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'It Was an Outrage': Mike Pompeo Celebrates Defeated ICC Probe Into US War Crimes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/28/it-was-outrage-mike-pompeo-celebrates-defeated-icc-probe-us-war-crimes

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If the Nuremberg Principles were fairly applied, there’s not a single US president since FDR who wouldn’t be guilty of war crimes—and quite a number of CIA brass and “national security” advisors as well. Nice move by Bolton and Pompeo to cover their felonious butts.


War Criminals never take a day off.


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“Americanism means taking care of our own,” said Pompeo.
“Americanism means taking care of our own,” said Pompeo.

NO! “americanism” means thinking the u.s.a. is better than everyone and everything, no matter how BULLSHIT things really are, while claiming a “moral superiority” and “power superiority” over all other individuals, groups, or countries anywhere in the world.

Damn! Where is that stray asteroid???!!!

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The ICC should go on with the trials, convict in absentia, and place the convicted persons on Interpol’s wanted list. Step outside of the US, arrested. Do it ICC, I double dog dare you.


Exactly as with Trump, MP should not be allowed to remain the U.S.A.

Karma is a bitch. The US Regime needs to remember this…

Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. -

Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 26, 26:52),

Thank you, thank you. I second the motion.

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Soldiers are not prosecuted for murder in wars - from either side.
Pompeo was talking about the individual american army soldier and marine.
Therefore, he is on solid ground.

Why did Bolton add Israel to the threat of sanctions against members of the ICC.

War crimes in the middle east by USA at behest of the britz and french have occurred for over 65 years.

Wondering if we are criminally responsible for selling, giving weapons to Israel who then killed over 1,300 civilians in Palestine a couple years ago. Wondering if the WMD’s we sold to Iraq in the 1980’s that were used agin Iran soldiers deserves some thought on this subject.

Just following orders does not stand in my book.

  1. The US army soldier and marine are very well trained that they never have to follow an illegal order.
  2. I have never proposed the excuse of ‘just following orders’. Raised and educated that I am solely responsible for my actions and omissions.
  3. I also have personal experience of shoot real bad guys or do not shoot.
  4. Cheney is the war criminal I do want to see indicted. Instead, he gets a heart transplant.
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If you like bullies who beat the living shite out of weak vassal states who cower, you gotta love the good ole USA.

atrocities are heinous whether committed by civilians or soldiers. Of course when the U.S. does war crimes it was simply “spreading democracy”. God bless and we thank you for your butchery.

If they can’t investigate the perps with the most widely dispersed atrocities, as well as the most disruptive, and most numerous, then what is the ICC for? Are there no brakes to be put on this out of control Empire running Us toward the cliff?

bolton on solid ground ??? he is a warmonger for Israel

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During the ILLEGAL Iraq war all soldiers on the Coalition side were following orders that were illegal. There was a small handful that claimed the war Illegal and refused to participate and they were prosecuted in military courts.(See Ehren Watada as example)

Others such as Chelsea Manning who revealed US War Crimes committed against Iraqis were prosecuted and now sits in a prison.

Major General Antonio Taguba , who investigated Abu Ghraib and revealed the war crimes committed by the US Military was forced into an early retirement.


Australia also participated in this illegal war and it worth noting that a |number of airstrikes by Australian Pilots were aborted because they saw children or Civilians in the area and decided a strike on the same would constitute a war crime. These missions were then reassigned to US Pilots all of whom immediately bombed the targets in question.

The US Military also used Phosphorous munitions in Fallujah even though their own manual indicated that these not to be used in Civilian areas.Those well trained soldiers in all the examples given did not refuse any of these illegal orders.


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Despite its horrific nature, war does have rules of conduct. No nation or persons should be allowed to arbitrarily break these rules, set by international courts of law. The very essence of the term war criminals implies this.

Which attack?
We did three times.
And there were 15,000 foreign fighters.
No civilians.
and we got beat two times.
Not to be confused with desert storm, which is also labeled the gulf war.

Phosphorus grenade hit the general in the chest standing next to me on my left. He was badly burned. I was wearing eye glasses which saved my sight.