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It Took Him More Than a Week, But Trump Finally Said He's "Totally Opposed to Domestic Violence"


It Took Him More Than a Week, But Trump Finally Said He's "Totally Opposed to Domestic Violence"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After more than a week of refusing to respond to questions about his stance on domestic violence while also expressing sympathy for accused wife-abuser and ousted White House staff secretary Rob Porter, President Donald Trump on Wednesday finally declared that he is "totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind.


On all sides, on all sides.


If you don’t believe him ladies, he’ll grab you by the…you get the idea.


Just another lie out of his mouth. What else is new?


Silence is assent. Trump first signals to all his supporters where his true allegiance lies and his true feelings are at by being silent, for a few days. Then he comes out and makes a scripted statement that says the opposite, which his supporters know is BS, because he already signaled to them how he really feels by the previous X days of silence. He might as well just wink and grin at the cameras when he reads these things. Remember Charlottesville, when he took 4 days to finally read a scripted statement “condemning” the white supremacists (which he then reversed a day later in an unscripted TV appearance with the “all sides” comment).

How any women can work in this administration, or vote for him, or support him, is beyond me. What an utter piece of shit he is.


In judging his performance on this issue I’ll grant him an A for providing the correct answer, but alas he has earned but a mere F for spontaneity. Moreover, the majority of ladies are not at all pleased.


But aren’t there some “good people” on the other side of this issue?


Tell that to the wife you drugged across the floor by her hair, and then raped her. Oh and also that 13 year old you also raped.

Oh but those are just “allegations” which are never true, because x-wives and 13 year olds are infamous for sexual assault “allegations” which according to any rapists, is just an “allegation.”


Chumps lies are not even worth chump change.


And yet they do. It’s puzzling to me. I have two female Facebook friends who are both immigrants who don’t realize that it was not that long ago that people of their ethnicity were routinely called N*******, or nearly as bad, brown mud people, and were frequently the subjects of public displays of insulting abuse. These two women are intelligent and capable in all other areas of life. But they remain infatuated with our president and are forever posting “Who’s still on Team Trump — share “yes” if you agree.” They post angry replies if you post something that disses the president, replies that have a “how dare you?” tone that shows they are angered than anyone would presume to think any other way. I don’t get it.


Trump is opposed to domestic violence if he gets caught.


WOW. Not only female, but immigrants with dark skin to boot - and they support Trump?? That is incomprehensible to me. A misogynistic, racist, immigrant-hating white supremacist is their hero??



They are complicit–no doubt.