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It Would Evidently Be Inappropriate for Amy Coney Barrett To Opine on the Existence of Gravity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/21/it-would-evidently-be-inappropriate-amy-coney-barrett-opine-existence-gravity


Some ides from Teachout on what needs doing but it involves the Democrats growing a spine as in coming out of their fantasy land:


A Barrett Confirmation Is a Catastrophe”: What Democrats Can Do to Block Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

Whatever the outcome this election, we need to seriously prepare for effective action to address the twin existential crisis facing all the species on earth: ecological collapse and nuclear war. It is going to take real heart and perseverance from all of us as the duopoly is clearly an impediment.


barrett, a human looking vessel as empty as trump and acolytes. What a useless herd of turds!


To take her responses seriously, one would have to conclude that Judge Barrett is one of the most ignorant human beings on the face of the planet. One might be provoked to wonder whether she´s even arrived–except that the majority of the U.S. Senate and their owners apparently require a pretended imbecile to create their kind of “theatre,” as both creators and spectators of their own world-class catastrophe. Clearly, the incidence of wealth/power-induced psychopathology isn´t anything approximating incidental, but far more prevalent, and so far more dangerous, than some saner types might have hoped. And for those who understand themselves to be Christian believers, it ought to be clear as calamity that the condemnations of wealth and acquisition as self-damaging, with which the Christian testament is replete, were “right on the money,” so to speak.


Just watch. As a final “FU America!”, many of the GOP Senators not currently up for reelection will vote to confirm this mealy-mouthed baby factory, then announce their intention to retire before their terms are up.


is it okay to vote twice in an election? “It would not be appropriate,” she responded, to opine on “abstract legal issues.”

That is an abstract legal issue? No wonder Trump nominated this court whore for SCOTUS!


I have two questions:

  1. If she cannot answer simple yes or no questions, questions that really don’t need briefs, amici, or discovery, then how in the hell is she ever going to reach a decision on the bench?
  2. If she is so guided by her faith, then how in the hell can she be so belligerent towards any program that helps people? I’m pretty sure that flies in the face of Christian teachings, as I have always understood them.
    Moreover, though, I’m disgusted by her and the Rethuglicans’ blatant cynicism and contempt for the citizens. Do they really think that we don’t know that when Barrett gets to the bench she won’t “opine” on litigation or controversial topics?
    In closing I think we should revisit all the organ donors that have passed, remove their spines, and hand them out to the Dems. I’m sure there some doctors more than willing to perform the operations gratis.

Barrett will do whatever The Federalist Society and/or her religious cult tells her to do.