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It Took Years for Other Presidents to Reach Majority Disapproval. Trump: Eight Days

It Took Years for Other Presidents to Reach Majority Disapproval. Trump: Eight Days

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In at least one respect, U.S. President Donald Trump has eclipsed all his predecessors: How quickly he has reached majority disapproval.

Gallup's Presidential Job Approval Center found on Saturday that after just eight days in office, Trump's disapproval rating reached 51 percent—a record that, as pollster Will Jordan noted, fellow U.S. presidents did not even come close to reaching.

I believe you meant 2020.

And let’s not give up on the 2018 mid-terms. Take back the House and Senate.


" How much more damage are they willing to let him do before they say enough."
Damn good question! Lets all hope Trump does not decide to unleash nukes! Now that Trump has his finger on the nuclear trigger and being mentally incompetent, as well as an impetuous, loose cannon, he is liable to do anything!

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What is more horrifying is that Bannon will be moving T-dump’s hands towards Armageddon…two certifiably insane, diabolical monsters whose sole purpose on Earth is to wield power without wisdom and seek self-satisfaction watching people cower in corners as that power crushes them (the victims of the jack-booting). Together, they embody all that is evil/demonic. Let’s hope that good will triumph over these devils before all life on the planet is threatened.


Trump has been in office for less then two weeks and already a tremendous anti-Trump movement characterized by protests has grown and is dominating media attention and overwhelming Trump’s media presence. The anti-Trump people are standing up to the bully to save democracy.

Wait for it! Trump’s next twitter? This poll is completely wrong because I have alternative facts that prove otherwise.

Thus comes the challenge of translating this to effective action despite widespread voter suppression and gerrymandering by the GOP.
A good start would be consistent voter registration and education projects that should have begun yesterday.

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Sad thing is there are still 49% who may support his tyranny…ignorance is bliss.

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Only the utterly myopic continue to approve of Trump which is still way too many people.


They are beyond being myopic…they are totally blinded by their ignorance.

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Trump has also upset China, with Tilletson’s help saying China has no right to its islands in the South China Sea!! The anti-Iranian motion waiting in the Congress is very dangerous and could lead to war.(lets the POTUS decide, just like Obama the “cool”).

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The opposition is not going to take back the House and Senate until they adopt some of the Trump platform, notably to scap corporate takeovers like TPP and have a job creation plan. Add on some serious peace initiatives, environmental improvements and candidates who are crowd funded like Sanders was and you cannot lose.


In all honesty the people often do not know what they want and when a president does get a favored item back to his desk to sign half the population is going to be negative about it.I noticed that Shrub One had a pretty high rating for most of his single term which is strange considering his positive numbers. It really does tell us that the approval rating is much like election polling, good for selling ad space and little else…

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It would be interesting to know how many of those who disapprove were Trump voters. I personally know of a few and it only took them 3 days to disapprove.

On NBC news the news reader spoke about according to a PP poll the people agreeing with trump is 48 percent and the number disagreeing with trumps is 42 percent. The newsreader did say the poll was about 2 weeks old.

What, exactly, happened? Was this a fascist coup? Is Trump absolute dictator? Were Congress and the courts disbanded? It appears that Trump has carte blanche. Where are all those “checks and balances?”

Democrats are eerily quiet, MIA from most news reports, noticeable only in their fund raising letters (“I quietly objected to Sessions! Send your urgent donation to…”).

You really think that’s Trump’s agenda? He’s a hard right-winger who has already threatened war, and you think that’s a “peace agenda?”

Sometimes, an old bull “goes bad,” becomes dangerously irrational and needs to be put down. It looks like a portion of the population have a lot in common with old bulls.

" Was this a fascist coup?"

No my dear, the fascist Coup de^ grace was done in November 1963. It has been covert, ever since, and the Trump administration is just the result of it now being overt.

These statistics wouldn’t surprise you if you knew that presidents are selected before they are chosen to run in the dog and pony show to entertain the masses and make them believe they live in a democracy.