iraq coming to fruition. They sought to stop the government agents who are in bed with the bankers from bailing out the banks.

The understanding was clear. The POWER to effect change was not.

When all 3 govt. branches along with the 4th–the Media, as 4th estate which is supposed to work as a check against absolute power corrupting absolutely-- fall into the possession of the 1%, then citizens do NOT have redress.

That is what the TPP and TIPP are all about.

And those who CAN look truth in the “face” know that the Patriot Act and the NDAA can and will be used against the most principled persons BECAUSE history’s track record is clear. Whenever authoritarian entities seize control of government and make it the subsidiary of Big Money (royal families, billionaires’ clubs, Deep State interests, the 1%, the corporate conquistadors), the first thing they do is silence dissent.

Pinochet made it a point to torture and kill a well known poet-singer.

In the U.S. during the McCarthy period, it was the writers and thinkers from Hollywood and the realm of literature who were most tailed by the FBI goons.

The right HATES intellectuals… that is, anyone who can challenge their arguments. That’s why they CONTROL the narratives.

This nefarious process (or should I say, protocol) is affecting the food we eat, the drugs forced into babies’ bodies, the quality of the air we breathe, the nature of the “news” we are given, the types of wages we will receive, and sadly, even what children will be FORCED to learn.

That is not Democracy.

Yet in the same way terms like Progressive and Feminist have been used as definers of behaviors that are patently right wing conservative, a term like Democracy is being divested of its meaning.

A great many things are being turned into external brands empty of true content.

The problem of corporate capitalism unleashed as the monstrous Shock Doctrine, and that of War AS product… is that both are such a bane to the world’s many people that the revolution already in beginning stages is and must be global.

Furthermore, it will be helped along by Providence, Mother Nature, cycles embedded into time that truly reflect thematic structures, and the law of karma… in the form of things eventually arcing towards justice.

Lest my critics misunderstand me, these agencies do not PRECLUDE human action. That’s why it’s good that people go on strike, demonstrate, write letters, protest, dream new dreams, try to enlighten others, etc.

There is a vast Yin and Yang dynamic to things. So many here (and most ARE males) only identify with action. What they can see. But our bodies are kept alive by both action and non-activity. Part of our nervous system is automatic and part of it, self-willed.

The lack of appreciation for all things Yin has a great many unable to see the processes that occur in silence, the changes that happen in mass consciousness, the power of MIND and VISION.

The world IS waking up… that’s what’s so frightening to the dinosaurs who identify with Trump. THEY feel displaced by this “other way.”

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No, understanding is not nearly enough, but it is the first step towards empowerment. I concur with your assessment that this time the movement must be global, and thankfully we can look to our brothers and sisters to the south as a resource for building power.

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Yes you are able would be Si, puedes or Si, puede, as in _Si, usted puede. That might also be used when we might say, “You can” or “You may.” The construction se [verb], as in se poder or poderse, creates a different form. There is no you nor thou, nor one implied in this construction. The third-person singular verb modifies an understood action.

It is worth noting that the noun poder also translates as power.

I would normally let this sort of thing on the part of the author pass, particularly since I don’t wish to make any special argument against the intentions, and surely there are readers here whose Spanish is better than mine. But he is is so insistent about the “we” being included when it is not that I thought it might be worth some mention.

Paul Street’s closing remark: “The only reason that a dangerous, white-nationalist, uber-narcissist and Breitbart-wielding hatemonger like Donald Trump—with his bombastic promise to “make America great again” partly by restoring lost U.S. industrial supremacy—is even still in shouting distance of Clinton is that millions of working- and middle-class Americans know in their bones that she is part of that great dark cancellation, foreclosure and enclosure.”

Clinton is playing a very dangerous game publicly putting together her proposed White House team now. It is proof positive that she will never follow the Democratic Party 2016 platform or the promises she made to bring Bernie Sanders on board. We have seen this before. After loudly proclaiming he was the candidate of change, Obama had demonstrated that he was not, many weeks before his inauguration. He at least had the political sense not to make that disclosure prior to the election. She is openly declaring that government of the people by the people, for the people is dead, and that she owes the concept no allegiance. So she is opting for corporate government in a day when the people are crying to be heard. That makes the voters all too likely to decide it is time to abandon the Constitution that has abandoned them, and to vote for Trump. See Arguimbau, "Why Trump Now? Trump Threatens to Kill Constitutional Government but Clinton Must Show it Isn’t Already Dead, Smirking Chimp, http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/nicholas-c-arguimbau/68622/why-trump-now-trump-threatens-to-kill-constitutional-government-but-clinton-must-show-it-isnt- , alsol pjublished as “Trump’s White Supremacist Factor,” Consortium News,https://consortiumnews.com/2016/08/22/trumps-white-supremacist-factor/


I love your phrase, [quote=“Dede, post:7, topic:28383”]
“Reading this is like watching a horror movie.” She is destroying the last semblance of an American democracy

I hope that I am not taking him to task, Jazzbo, though in this medium it is often hard to advertise the difference in intention. But yes, I do think it ought to be corrected in a context in which it is incorrect and used to support a concept incorrectly, where it weakens a mostly sound concept. I would hope that someone would do the same for me.

