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'It Would Mean a Trade War': Mexico Warns of 'Disastrous' Consequences After Trump Tariff Threat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/31/it-would-mean-trade-war-mexico-warns-disastrous-consequences-after-trump-tariff

This nitwit will divert the media attention to whatever kind of conflict other than his own, that he can.

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That patriot American and Nobel Prize winning economist Stephen Miller’s plans are all making perfect sense now. Oh wait, never mind…

And as Trump, the GOP and the Wall Street crowd make life more economically difficult on Mexico and immigrants coming through Mexico, they will be increasing the reasons why people come to America. When they succeed in pushing enough people to the brink of death, then the next war will begin. That ncludes Americans too.


Tariffs on Mexico will bring unprecedented levels of economic pain to Americans. Mexico is the second largest importer of goods to the United States. Tariffs will act as a tax on goods imported from Mexico which will be passed on to American consumers.


These tariffs must be making someone or ones extremely wealth.


Apes can be pretty noble characters. A toddler fell 15 feet into a great apes enclosure at a zoo. An adult female gorilla came over and took the injured toddler in her arms.

A connection between Mr. Donald Trump and a male bonobo? Maybe.

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If we wanted to solve the refugee crisis we’d have to think things through.

The refugees are on the run because our CIA overthrew or stifled the natural Central American popular desire for democracy and self-rule. We installed dictators and oligarchs. As a rule, the oligarchs made friends and alliances with drug gangs. The drug gangs needed soldiers and they liked kidnapping or extorting middle class citizens for the money. That’s why the refugees are on the run.

If we thought out this process, we’d say that all people have rights. Furthermore, these people are already economically linked to us, by the pants that they stitch together for our butts and by the coffee that they grow for us. Rights, including the right to vote, must be guaranteed by either a rudimentary hemispheric or a world government. There must be worldwide enforceable penalties, both economic and criminal penalties, for war crimes against civilians.


The most hilarious part of Trump’s bluster is that tariffs aren’t working. As proof, note that when he handed out $12 billion in farm subsidies (aka, corporate welfare) to offset losses due to reduced agricultural exports, he claimed it would be a one-time payout because China would soon sign a new trade deal. Of course, Trump was wrong, and another $16 billion handout is in the news.

And if China decides to restrict exports of rare earth metals – Oh, damn.


The irony here is here in Canada Justin Trudeau is using the recently re-negotiated NAFTA trade deal with Mexico and the US as a platfrom on which to run his next election. The treaty now sits in Parliament waitng to be voted on and signed into law.

Trump just revealed it worth nothing as far as the USA concerned. Canada and Mexico will be expected to live up to its details while the USA will slap on tariffs for any reason they wish.


Hell hath no fury like that of a narcissistic president-scorned who feels he is under siege.
That’s what the caption seems to depict.

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There are not many cars built in the last decade that do not have parts manufactured in Mexico, many U.S .car manufactuers have assembly plants there.
No wonder twump the businessman filed bankruptcy so many times and had hundreds of lawsuits filed against him.

trump sez “Mexico has taken advantage of the US for decades” - that charge is mindless and delusional trump infantile blather and racism as usual!

"The Business Roundtable, one of Washington’s most influential lobby groups, called the decision a grave error.
“Business Roundtable strongly urges the administration not to move forward with these tariffs, which would create significant economic disruption and tax US workers, farmers, consumers and businesses,” it said in a statement.
“Unilateral tariffs on all Mexican imports will not solve the urgent problems of securing our border and fixing our broken immigration system. We urge the administration to engage constructively with our neighbors and allies to resolve trade, migration and security issues in ways that will benefit Americans, not cause economic damage.”

I would add that the well-being of our Mexican brothers and sisters must also be part of the dialogue. When a charge from this malignant idiot is false, as the vast majority of his rantings, the so-called “negotiations” demanded also will be based on lies and one fools destructive views that are not in the interests of anyone - except possibly his mental illness and ego…

Had enough of this mental POS yet?

Yes and just look at how the market responded today

More than one quarter of all Mexican imports into the US are auto-related.

If you wondered how the trillion dollar tax give-away to the richest 1% was going to be paid for, now you know.