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It's 2016. Do You Know Where Your Bombs Are Falling?


It's 2016. Do You Know Where Your Bombs Are Falling?

Rebecca Gordon

The long national nightmare that was the 2016 presidential election is finally over. Now, we’re facing a worse terror: the reality of a Trump presidency.


Is this any way to run the planet?

You're all fired!


Planned depopulation with violence?


The presidential cabinet has been turned into a Junta.


I too have a similar memory of Reagan's CIA sponsored Contra "war" against the Ortega Sandinistas in Nicaragua. I was in an auditorium at Ft Lewis Collage in Durango, Colorado, listening to former CIA employee David McMichael disclose the US involvement in that country. As I listened I was transformed back to my college days at the University of Tennessee during the Vietnam War days when someone from the Nixon Administration cabinet, I believe Melvin Laird, was trying to explain away our illegal involvement in that war. I suddenly awoke from that trance realizing that this war state my country was in never ended. It was no cartoon. Some 35 years later, practically my entire life of 71+ years, that is what my country has done, supposedly in the name of peace and freedom. Assassainations, undeclared wars, chemical warfare, nuclear explosions, unexploded ordinance and whatever other horrors of never ending military conflict have killed millions, injured millions more, destroyed nation's and had lasting, untold environmental impacts on millions upon millions acres of land world wide. If this is peace and security, who needs it?


That is what Mother Nature is now telling us.


Yes, that's a good one. Must be rolling in the old grave.


Great post, and I too have had countless memories of which war are we in now etc? And it was always explained away like we were the cowboys with the white hats always speading "democracy" around the world. I remember protesting the War in VietNam while in college way back then. People had to justify why they were against killing people to tell them not to kill people. Yes, it was never ending , and I realized( although I hoped I was wrong that war is the expression and justification of the militarized/industrialized complex. That war was profit. That somehow the war my late parents went through(WW2) was different- that these "wars of choice " were for........well let's face it oil, resources. Calling civilians and property in other countries "collateral damage" while yelling "freedom isn't free" in the name of democracy as you said "Who needs it?"


Of course- with the old sending the young into war nothing new there.


Yes, are we so surprised that nature is taking back what humans have made a mess of?


And I wouldn't be surprised that, put into a pinch where the evidence is indisputable, Mr. Trump would quickly disavow all of the relevant appointees to save his own hide.


Thank you, Ms. Gordon . . . we needed that reality check!


Trump is a wildcard. What I like a lot about him, is the the evil dynasty families who have destroyed America, clinton and bush, hate him. The GOP hates him. Apparently, certain sectors of the Intel world hate him. That's quite the endorsement, as far as I am concerned.

We are really rolling the dice now. The odds, however, are still against us. At least we got away from the crooked Clinton roulette wheel... Just more of the same: Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb....


I appreciate your way of seeing that. The only thing I wonder about is if the Clintons, Bushes, etc., actually "hate" him. After all, he used to be good friends with the Clintons. I'm not sure that things will have changed that much. So, let's say . . . I don't like his taste in Clintons. Not sure about the Bushes, but I'd bet that good 'ol George W. wouldn't pass up a business opportunity with Mr. Trump, if it served his purposes well.

Mongrels don't discriminate, but most of them seem to love the bomb.


Yeah. His Cabinet is pretty scary. The goldman sachs pucker on his Cabinet makes me thing the election didn't matter. It was Goldman wars or Goldman wars...

But Trump made his money, not on wars, but on real estate and casinos. He's rumored to have 250 businesses in Russia, so disrupting them with war is not in the interest of his bottom line. So we dodged the nuke war bullet maybe, if we can just show Lame Duck Obomber the door before he has us all glowing in the dark...

Barry's "Putin must pay a terrible price" talk has me up at nights. It's like Double Agent Barry Soetoro is trying to suspend the transfer of power or something.