In fact, I have mistaken so many things so many times that you-all should really think fast out there.

It is possible that the Chavez Foundation should be corrected as well, although I suspect that they are just reasonably correct in context and that making it more literal might lose more sense than it would gain, as so often happens.

Indentured servitude by another name is: wage-slavery.
Everyone is brought together to play their game, and debt you take on is the same as the oxen shouldering a burden. You take a lotta butt whupin, and try to walk that straight and narrow line until you’re free of debt.

Well put! I haven’t voted republican or democrat for president in my lifetime, and most likely, never will. You made the case better than any I’ve seen in public media.

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So true. They are, no doubt, watching her campaign. As she rises so will the dirt they spin up over her and the Greens.

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Thank you.

Since a few posters have mocked my questioning the WE-frame while others taken me to task for doing so, I’m sure that quite a few people reading Mr. Street’s dissection of this all-inclusive pronoun and HOW it’s used had lots of posters thinking about me.

That’s why it’s so interesting that not ONE person gave my earlier comments a like.

The comments are strong. It’s that the group that’s here to manage perception and manufacture consent for causes and viewpoints that usually comport with those of The Establishment cannot bear to have the WE-item exposed for what it is and HOW it’s deployed.

Thank you for backing me up.

I recall that it was either Robert Reich or Dean Baker who also challenged the WE frame when it was used in support of some latest financial scheme intended to enrich the already rich at the expense of everyone else.

“We” subliminally reinforces conformity when what’s most needed is breaking away from conformist creeds.

Yesterday I was busy running errands and some profound examples of how this works flooded my thought process. I haven’t had time to type up the notes (sometimes they flood me when I’m driving) and review them. You can be sure the insights will find their way into these threads and the various articles and books that I am ever engaged in producing.

Again, thank you.

There are so many misrepresentations of my stated positions and commentary as to make it a fool’s errand to waste time replying to you.

Whether paid or otherwise, your posts ring my alarm bells. Something is “off” with them.

Although this understanding has been violently drummed out of people, because it’s based on Truth, its luminous flame never goes out.

I am talking about cycles that impact everything from how human beings age (in accordance with the earth’s revolutions around the sun) to entire historical cycles and the eras they give rise to.

Hillary is a small part of a much larger puzzle.

I supported Sanders and I will probably vote for Stein, but neither will change the ominous likelihood of GREATER fascist controls coming into place (and not just in America) over the course of the next 2-4 years.

Whomever is in office is going to facilitate this greater lock-down.

TPP and TIPP are part of the program as is the continued siphoning of vast sums that could vastly improve lives for millions into the war-making machinery of the MIC.

A glimmer of light begins to grow at the end of 2020 and by 2024, a different set of laws will govern most nations and Capital will not define the rules of the game, control how people live, what they eat, and what they are told is true.

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Hillary will do more damage than Trump, for the same reason that a sniper with rifle is more dangerous than a chimp with a rifle. Not that I will vote for Trump…voting for Stein.

This focus is peripheral.

Even if average Democrats did not support Clinton, what do you suppose would happen?

Would a corporately captured media suddenly open its arms to genuinely alternative (as in honestly Progressive) candidates?

Would the calculus shift so that Big Money would not remain a requirement of most candidates winning office (through the purchase of advertising and very expensive media face time)?

By putting the focus on Democratic voters rather than the systemic corruptions that FORCE a candidate onto the masses, you play into the NUMBER ONE meme pushed by regulars in these threads: that The People decide.

This LIE puts the average voter into “the driver seat” when that is not the truth.

No matter how many writers show that our nation is now a full-blown oligarchy (or a police state or an inverted totalitarian system), posters like YOU push the line that it’s VOTERS who are responsible.

That is the LIE told here daily.

There’s an entire CREW tasked with repeating it.

And even the diversion into what “Yes we Can” translates to is a means of deflecting away from Mr. Street’s focus on a dynamic that I, too, focus upon:

What does “we” mean when the levers of Democracy are rendered inoperable?

Who does this “we” meme serve?

No matter how many tag team messengers show up to reinforce the False Narrative, so long as there’s breath in my lungs, I will counter it.

Truth, of course, is dangerous to the Control State. It remains in place partly by convincing people that they have rights and liberties, as well as agency, where that is no longer the case.

The football player (Kaepernick) understands this.

He’s on the field so he might not know that legions of posters are hired to reinforce lies for the sole purpose of keeping the public quiescent and under a false spell that insists that everything is okay. It is not.

Jazzbo, the trouble is that I have spoken Spanish at home for decades and interpreted and translated professionally, including business documents and poetry, and I find the translation to not be precise in a way that is significant in the author’s context. Of course things cannot always be translated literally, and of course that includes your examples. However, that does create a problem for people who make an argument in the target language using an aspect of the translated term that does not exist in the original.

Arguably, there may also be a separate problem that I am finicky about such things. But since the author apparently does not know that what he wrote was untrue, I thought it might be a good idea to say something.

Totally agree about Clinton. But I cannot bring myself to vote for either one. Neither is worthy.

Jazzbo, I think I will call that point well taken. Hope to catch you on the next round.