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It 'Was Sport' to Dodge Taxes, Admits Trump, After NYT Details Epic Business Failures

It 'Was Sport' to Dodge Taxes, Admits Trump, After NYT Details Epic Business Failures

Jon Queally, staff writer

In response to a bombshell New York Times report detailing that President Donald Trump posted higher losses on his tax filings during certain years in the 1980s and 90s than perhaps "any other individual" in the country—more than a $1 billion over a decade—president confirmed Wednesday morning that what he was really up to at the time was creating a massive "

I have relatives with significant “land” wealth and they go to great lengths to NOT be seen as wealthy. The tactic of exposing tRump as a “poser” will cause the country folk to be a bit hesitant in supporting him.

However, these types may have already escaped his scam. It’s the stupid wannabees and fellow posers who support their own. Better to pull the trigger and investigate THESE real scams than the Clinton/DNC Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense.


Let’s not pretend even for a moment that this behavior is unique to Trump in light of the “greed is good” mantra so pervasive back in the day, and in fact for time immemorial.


He is doing the same thing to our Economy

He is a Liar and a Thief, and his Actions are Killing the Planet

We don’t have the time to Ignore any longer

Throw him and his Criminal Cabal types from Office

Make it Plain…Time for a New Deal

Stewardship…ReGreen the Planet


In today’s ‘modernized’ tax and bankruptcy codes this would be considered amateurish. Trump gamed a system that was designed to be gamed by Washington politicians.


Yep, it was sport running for president. Donald Trump is such a sportive boy.

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Nice to see the NY Times doing real journalism like it used to; in between advocating for the latest war-de-jour.


Him being the Worst is a common theme all the way around. Remove him now!


It’s going to all come out eventually. Too late for the dumb schmucks that voted for him but it will come out.


“As these records make clear, Trump was perhaps the worst businessman in the world. His entire campaign was a lie,” Pascrell added. “He didn’t pay taxes for years and lost over one billion dollars―how is that possible? How did he keep getting more money and where on earth was it all going?”
Because you can in this system…The Trump “opposition” is digging itself further into a hole and building more resentment by focusing on Russiagate, Trump’s taxes, impeachment, etc., instead of coming up with viable solutions to our monumental social, foreign policy, legal messes. I am not a Trump supporter nor am I a fan of the “faux-opposition” political forces; We are on the road to disaster and I fear we are beyond the point of no return.
Trump (or any other) taking advantage of our tax/law system(s) is just being “American”…and most times the news lauds how smart those individuals are.


No, it won’t affect their views of Trump at all. They will simply dismiss all of it as “fake news” and cite how Trump got the BLM/USFS/EPA etc. off their backs.

An at any rate, their shiny new huge $60,000 pickup trucks and deluxe “gators” and “4 wheelers” they use to ride over their property always rendered ridiculous their “simply country boy” image.


The man is bankrupt. Morally, financially, and spiritually…


Chump sez:
Dodging taxes “was sport.”

And he’s progressed from winning his intramural league title to being named commissioner of the world’s premier professional tax-dodging league.


This article sheds light on what is going on in states and cities across the country.

I hardly recognize my city any longer so many developers building condos and apartments and…states, counties and cities having to gut programs, education, social services. Maybe this explains why. Tax dodgers developers? It also creates jammed roadway and highways and freeways causing we the people more time and costly car repairs and states, cities and counties cannot afford the cost of maintaining the roads.
Inequality is a spiraling downward complex issue for a functioning society and nation.


“Bombshell report”? The guy is who he is, he always has been, and it’s always been obvious. A crook, a cheat, and a scam artist. The perfect mascot for these times.


Except we all suffer not just his base.


But this is not news about Trump. This is news about an outrageous system that produces and encourages Trumps. The ordinary person, even when unemployed, pays taxes to the Republic, and can’t afford to loose $100 per year, let alone $100 million. Had NY Times done its job right, this system (which has only gotten worse), would have been exposed 30 years ago. Dear old establishment NY Times.


Except that Russia, Russia, Russia, appears deeply involved in the Trump organization financial scams.


Another shot of adrenaline injected into Trump’s base: Their hero gets away with murder…So smart!

In other news, the d-party is shooting down all liberal policy proposals to win over moderate Republicans.


His Fan Base will love him more because his business deals dealt in Billions and he was clever enough to avoid paying any taxes.

Only suckers pay taxes according to Mr Trump.

Let the Lower and Middle Class peasants pay for Infrastructure and the Military, we Fake Billionaires are too busy refurbishing our Yachts and Jets to be bothered paying Taxes.