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'It Was—Then as Now—Clearly a Coup': NYT Finally Gets Around to Reporting OAS Fraud Election Claims in Bolivia Were Bogus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/08/it-was-then-now-clearly-coup-nyt-finally-gets-around-reporting-oas-fraud-election


Was patently obvious from the beginning. But hey, here in the US we don’t look back ever, do we?

Will either Congress or the Senate address this? Not a chance in hell.


This was a coup to dominate the lithium market.


People on these boards were posting those claims bogus at the times and were linking to a myriad of articles suggesting such.

There is no way the NYT would have been unaware of this at the time they were claiming fraud. In other words, as usual they were LYING in order to generate support for the Change in Government. Coming back months later and admitting they got it wrong fits an old familiar pattern.

They are a Propaganda outlet for the Corporate State and nothing more.


The N.Y. Times: all the news that fits… our agenda.


The foundation of society is trust. Without trust, there is only force. People now mistrust all authority.

We know the MSM lies. We know the MSM is fake news.

Before the Internet, access to alternative news was difficult. Now other perspectives are readily available (if you care to look). Those perspectives often match reality better than the official ones. The MSM’s ability to maintain its lies is faltering.

Which is why there are attempts to restrict access to alternative, albeit accurate, so-called fake news sources in favor of approved, albeit deceitful, news sources.

It’s not just the MSM (but they’re a huge part of it) but people are coming to realize that our most important public institutions are dangerously broken. And they were broken on purpose.

What kind of democracy forces people to vote for someone they despise to stop someone they despise more? What kind of economy steadily impoverishes increasing numbers of people and transfers wealth from the poor to the rich? What kind of healthcare system routinely deprives the needy of care? What kind of police murder people openly?

Tellingly, when I searched on “George Floyd,” just now, the first Google suggestion was “george floyd criminal past.” You’d think it would be “george floyd murder.” The 6th suggestion is “George floyd death” and “george floyd murder” never appears. What kind of algorithm works like that?

All powerful entities support the excessively rich and are allied against us. None of them are on our side.

If we wish to restore a vestige of democracy, disbanding our police forces is just a start. We must replace the entities that control our access to the Internet. We must disband corporate-controlled MSM sources. We must rebuild our society from scratch.


Now, both the NY Times and the OAS must demand the restoration of the Presidency of Evo Moralis and both made to pay a hefty financial penalty.


Common Dreams is factually inaccurate. On Feb. 28 the NYT did report on the bogus fraud charges. The headline read:

“ M.I.T. Researchers Cast Doubt on Bolivian Election Fraud”

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I did a search and it looks like the NYT reported it Feb,28m 2020 and June 7, 2020. Did not see anything else. It took them three months after the coup.

And the only way the US will ever come clean about Boliva (and Venezuela) will be after decades have made the crimes committed by US actors un prosecutable.


201 18th St NW
Washington, DC

A criminal fascist organization protecting the oligarch thieves of both Americas. Their motto is: More Rights For More People … you can’t make up this sh**.


But pretty quick with this:


On issues of war and suppressing leftist movements, the NYTimes is invariably on the wrong side.


They’ve been consistent, though. Very, very consistent, actually. It’s the hobgoblin of lackeys.
They’ve got blood in their ink, Bolivian this time.
Sen. Cotton’s op-ed was only a mistake after it potentially caused a death in the NYT family; ya’ know, real death threats to their key employees, supposedly.
We are becoming no better than Turkey or Mexico, the NYT is helping us get there faster.


for some reason links aren’t allowed in comments here. go to wikispooks dot com and search for ‘corporate media’ for a good short article on how mendacious and deep state controlled american corporate media is.

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Too bad Weisbrot is such a consummate pro.
He could of justifiably really lowered the boom on the OAS; also lowered the boom on Trudeau, whose public face only hides a better hypocrite than Trump. But little else, as they are both int’l war criminals. Canada is overrated, currently,.


Have they admitted to all the coups in Venezuela? The last one less than a year ago, no they still are still working on it with the right win(g in Venez. Reagan sold weapons to Iran who is not our enemy? Who sold weapons to Iraq Saudam Hussein or whatever is name was.

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I suspect something similar may have happened here with the Democcratic primary, we can see why when we look at the fact that had Bernie won, longtime deceptions of the American people perpetrated by a trade agreement that takes away our rights to regulate, for example, health care, would have been exposed. Right now we dont have democracy because of a del made in the 1990s that also trades away our good jobs. So Bernie could not be allowed to win because his entire platform is violative of this agreement. When one investigates it that is obvious. So, the media really should be bringing that up but isnt. We’re being led like pigs to the slaughter of democracy.


It always was. The legitimate government of Bolivia was negotiating with Chinese Corporations for the extraction of rare earth minerals that Canadian and American Corporations want to control.


The Powell Memo laid out the game plan for the Corpse and Elite in 1970 to address an excess of Democracy . It has been following the strategy for 50 years of stealing the commons of the people and controlling our govt, courts, media, and financial institutions.