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"It'll Start Getting Cooler, You Just Watch": Trump Spits Climate Denialism Right in California's Face

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/itll-start-getting-cooler-you-just-watch-trump-spits-climate-denialism-right


With smoke so thick that no sun light could get through the ambient temperature here remained static (56 degrees F) this past weekend at my venue 500 miles north of the California border is the only example I have seen of cooling. Way more than half of that smoke is from California than from anywhere else.

There were no bees in the air those days, autumn colors accelerated, and migratory birds had their suitcases packed.


Most Californians are experiencing smoke-fouled weather which is not only cooler, but also presents unforeseen challenges for all the meteorological models. In the Bay Area, these are the times which try meteorologists’ souls, because their models are busted and they have to get by on actual weather wisdom. Now we can easily sort the genuine weather geeks (like elfin Darren Peck), who can land on their feet, versus the usual weather bimbos, who have to just shrug and say “This is whacked out, I’m sorry.”

Mostly, we’re on our own, just monitoring the air quality every day in real time, hoping to guess the right time of day for essential outings. Only essential: the air is unhealthy all over the Bay Area right now. Tomorrow some wind is supposed to improve our air, but potentially worsen the North Complex Fire, impinging on Oroville and Paradise.

There’s been so much smoke for so long the birds are disappearing. I can clearly see they’re outta here, and only hope some birds got to somewhere from whence they can someday return.


Someone explain to me, how does Gavin Newsom stand up without a spine?


The virus will just disappear you just watch.

2024 COvid finally under control after 670000 dead “see I told you so”

It will get cooler Just you watch.

120038 California has a cold spell however it uninhabited so no one notices.

“See I told you so.”


Butt . . .   Butt . . .   Mr. Presidunce — I thought you wanted the weather to get WARMER, not COOLER, to help wipe out the non-existent Coronavirus . . .


Those in his “base” (who are pretty base themselves) just lap this stuff up. I saw a real tough guy at his rally interviewed about why he wasn’t wearing a mask, and he said it was because “the virus doesn’t exist.”
How do you fight that level of willful ignorance?


“How do you fight that level of willful ignorance?”

IMO state and local officials need to stop engaging with him, when he sat down without mask, get up and announce this meeting is over due to health risks. They’re not going to get anything from him anyway, why give him a platform to show off to his supporters, and kiss his ring?


The bodies have started getting cold.

In time no trees on earth will be growing in their correct climate zone. We’re going to have lots of forests full of dead white dry sticks with few or zero living trees. Then, the really big fires. Then, further climate change.


Evil rump’s depth of damage gets worse everyday! He sinks further into the cesspool of his own making!


Nothing will interfere with those who worship at the altar of capitalism. They are willing to destroy the world in order to chase their money illusion. End stage capitalism.


How does Trump think without a brain?


Then there is Biden - We can’t afford the Green New Deal, we must frack, we must support the fossil fuel companies.

And to everyone from whom my post elicits, “OK, what’s YOUR plan? Trump no good, Biden no good — We get out of this Hell how? Led by whom? ‘Whom’ elected how? When?” - - I wish I had a reply worth listening to.

We did manage to get the United States to the table to end the Vietnam War - It’s been pretty much downhill since then.


sigh----- Trump is such an idiot. “It will get colder. wow.”… maybe he should read some history too, it would be easier for him than science.

In 1815 the volcano Tambora blew up. In 1816 all over Europe 1816 was the YEAR of NO Summer. The sky covered with ash crossed the Atlantic to America too. I think parts of CA and Oregon are seeing what 1816 was kind of like. The air was so dense from the volcano that NO sunlight could get through, so of course, crops failed, and ash was on people and in the water and no doubt up people’s noses…so hey TRUMP, if fires keep going—maybe America will have a year with no summer too. I am looking forward to the year WITHOUT TRUMP.


RIGHT BLEEPIN’ ON, thank you very much. Who the bleep called this “televised summit,” and who the bleep is the guy at the far end of the table with no mask? And why is ANYONE treating T-Rump with deference? He should be treated with the utmost firmness (at least by people he does not have the authority to fire) as the ignorant, misbehaving child that he is. Basic civility yes, but not one iota more. Newsom seemed cowed, nervous, not well prepared–feeding the bully’s ego.

NOBODY seems willing to figure out what his bluff really consists of and call him on it. This naked emperor is potentially an easy target for the right person, despite the mental illness that he has carefully cultivated since his childhood.


Agree, if there was anything for the states to gain, I might say play his game for the benefit of your constituents, but Trumps not going to help blue states, so screw his game.

Trump is a global warming denier in the same way he was a COVID denier…not. He’s lying…as usual.

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There is an article by Jamil Smith on Rolling Stone titled “The No Lives Matter President.” I think that’s about right, and about the only remedy would be to treat him as such but not to the point of allowing him to become a martyr. Bullies are untouchable until they aren’t. Easy for me to say.


Exactly, Just like the very same COVID denier spat in the face of thousands of Americans. It blows my mind that people aren’t taking to the streets to get rid of this idiot. Do we really want to leave it to the November election and the absentee ballot to get rid of this pestilence?


From the article economagic references (thanks!):

Trump has governed with malevolence from the very start, issuing unnecessary travel bans and locking up immigrant children. But with regards to the pandemic and the threat of domestic terrorism, Trump also has been utterly cavalier with virtually every American life but his own. What we now know, because it’s on tape, is that he consciously allowed his misbegotten notions of masculinity and fortitude to place millions of Americans in danger. Moreover, not only did he falsely profess Covid-19 would go away and promote dangerous miracle cures, Trump purposefully undermined the people who were trying to make it go away. And that is not merely unforgivable, in an ideal world, it would be prosecutable.