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It Was a Blue Wave Election—And the Republicans Are Feeling the Fallout


Steven Rosenfeld organized some DNC post-election talking points into a short propaganda piece and Common Dreams published it. With their extremely modest victory in hand the corporate Dems will spend the next two years investigating the Donald’s tax returns and (blah blah blah…)


Caravans and illegals was the theme 24-7 in my red district. Really high turnout too. There are 60,000 more registered Republicans where I live and they responded to that message (talk to my neighbors).

The idea that Medicare for All is some dynamic game changer is clearly what we just like to tell ourselves. These people aren’t turning out for what will help people, but what will hurt people that aren’t white and “good” like them. They just don’t trust anyone not with an R next to their name to represent them at the federal level. This election demonstrated that in spades, and how closely divided this country is.


Greens are so smart they’ve outsmarted every progressive in Arizona, starting with themselves. And, screwed themselves with Dreamers, too. Why you’d do that might tell more about the GP’s white privilege and authoritarian leanings than they’d like to admit.


Can you skip the argle bargle and just type in LOTE? Thanks.


Wow, we get to watch Sinema close down that coal-fired plant after all.


She’s going to be the Sr. Senator from Arizona right from the beginning since Kyl is a temporary fill-in. " It’s better to be lucky than good ". The GP and progressives have to convince her to be both, now.


Yes, Yippee!, the vote here in good old MN was quite gratifying.
I want to see vote all of the dang votes counted in states where blatant, in-your-face ratfckery is going on; it is important to me and any fair-minded person to do so, and well worth the wait.