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Italians Found Way to 3-D Print Key Ventilator Piece for $1 to Help Battle Coronavirus—So the Company With the Patent Is Threatening to Sue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/18/italians-found-way-3-d-print-key-ventilator-piece-1-help-battle-coronavirus-so


Oh let the suit proceed. I do believe it up to the Court in Italy to decide the amount of the fine to be paid. Make it 1 cent.

Trademark and patent protections are a distortion of "the Free Market’. Champions of the same should be all for repealing those protections.


I’m flabbergasted, gobsmaked, disgusted, and pissed as hell as usual. Naturally, the ongoing mega-enterprise of blood-sucking, under supervision of HHS (Human Harvesting Services) would not be expected to hit the pause button, just because people are dropping dead all over the place.


This is what is required! Grazie, Fracassi, Ramaioli, e Temporaelli, siete proprio bravissimi!


They want “free” markets but everywhere humankind in chains.


If ever there was a case for the necessity defense, this is it.


I’m sure that the corporation in question markets themselves as “compassionate” and “caring” as they “put patients first.”

To shareholders, their message is “there’s no better source of profits than sick people.”

I wonder if Joe Manchin’s daughter is on their Board of Directors?


Guvmint should raid the offices and steal the blue prints.


I would use my standard fuck-off reply to such sociopaths-Go ahead, sue me. In the meantime, I will slut-shame you on every platform on the planet. I will gather names of the people whose lives I saved and form a class-action suit against you, a criminal case for attempted murder one. If you continue with legal action, I will make sure you will pay, through pulling your corporate charter, no matter how many shell companies shelter you.
It’s time to stand up to the bullies and sociopaths. This is the only way to get through this mess.


The unnamed evil corporation wanted $11,000 for this;

The hypocrites only support free markets when it suits them. Normally they enjoy their private market and it’s overpricing and thus patents.
Just ask Mr. Wonderful on Shark tank.


I like a good morality tale as much as anyone, but this seemed a bit over the top, so I read the article in the link, which appears to have been revised. Clearly there was no threat of lawsuit, and the part in question was “considerably less” than the $11,000 mentioned above.



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Post the design online. There are 100,000 (roughly) of us with 3D printers who would love to help.
Patents be damned. If we can’t work together as a world society, we don’t deserve to survive.


Patently pernicious

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Nations that believe they have to do this to save lives can negotiate retroactively with companies holding the patents. Lives are more important!

Nice catch, I don’t like sensationalism in reporting either, but in CD’s defense the update is dated 3/18/20, 5:30 pm ET, after this story was posted here at CD.


That’s incredible. I hope the company wanting all that money goes bust. Serve them right.

This reminds me of the Indian government and what they did. Several years ago, when the treatment for Hep C hit the market, the cost was about a thousand dollars a day, for 3 months worth of treatment, or about $90,000 to eradicate a patient’s hep C. Of course, insurance companies in the US would have to pay. But in India, where Hep C is rampant, there was no way that people could afford it. So the Indian gov took a novel approach. They would void the pharm company’s patent and allow generics to be made, thereby ensuring that everyone would be able to get the drug for low cost. So legally, there was nothing that the big pharm company could do about it. Further, the pharm company feared that if Indian generics could be made for cheap, Americans and others would buy Indian generics and they would lose those thousand dollar doses. So the drug company struck a deal with India, providing treatments for indian patients for about $1 a day, so that it could keep it’s patent and prevent generics from being made. So, in essence, the Italian government could do the same. Invoke a national emergency and void that company’s patent.


That would be willing the battle and losing the war.

It’s moments like this that expose the real face of this system, and give us leverage to tackle it.