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It Was the Rise of the Davos Class That Sealed America’s Fate


It Was the Rise of the Davos Class That Sealed America’s Fate

Naomi Klein

hey will blame James Comey and the FBI. They will blame voter suppression and racism. They will blame Bernie or bust and misogyny.


Klein sez: "They will blame James Comey and the FBI. They will blame voter suppression and racism. They will blame Bernie or bust and misogyny. They will blame third parties and independent candidates. They will blame the corporate media for giving him the platform, social media for being a bullhorn, and WikiLeaks for airing the laundry."

You forgot Russia. The PBS crew fingered Putin and his henchmen on air last night. It must be true!


Well, don't keep us in suspense. what is it???


Thank you, Naomi. Your light shines fiercely in this darkening strom.


This bit of persuasion relies on the assumption that there will be another election in this country, a chance to change this nightmare. There will not. The Reich has been placed in power, and they will not risk that power by allowing free or fair elections. Expect the camps to open within the year.


"The Davos Class"

Perfect description of the arrogant, insulated elites.


So why didn't you endorse Stein instead of going along with the we-have-to-elect-Clinton wagon? She was proposing all those things.


I agree with Ms.Klein but would only add this; Trump isn't going to do anything for the people he purports to represent. He benefits greatly from this system and won't change it one bit to help his angry voters. It was all talk. They will figure this out soon enough. In six months, Trump might not even care about the presidency anymore and let the system managers handle it while he wires up the Oval Office for pay-for-view or turns his new house into the White House Casino and Resorts Hotel. Maybe he'll whip up some Mexican and Muslim lynch mobs for some laughs but he doesn't care about anyone or believe in anything. And the rich Democrats don't either.
This may well be a time for a real radical movement.



Concise and correct! It is great to hear Naoni Klein tap her original anti-golbocapitalism roots from her "No Logo" days.

But let's remember - the problem is the system, not people, not even "the elites". You all should consider getting to one of these cheap short-courses (the networking and organizing contacts you make being as important as the lectures) - I'll be at the one in Columbus - anyone in Pittsburgh or along the way there contact me for organizing the ride on the 19th.:


We need a 21st century Ross Perot to wear us down with charts (like he did in 1992) showing just how messed up the duopoly is and how redirecting taxpayers' money already being spent by Congress on corporate welfare can provide the revitalization the middle class needs.


Naomi Klein is a Canadian - but most people outside the US were mystified by this peculiarly USAn "anyone but Hillary" position. The point of preferring Clinton was strategic - the idea being that one votes not because one one likes a candidate - but becasue of strategic objectives - in this case creating a "terrain" that is easier for organizing. The analogy is climbing Everest starting at the base camp high on the Khumbu Glacier versus climbing Everest straight from downtown Kathmandu.

But all this is water under the bridge at his point and the recriminations must stop. Organize!


I'm in.
They have already started blaming Comey, I'm sure Bernie is on the list. It is sad these people of the "Davos" class have little self reflection.
We do need a powerful movement to inspire the people Bernie put into action but I have to wonder why you and others didn't see Jill Stein and the Green Party as a good starting place? Her values are in line with Bernie's and in some ways even more progressive.
I guess my point is, why don't all of these groups get together and lend their votes and power to one umbrella? So many groups already active and yet so powerless. Together (I hate to say this) we are stronger.
Our Revolution is active as well, why aren't all of these people together???


A righteous call to unite, organize, and resist. Hopefully at least with the vileness that is Trump winning, it will put to rest the idea that the human world and the planet can be saved with itty-bitty incremental cosmetic tweaks to the system that created the problem in the first place. The idea that everything can stay pretty much as it is, that those of us who live in relative consumer-driven comfort can remain there without really sacrificing much at all. That was never going to work. Now it's time for mass civil disobedience, general strikes, true resistance. And not just in the US but also in those wealthy capitalist neo-lib countries that are going to try and pretend that it is possible to basically keep business running as usual.


deleted by me


You do know that Comey, who heads the FBI - in not a friend of the left either, right?


Why do you write, 'I hate to say this'? At a time when humanity is a quality we all need to assess, in our deepest selves as well as in what we actually do, writing 'Together we are stronger' is surely an affirmative call to action for the collective good? Or were you fearing something different?


... An agenda to take on the billionaire class with more than rhetoric, and use the money for a green new deal.

Hmm, haven't I heard that phrase "green new deal" before? How about some credit where credit is due?

That failure [to connect with older black and Latino voters] prevented the campaign from reaching its full potential.

And here I was thinking it was the rampant sabotage of the campaign by the DNC, as documented in the Wikileaks Podesta emails, that was the major source of that campaign's undoing! Thanks for setting me straight.


I think that we will see very quickly that Trump will just be a mouthpiece while Trump takes care of his own private business interests (and of course parading his ego whenever he can).
The government will be run by Pence just as it was run by Cheney under Dubya.


I'm sorry Ms Klein, but it wasn't his failure to connect with "elderly Latinos...." The media and the DNC both conspired against him; and he almost won.


I voted for Stein, but we all knew she didn't have a chance because the corporate media would never introduce her to the general public. So why did I vote for her? Because that's how it is supposed to work in a democracy; you vote for the person you feel is the best person qualified to do the job.
Most Americans though were only introduced to Trump and Clinton. Even though most Americans still don't quite understand the reasons for our elitist cabal in D.C., they do know that something stinks in Denmark. I doubt very many Trump voters were really impressed with the Donald, but one thing they knew for sure... that Donald Trump wasn't part of Hillary's "establishment". It is the same establishment that all of us progressives despise. It had nothing to do with ideology or the right versus the left. It had everything to do with cleaning (White) house and as with Obama many Americans are hoping that perhaps someone else can end the cycle of a bunch of political elitists who truly believe that the 99% are a bunch of morons.
Is Donald Trump the answer? Of course not, but at least he's not part of the despised establishment as far as most Americans are concerned.
Klein is right that fascism plays on peoples anguish and fears and that the best response is a robust plan from the Left. But unfortunately in America the stranglehold that corporate elites have on our media, makes these times quite different than those days of the early twentieth century when a few inspired souls armed with a printing press and a promise to directly challenge the elites could garner the support of the working classes. I thought the internet and social media could possibly replace those earlier mavericks, but the media has had a long time to reel in the general public while misdirecting their anger towards anything and everything... except the backroom CEO's that sign their pay checks.
I don't know when the Trump honeymoon will end, but end it will. And maybe next time the average American will realize that it truly is an ideological battle that will either end with a victory for the 99% or the enslavement of us all.