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It Was a Blue Wave Election—And the Republicans Are Feeling the Fallout

It Was a Blue Wave Election—And the Republicans Are Feeling the Fallout

Steven Rosenfeld

The 2018 midterms were a blue wave—despite what Fox News hosts blared on Wednesday morning, mimicking the line White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders offered late on election day.

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With the Blue Wave the Democrats must waterboard all of the repulsive Republicans to extract all of the crimes they’ve committed that we don’t know about.

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Tester won Montana. If Sinema pulls it out in Arizona, that is a one seat loss net in the Senate. Given the challenging Senate map, with 10 Democrats running in heavy Trump states, that is a huge win. Plus those governorships (Wisconsin is nice). That’s a wave, if not a beachhead.


37+ gain: House of Representatives in the Democratic column is still possible. The Senate may still be in flux for Democrats at Turkey Time.
51-47-2 is within the realm of the possible, as well. A draw would be ok. Governorships for Democrats was another positive and Georgia will become an object lesson for those who want an end put to crude voter suppression and racially motivated political shenanigans. " It ends now " should be the new mantra in Georgia and elsewhere.
Yes, it wasn’t a pretty ordeal to behold last night but the progressives in the Democratic Party did some great work.
Keith Ellison- Congrats!
Tony Evers- Congrats!
To Be Cont.- Congrats!


Sinema has 100K+ votes hanging around in Maricopa Cty.; sure hopes she finds them, quickly.


I don’t watch tv but there’s one in the employee break room where I work.
I noticed an ad that said “Stop the Liberals!”
That’s how republicans are motivating their base- by fear and hate.
All this divisiveness and hate clearly comes from the Republicans.
I agree with you; it needs to end now.


No proof of that. R U afraid of Sharia Law, punk?
Why don’t you rove around the bottom of the outhouse where you came from, danny boy.
Besides, Minnesota’s DF-L had a pretty good night last night.

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He’s probably afraid of Sharia Law, as interpreted and applied by revengeful women.

I don’t pray. I’m an atheist. I don’t need a prayer rug.

If “they” (whoever “they” are) were to do me that, I would be completely nonplussed.

Of course, anyone losing their freedom will miss it. If anyone were to do that to me, it would more likely to be someone like you, not “them” (whoever “they” are).

You seem easily frightened by “others”, what makes you so weak and insecure?


It was but blue drool dripping from the side of a senile Uncle Sam’s toothless mouth.

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How does winning the popular vote for Senate but losing two Senate seats qualify as a victory?

The d-party needs to face facts: 35 small population states hold the power in this country and they’re almost all conservative. Under the circumstances, I would expect the Rs to hold the Senate for decades to come.

I guess we’re all going to have to move to Wyoming, then Idaho, then Kansas, then Iowa, then North and South Dakota for each upcoming election.

Especially when GP spoilers in Arizona make it harder to turn an old racist red state purple. Sinema was undercut by folks that don’t do %s, evidently.
I’d like to know how many Dreamers think the GP is on their side in Arizona, currently.
You might want to think about that down the road. And, it’s a very long road called Memory Lane, methinks. Just lamentin’.

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II am an opportunistic Green voter (I vote Green in CA for president and I would have voted green in that top 2 race between a Green and a Democrat but I’m cognizant of a potential spoiler effect in other races). That said I don’t know what it will take to get Democrats to stop blaming Green voters or Green candidates for their candidates not winning. It is a total failure of a strategy and may make them feel good but it does almost nothing to appeal to Green voters.

Also are you aware that this green candidate pulled out of the race? (https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2018/11/04/green-nominees-withdrawal-injects-new-drama-into-tense-senate-race/). Some voted Green anyway but I really doubt many of those voters were willing to vote D.

There are several smart ways to win more of the Green vote:

  1. Agree to push for RCV as the Green party has.

  2. Agree to meet and even debate Green party candidates (Ralph Nader gives the Democrats plenty of free advice in the form of letters and the never even acknowledge him - the WikiLeaks email releqse showed that in 2016 this was deliberate and coordinated with a former Walmart exec (https://adage.com/article/campaign-trail/walmart-wendy-clark-apple-target-hillary-clinton-campaign-wikileaks/306287/).

  3. Ask for votes, don’t expect them automatically. Jackie Robinson had to support Nixon before Democrats would not take the African American vote completely for granted. No Green voter wants to be taken for granted either.

Yes, I’m aware of the actions of the GP candidate in that race.
R U aware of how large that coal pile and coal-fired. power plant is along the Interstate in AZ? Do you think McSally will close that disastrous abomination?
Me either.
The Greens and Arizona’s Dreamers. " Never the twain shall meet ", sound about right?

Yes between the votes not being counted aliens, dead and computer rigging you won lol its the only way retards would re-elect maxine waters man do people have a brain any more?

project veritas

what more proof do you need

while the Dem takeover of the House may (at least for now) save what’s left of our democracy, social security and medicaid/medicare, and there a few signs of progress here and there, it was still a big disappointment that the American people didn’t overwhelmingly reject the GOP/Trump regime and its stands for bigotry, environmental destruction, misogyny, corporate giveaways, contempt for democratic norms including attacks on the press, and general moral rot. Lets not kid ourselves, this is sad!

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The 2018 midterms were a blue wave . . . Back to the false assertion that this isn’t a blue wave. - Steven Rosenfeld

Steven, your claim that the midterm elections were a ‘blue wave’ your dismissal of those of us who disagree are no better than Donald Trump’s claim that the midterm elections were a victory for him and that denial is ‘Fake News’.

Yes Democrats won more victories in the House of Representatives. However, the Republicans won more in the Senate. Yes, the Democrats won some important governors races, but the Republicans did as well.

Right leaning legislators have structured elections to dissuade, disenfranchise, and prohibit people of color from voting. Additionally, the electoral system has become so driven by money, that the US is, effectively, a plutocracy. These factors significantly decrease the chances of a ‘blue wave’. You do nothing to promote progressive change by claiming that the recent elections were a ‘Blue Wave’ and dismissing the analysis of those of us who identify that the lack of a ‘blue wave’ resulting from structure barriers to democrat electoral processes.

Those damn voters. You’d better shake your fist harder at them in 2020.

Oh, and here’s a suggestion: Next time your party should run someone even more to the right. I mean, let’s face it, Sinema was too liberal.

Steven Rosenfeld organized some DNC post-election talking points into a short propaganda piece and Common Dreams published it. With their extremely modest victory in hand the corporate Dems will spend the next two years investigating the Donald’s tax returns and (blah blah blah…)