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It's 2020 But the Dangerous Myth About the So-Called "Liberal" Media Are Still Going Strong

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/16/its-2020-dangerous-myth-about-so-called-liberal-media-are-still-going-strong


CNN and MSNBC are anything but “leftist.”

The way they flash the “Orange Anus’s” face full-screen all the frigging time is most disgusting as it seems they’re trying to tell us something, like what I am not sure of but what I really cannot understand is, why do they even cover his incessant lies at all.

It’s not news, it’s fucking lies.



There is simply no corporate-owned “left” media in the USA. For obvious reasons, as “the left” supports “the have-nots,” while corporations are “the haves.” But this means there can never be a “left” analogue to Fox “News,” even though if there were it would build a huge audience. This audience would not be a corporate-friendly audience, not susceptible to manipulation by corporate selection of subjects to be reported, or corporate spin on the subjects that are.

Democracy Now! is the closest we come to a “major” left news outlet in the USA, and is independent of corporate funding, though reliant on major grants in addition to listener donations. Goddess bless Amy Goodman, but she can only do so much against the massive weight of bought media.

Common Dreams is tiny compared to any of these outlets, and itself has a particular framing and spin which always advocates working within the Democratic Party to promote progressive and social democratic voices within the party. They do publish some actual left analysis in the “Views” panel on the right side of the front page, but it is not their central purpose for existing, only there to broaden their audience, and possibly expose the mainstream progressives here to some wider views.

And Christensen does not include in his assessment the social media bubble generator which serves to reinforce and amplify the corporate and right-wing selection and spin of the so-called “mainstream,” actually corporate, news media.

We have our work cut out for us, in this environment, to continue to promote reality-based education and reporting that builds a real alternative power base to challenge the corporations that, in David Korten’s phrase, “rule the world.”


Such informative summary. Need to read it twice. I would have liked though, that in addition to old media (corporate model), that it would have also provided some numbers for the new independent media, mostly entirely based on the internet - to see the reach to the youngs. As comparatively speaking, I read the other day that the Young Turks has reached a 5 million audience?


It’s yet another example of the Big Lie effect: Keep repeating it until people start believing it’s the truth. The right wing has been doing this since the 1970s, and we have two generations of Americans who have been hearing this their entire lives. And it’s not surprising that this has spread internationally. It’s no coincidence that Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is global.

On another note, I was sardonically amused by the photo and caption of the Florida Trumpfest held by “Villagers for Trump” posted at the top of the article. As a lifelong fan of the 1960s British TV miniseries The Prisoner, I was immediately reminded of “the Village” where the Prisoner (Number Six, played by series creator Patrick McGoohan), a British intelligence agent who angrily resigns, is being held along with other spies from around the world. Posing some kind of threat to the established order, all of them are there to have their secrets extracted and are then subdued into obedience.

One episode, “Free for All,” concerns Village elections, which are simply Kabuki Theater–at one point, Number Six notes, “Everybody votes for a dictator”–but, nevertheless, Number Six runs for the top post, Number Two, thinking he can then plot an escape. [Spoiler alert] Number Six does win, and shown into the office of Number Two, he gets on the intercom to broadcast to the Villagers: "I am in charge! I have control! I am in command! Obey me and be free!"

I get the feeling that the “Villagers for Trump” in Florida respond well to “obey me and be free.” They are surely textbook examples of psychologist Bob Altemeyer’s right-wing authoritarian followers.


I feel that because of the complete control by the right wing, corporate driven media, more and more people will abandon mainstream media over the next few years using the internet to educate themselves. However, Biden initially entered the presidential race after receiving a fortune from Comcast and Verizon to help them undermine net neutrality. Now those media giants have their man in D.C.
What is really needed is a robust, publicly funded State media that does not rely on corporate funding (ads) to exist. The public media network should use a public panel to decide content that is drawn from community based groups. naturally any proposal like this will be ignored and/or dismissed by corporate media as a ‘socialist attempt to destroy America’ with little opposition simply because as the author points out, too many people have bought into the “liberal media myth”.


They cover his lies because the MSM is in the business of misinformation. Any corporate media executive who refuses to follow the Great Western Narrative, will be summarily dismissed. When you work for any corporate media, a journalist is strictly limited on the stories they can cover if they have any sort of political implications such as examining poverty in the U.S. or universal healthcare abroad.
As Mark Twain once said… “Those who don’t read the newspapers are uninformed. Those who do read the papers are misinformed.”


Great quote Cadet.

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Excellent point, and ditto on the Twain quote. The MSM practice what I call pageantry and personalities. We get a pageant, a stylized pretense of coverage, and then personalities, a parade of inset boxes containing pundits all talking over each other, to provide a superficial “analysis” of the pageant. That’s television; print journalism remains stronger–but who reads anymore? (A: Not enough Americans.)

However, the MSM in any medium still practices “depthless reporting,” as the late, lamented journalist Alexander Cockburn once put it. The result is the Forrest Gump Effect: shit happens. We don’t know why, but it does, and here it is. Repeated over and over without any context or historical background. You have to go offline to connect the dots. And if you can get pundits to start screaming at each other, all the better. With MSM like this, it’s no wonder we got TrumPutin. Cue the Les Moonves quote in five . . . four . . . three . . .

Robert Scheer did a great podcast on this very subject recently with the very bright Victor Pickard.

National Petroleum Radio used to fill the void.
Unfortunately, today NPR is as hollowed out and often as fact free as MSNBC.