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It Won't Be Cheap But It Will Be Worthwhile: Sending Trump to Space


It Won't Be Cheap But It Will Be Worthwhile: Sending Trump to Space

We all have our breaking point. With the hate-spewing hot-air balloon Trump, there have been multiple-choice affronts - Mexican rapists, Muslim killers, the wall, the Jews, his besties "the blacks," his BFF Putin, and his boorish charge Hillary got "schlonged." But a gift for the holidays: He lost a key golf tournament and a big battle in Scotland to stop wind farms, he's been named Lie of the Year, a half million U.K. residents want him banned, and almost 60,000 here want to send him to space. The comments on the petition: Priceless.


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We need to outlaw the concept of a billionaire. Even millionaires are an unacceptable burden on society. They completely violate the "one-man-one-vote" foundation of democracy.

Case in point are the Koch Brothers. Oil Billionaires who have spent hundreds of millions bribing Universities, Climate researchers, and our elected representatives.


Enough about this dickhead.
More articles about Bernie please!!! For example, what did he have for breakfast yesterday?
If you really can't find anything else to write about, how about an article on toenail fungus? I'd rather read about toenail fungus than Donald Trump thank you.


I agree w/Tucson_Don--
If we get more of what we concentrate on, no wonder so much garbage about trashmouth.
More articles on BERNIE--and we will ensure his election???? hey, guys, have you Taken the Pledge ? Pledge
to write in BERNIE if he is not the winner of the DEMS primaries. BERNIE FOR PRESIDENT! Take the pledge @ RevoltAgainstPlutocracy.org or www.citizensagainstplutocracy.org...Do all you can to put TheRightPerson in the Presidency. Knock on doors, Phone Bank, Donate, Write good stuff, do whatever u can. And take the pledge.


Tonight MSNBC is doing the life story of Trump-After Sat. debate it was Hillary vs. Trump in the media. I guess the corporate media is giving up on Bush. The corporate Media are salivating at a Trump president-can you imagine the ratings-it will be a 4yr tv show. And the liberal corporate elites have no idea how they have played a role in creating Trump.


Let me place Trump in his cultural perspective. A modern version of Adolf Hitler capable of gaining enough f&*^witted redneck USAian support to become president. His buffoonery is quite deliberate.


Pointless article.
It seems up to the RNC "brain" trust to decide what to do with
the frontrunner's momentum - now that they've willfully taken him
as one of their candidates. Oh what shall they do?
Too bad for them; he's the ultimate Republican.